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Babaji & Cobra Breath Initiation
at Casa Solara Ibiza

Please wear white!

A healing, empowering, activating workshop

led by Solara An-Ra
& the Pleiadian Councils of Light and Babaji

Friday 14 August 2015
19.00 - 22.00

This wonder-ful workshop includes an initiation into a precious tantric technique transmitted through Babaji which brings our powerful Shakti-Goddess energy into our upper chakras, awakening the transformative fire of Kundalini. The Cobra Breath also brings the enlightening fire of Shiva-God down into the lower chakras, transmuting our 'samskaras' or earthly illusions.

It is the tantric or 'red apth' of the kriya brought to the west by our beloved Yoganada. It can be used on a solo path of self-awakening or in a tantric context with a partner. The time is now for us to reconnect with and celebrate our divine nature, heal ourselves of old wounds, and step into the power of our inner God-Goddess!

Babji is an immortal master who has chosen to stay in the third dimension rather than to ascend - he lives on in the Himalayan mountains transmitting his frequency to all who call upon him. Solara An-Ra is blessed to be able to transmit his frequency through channeling - a rare gift in these times of healing & transmutation.

Babaji/Cobra Breath Workshop: 55 euros
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A Cobra Breath Ceremony in Glastonbury


Please wear white!

Feedback on Similar Workshops with Solara

Dear Solara, I just wanted to thank you for an amazing course at the Shekina Ashram. I think this will have, and is already having, far reaching effects on me. I am continuing to do the cobra breath twice a day, and it is getting easier. I had a strange insight today when I suddenly 'felt' the breath and became one with it, rather than picturing the pathway.  My ability to sense and see things seem to be increasing too, and grounding is much easier. Thank you for holding the space for us, for creating a safe and loving environment so that we could all do whatever we had to do on our own journeys. Love Rosy
Thank you Solara for leading the Glastonbury Workshop - and what has been without a doubt the most powerfully healing experience of a lifetime. Never has healing been so intense and so gentle at the same time. This was the most beautifully transformative experience and has liberated me from my needless fears and emotional baggage. I think I have been waiting lifetimes to transmute some of that energy! Absolutely amazing. Thank you for working tirelessly to teach, guide and enlighten - for your love, light and laughter. Your pragmatic, no-nonsense approach and dynamic, gentle energy make the workshops and events you run a safe space, free from judgement, full of joy and bring me closer to being in my own truth and in my highest alignment. Big up to you!! You truly are a priceless jewel x x

Hi Solara, I am LOVING the alternate nostril breathing and Babaji's cobra breath, thanks - the workshop was AMAZING! I'm still practising and sometimes its not all in synch but I always enjoy it! Love, light and blessings x x Natasha

Hi Solara, thank you so much for a truly amazing workshop last weekend! Isn't it exciting we are all evolving so fast now ... several people and I noticed that that you also are transforming very fast!  The comments twice I heard was 'Solara is really notching it up now' - lets hope we can all keep up with you :))  Much love and blessings to you, I am so delighted that you are running workshops, you are such a natural fun teacher and very inspirational. Szaphiel xxx

Dear Solara,
After the workshop I got no chance to thank you! So I will do it know. What a great and inspiring experience!!! I still allow myself more and more to merge with the energies and transmissions! All the very best to you, AmRaHa Nata