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Solara An-Ra's
July 2008



Egyptian Mysteries!

What happened to the days when I went on ‘normal’ holidays – swimming in the sea somewhere hot, reading a novel and chilling out at sunset with a glass of rose and a lover? These days I travel on my own to unlikely places, often with a hint of danger involved, and have weird experiences! I guess that began when I started listening to my guides! Challenges, it seems, are often spiritual shortcuts – and bring in their wake the progress that we seek on our spiritual paths!
Egypt was a BIG-TIME challenge – much much too hot for me, and the constant hassle from the men drove me NUTS! I was laid low with sunstroke after only 2 days in the country - and on my second last day, was nearly arrested on the Giza plateau when I totally lost the plot with a camel-driver who’d been harassing me for what seemed like an eternity. I screamed so loud and long at him, swearing in an extremely unspiritual manner, that tourists started to gather around in fascination and the tourist police came racing over to deal with the crazy foreigner!
Of course my guides had told me to go at the end of June – Summer – and on my own, and with no set agenda. Why? Apparently I needed to be there when there were less tourists (I do see the point of that – there were already far too many for my liking) – and if I hadn’t been on my own,  with no plans, I wouldn’t have experienced the gems which made all the hassle totally worthwhile! I include a taste of these below – the longer version will be in my book! :)
I was told before the trip that I would meet the people I needed to assist my journey at the temples. I assumed that that meant spiritual foreigners,  I suppose because of my previous experience in India. It turned out that my helpers were mostly Egyptian temple guards, who – even though there was always a ‘baksheesh’ or tip involved – several times facilitated my openings.
The first of these was in Luxor temple (below) – which I entered one early dawn in order to escape a horde of ferocious ferry, taxi and carriage owners who were fighting over how I would get to Karnak temple. Inside the roofless temple, once the guard understood that I wanted to meditate, he took me to a quiet spot where I was out of the way. He placed my hand on the 5-pointed star below 3 times, afterwards bringing it to my third eye, and finally to my heart. Left on my own, I sank immediately into the first peaceful state of mind since my arrival. I was told “It is essential to let go of all fear and feelings of vulnerability. It is essential to know that your steps are guided, and that you are in control.”



The issue of vulnerability came up over and over again. In the Seti temple at Abydos I felt dark energies around me in the inner sanctuary of Horus. Thoth came to me in my meditation and said “In these temples where darkness resides it is necessary to call the light in. Visualise the octahedron now (a 4-sided pyramid with a mirror image pointing down) – carry this with you as a protective emblem, and hold it to ignite within you a connection from above and below.”

It was told that I was announcing my presence to the energies of the land in the various temples in preparation for my arrival in the Great Pyramid at the end of the trip. I had to learn not to give away my power to any energy, person or seeming obstacle along the way. I am in training it seems to be a totally invincible and fearless Light warrior – not only in the safety of my lovely home in London, but in any and every circumstance! We warriors need to be able to be in a state of peace and centredness in the eye of the hurricane.

The various Gods and Goddesses of ancient Egypt have safe-guarded the temples over the centuries, and are still present as energies which can be channelled - I learnt from them throughout my trip. Osiris taught me how taking control over my destiny, and not giving my power away, would cause me to be free of my control issues. That sounded good! Nefertati, Akhenaton’s wife, taught me about maintaining balance between the different aspects of my life. In the temple of Hatshepsut (below) and Seti 1st, I connected with the amazing loving energy of the Hathors – an ascended civilization who worked through the cult of the fertility Goddess Hathor in ancient Egypt.





My 2 most mind-blowing experiences involved my having time totally on my own, against all odds, in two amazing places. The first was in the Karnak temple complex (below) which I sailed to by Felucca in the end, at sunrise.  Fighting my way through a sea of tourists I eventually found the small inner chamber of the Ptah temple where the granite statue of Sekhmet still stands intact - meditating totally on my own for about 20 minutes, with the angel-of-a-guard actually barring the door from intruders!



The Sekmet statue literally came alive (check out the orbs in the photo!) She stared into me - but with such love radiating from her piercing lion eyes, it melted me. She forced me to look into the darkness of my soul, in order to let go of old ways and the veil of illusion.


There were many shifts within me during the trip, some of which will take a while to integrate. I was also told repeatedly before, during and after Egypt that I was being ‘coded’ in order to reactivate my memory of my stellar heritage and powers – sometimes I have felt the truth of this – and the rest I will simply take my guides word for!

The most exciting thing for me on a conscious level was that throughout the trip I was taught how to adjust my breathing to affect different states of mind or energy within my being. Some of these methods I will teach in the coming courses, and some I am learning and playing with still. There is no doubt that conscious breathing is one of the most vital keys to human health, consciousness and evolution!

My Final 3 days took me to Saqqara (below) and the Giza plateau.

                                               I’m pictured below with the ‘holy man’ Abd’el Hakim Awyan – an absolute character and total rebel – I loved him! My story of what happened inside the Great pyramid I’m not ready to tell as yet, other than to say it was both challenging and absolutely amazing.


The final words from my guides on my last morning were “The land of Khem bids you farewell. Your presence in this land has affected the energies here – believe this to be so! The opening of your heart and way of being has made this more accessible for each one who journeys here – whether on a sacred quest or no. Know that your heart is energetically connected with the heart of the Sphinx now – and it is so. 


 I choose to believe that this is so! Love and blessings Light warriors!

Solara xxx