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Solara An-Ra's

September 2008


Hi Light workers!
This is your last chance to ‘get away from it all’ and book on the weekend retreat in Dorset – speak now or forever hold your peace! (Lift share from London is possible)
News below on the Avebury Meditation and final crop circles (sorry I lied – that wasn’t the last of my crop circle ravings!), and a reminder of the last healing course I am teaching this year.
There are 2 places remaining on the ‘Deepening Meditation’ which starts 15 October.
Love love love, Solara An-Ra xxx



The photo below right is of some of the group who gathered in Avebury on the Bank holiday Monday to meditate in the centre of the sacred diamond (Diandra is talking to the cows in the backround and Philly is taking the photo). The whole weekend pivoted around the number 7 – we were due to be a much larger group, but for various reasons we ended up being 7 – and that felt very right.



The meditation in the centre of the diamond was, as promised by my guides, totally joyful. My Sirian guides led us in some breath work, and we felt the portal that has been created through the reconnections in the Earth’s energy grid-work after our work in the sacred Avebury landscape – the portal is present between the 4th and 5th dimensions, and will come into play when the time is right.
Lately it seems impossible to lead a meditation that doesn’t include the Sacred Heart Chakra, Amun. This is what my guide Satya had to say about it on the day:
‘The Amun energy is the activator which allows all of your intentions to be realised. Amun is the activator within your physical vehicle which connects you with all other beings and kingdoms on the Earth plane now. It is the healer – it is the re-connector. We ask you to remember Amun in your daily practices, so that you feel the pink or turquoise glow between Anahata and Vissudha in the throat – IT IS AMUN WHICH IS ACTIVATED NOW!’
My ‘Sacred Heart Meditation’ is now up on my website to listen to or download free. It is also on the new CD (and other meditations on the CD include Amun as well – the ‘Morning Chakra Meditation’ is a great way to open & balance ALL of your chakras, including the portal chakras and Amun, in only 9½ minutes!)
Back to Avebury - on our first day there Philly and I were in the amazing Celtic cross crop circle pictured  below – which has 7 circles north to south - the 7 chakras. We did a singing bowl meditation in the centre cross-point circle (the throat chakra) with a sound healer, Ammaprema, who we just happened to meet there (I had previously seen her performing on the gong at the crop circle conference). She laid her blue crystal plinth in the centre with the amazing ‘star being’ skull you see here! You never know what’s going to happen in a crop circle!




On the Monday afternoon we found what we thought might be the last circle of the season, reported on the 24th - the enigmatic ‘cube’ below left – that’s us skipping through the fields to reach it! It contains 7 crescent shapes of various thicknesses.

In fact it was the last-but-one (so far anyway!) – the amazing crop circle to the right was reported on the morning of the 25th and then mown down within hours as the wheat field was harvested! The star has 7 points.




In addition to our sacred work, Philly and I were camping with 5 crazy teenagers at ‘the hedgehogs’ (you know I like to pack it all in!) I didn’t include the teenagers in the meditation, but they loved the crop circles, and the boating … and the fires at night. 



So in our campsite we were 7 - and we had a family of 7 partridges in the field next to us - am I imagining it or is that a LOT of sevens in one weekend!!! xxxxxxx

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