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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!


Solara An-Ra's
October 2008


Overlooking Wirral Hill on Glastonbury Tor
     On the Tor at sunset, overlooking Wearyall Hill

Namaste beautiful people! News on my latest adventures further on, updates on courses, a message from my guides, and another child-friendly event below: -
Full Moon – Fairy – Fire Gathering    Tues 14 Oct   7 - 9pm:  15 Portal Close, SE27


We will meditate to connect with the full moon, celebrate around the fire, and invite the fairies to show themselves to us! Numbers are limited as this is in my garden, so it is essential to book a place – adults with and without children are welcome! No charge.
Samhain Fire Ceremony/Shamanic journey    AVEBURY   Fri 31 Oct: 6 – 9pm


We will gather at the beautiful ‘hedgehogs’ near Avebury at this magical time when the veil between the visible and invisible worlds is at its thinnest. Under the beautiful trees around the fire we will use the drumbeat, the sound of Gaia’s heart, to connect with our ancestors, guides, and the wisdom inside ourselves. Be prepared for TRANSFORMATION!
There is no charge, but you will need to get to Avebury & book accommodation for the night – there are at present 3 spaces still at ‘The Old Forge’ where I am staying (which is a 20 minute walk to the hedgehogs.) Dress in furs and boots (for the cold, not fashion!) – bring a groundsheet/ blanket & something simple to eat & drink around the fire (I will bring a cooker for hot drinks J) Phone to book a place – 07778 817 359.

Gaia-and-Tribe Reconnection Project - Glastonbury

 A tribe of 18 Light workers gathered on the 19/20th September on the sacred Isle of Avalon to work with the energy grid of Gaia there – reconnecting ourselves in the process! Thanks to Philly for being the project photographer – and to every single one who played a part – it was an AMAZING achievement!

You see some of us below at ‘Bride’s Mound’ – a sacred place of initiation which many are hoping to restore to its original beauty - the ancient well and surrounds are at present hidden under a mass of thistles – but the energy there was wonderful and it was well worth the scrabble to get there.




Mark said that the cows that smiled at us as we went on our journey from the Holy Thorn tree on Wearyall Hill were ‘proper English cows’ – everything that day was sublimely English, including the cows, the laden Somerset apple trees and the gorgeous  green hills stretching out in all directions.  The sun shone down on us all day, blessing our project – check out the rainbow prisms from the sun as Dana of Orion  threw her crystal into the River Brue at Pomparles Bridge with the invocation ‘Holy is the Grail that sets us free!’ 




Glastonbury Abbey was a key site on our journey – we buried a trio of crystals there to assist in realigning the energies.  We picnicked afterwards in the beautiful apple orchard, and then toned while Mark played the didge in the ‘Abbot’s Kitchen’ – one of the highlights of the day for me!

Dowsing the path of the Mary ley line in the Abbey

 Below you see us at ‘Gog and Magog’ – the only 2 remaining oaks of the ancient processional avenue that once led up the tor. Urtema dropped Caleb’s crystal into the very heart of Magog – we heard it moving inside the trunk as though the tree were choosing exactly the right spot!





Our final stop was on the Tor itself – extremely weary after trekking miles and miles around the Isle from dawn til dusk. We were rewarded with this stunning sunset and were assisted by some children that joined our group and buried 2 crystals – one little girl saying ‘I want this crystal to send love all around the whole world.’ What can I say? She summed up our intentions for the day in that one wish!



Below - our blissed-up crew, still lively at the end of the day in St Michael’s tower on the Tor.




Message from my guides (channelled on a Pleiadian Healing Course)

All is perfect exactly as it is right now! We ask you to believe that this is so. No matter what occurs in your life right now, we ask you to believe that all is perfect exactly as it is right now. This understanding is transformative beyond measure.
Satya speaks for all those who would hear. Open your sensory devices and apparatus – we refer to what you call ears! J Your ears are receptive devices – through them healing streams. Oh dear children, turn off your TV’s – turn off the noise, turn off the news, tune out the traffic – and sing.
Sing in your healing, sing in the car, sing in the bathtub, sing as you sleep! For your beauteous voices hold healing for all those around. Sing, sing, sing!
Thus it is children that you affect healing within yourselves on a cellular level, as well as within those whom you heal. Do you not feel the truth of this now? Do you not know this within your heart? Do you not feel this within your spirit – the beauty of sound? There is no one of you who cannot issue forth amazing unqualified beauty through your vocal cords.
It is time for you to stop whinging about feeling like aliens on the Earth plane, about the disconnection between you and your brethren and your families – for you, each of you, have chosen to be here RIGHT NOW at this time in which the ascension plan is indeed taking place.
THIS IS NOT A FUTURE EVENT – it is taking place as we speak! You are raising the vibration within your cellular matrix which allows the codes to be unlocked. The ‘codes of remembrance’ they are often called – which simply means that you re-member who you truly are! Namaste.
Namaste for now Light workers – may the force be with you!
Love love love
Solara An-Ra xxx