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The Sword And The Stone

The Unicorn Hotel in Somerset: throat chakra of Akhenaton in the Avalon Landscape


Lytes Cary: the place from which the energy of excalibur, the Sword of Light, arises. The Apostle's Garden


2 Avenues of trees which were a path of initiation for me into these energies



Butleigh Cross: the geometric centre of the Glastonbury Zodiac


The Divine Masculine, Feminine and Child


 The Stone of Destiny, where excalibur has been held    The Angelic Realm, always present on the Projects          


The 2000 year old yew tree in Dundon churchyard: an Orion Stargate

Nature's Sculpturing


Thanks to 'David the Wagg' for inspiring this journey into the sacred landscape around Glastonbury,

and to Robina Sky for taking me there!