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Sacred Trips

November 2008

A group of us celebrated Samhain this year with a fire ceremony and shamanic journey at the 'Hedgehogs' near Avebury - a series of ancient burial mounds. The veils were indeed thin and the presence of the Devic Ones and Star beings was palpable!
The following 2 days 4 of us stayed in the sacred landscape - trekking for miles around to reconnect with Gaia's energy grid in various places of power. It was freezing, misty,and often rainy - but totally worthwhile!
On instructions from my guides I returned to the Uffington horse the following week to spend more time there.
Blessed are we to be a part of the beauty and mystery of Gaia and the Universe!



Wayland Smithy - an Ancient Chambered Long Barrow Full of Magic and Power!



  The Uffington White Horse  - aerial view                            Me on a very rainy day on the end of the tail


white horse


   Dragon Hill                                             


Looking across at the horse from Dragon Hill 


        The Manger - etheric feeding place of the horse



 White Horse on the way to Tan Hill.        


The remains (right) of the 8-8-8 Crop Circle - 3 months later!

         Adam's Grave (The nipple in the Distance) 



Knoll Down - the Tail of the Avebury Henge Energy Serpent


The Beech Trees I love so much