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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!



June 2009 Newsletter



Happy Solstice my dear tribe, in this week leading up to the longest day - the 21st!
Watch a channelled message from the Councils of Light in video format below – and follow the link to download the ‘Octahedron of Love’ Meditation they suggest for that day. If you can’t come to Glastonbury, please try and get a few family/friends/strangers together to do the meditation. The Solstice is a very powerful time – let’s all use it to heal ourselves and our tribe!

Urgent Request from the Councils of Light – Summer Solstice 2009


Octahedron of Love Meditation (10 mins)

I have another new meditation up on my website for you, which relates to the ‘message from my guides’ in the May Newsletter about the importance of the breath – let me know if these 2 new meditations work for you - I welcome feedback!

Unity Consciousness Breath
As you consciously breathe prana in from above, you awaken your pineal gland. As you breathe prana in from below, you receive healing from our great Mother Earth. As the prana meets in your heart centre, you are tuned into Christ consciousness, the energy of the fifth dimension.

These 3 factors are crucial for your healing, evolution and ascension!


Dates for your diary!

June 21 (dawn): Summer Solstice Ceremony Glastonbury

We are meeting at Bushy Coombe, along the path from Dod Lane (where you can park) at 9 pm, to start the fire. We will be up all night, singing and playing with the fairies which abound in that part of the world – and the ceremony will be at dawn, around 5 am. You are welcome to join us for the ceremony without staying up all night, but do let me know if you plan to come and I’ll send more detailed information.

Use the Octahedron of Love Meditation wherever you are!

July 19 (2-6pm):  Manifesting Workshop  W. Norwood

Learn a manifesting technique that is absolutely transformational! We are not victims of fate or circumstance. As humans, we have been given the gift of free will, and we can use this to create any reality we choose. We can draw to ourselves perfect relationships, abundance, a joyful flow of money through our lives, a healthy and pain-free body, the perfect job, the ideal home. £45

July 1, 8, 15, 22:   Foundation Meditation Course  Balham Therapy Rooms  £80 (£40 Deposit) 

Solara teaches meditation from her heart: covering breathing techniques, grounding, chakra meditation, & how to experience the energy body. You will learn to focus your mind, let go of stress, and become more centred, peaceful & happy! Suitable for complete beginners. Students will receive notes throughout, and practise in-between classes with the aid of Solara's meditation CD's.


I leave you with this message from my guides.

Urgent Request From The Councils Of Light - Summer Solstice: June 21 2009

Children of Light, know that we are here to assist in your awakening. As your planet aligns with your great star, your sun, on this day you name the Solstice, there is a potential opening in your consciousness, which is made possible through the heightened magnetic field in your atmosphere.

We say ‘potential’, for it is necessary for you to choose to use this available energy. This is the way on your planet – always is there absolute and complete choice in your awakening. We ask you to choose now – do you wish to step through the density into the Light? Do you accept the assistance of the Star nations and the Councils of Light? Do you choose to be of service in the healing of your tribe?

We gift you now with some suggestions for this sacred day. We urge you to use the energies of this day to reconnect with your sun and your planet, and to do this meditation, for the healing of yourselves and your tribe.

We ask you to be outside on the body of the Earth if this is possible.

We ask you to gather in groups so that the power of your combined intentions is amplified. If you choose to be alone, however, you can connect from your consciousness with others, simply through your intention.

You understand that your sun affects your spiritual evolution through your magnetic grid? Without your sun there would be no way for you to travel out into your galaxy, or indeed the greater universe. In effect, there would be no way for you to ascend – for your sun is a portal through which you will pass in your journey into the Light. It is possible to travel in your Light Bodies, which are being reconnected now.

In this meditation you will make a deep connection with the Earth Mother. You will connect with your sun and experience the portal-like nature of this great being. You will also activate your Light Bodies, which hold the sacred geometry of the Octahedron within them.

In the doing of these 3 crucial steps, you step one step closer to the manifestation of peace and unity on your planet. Believe this to be so!


The Octahedron of Love Meditation

(Link to Recording above)

(NOTE: If possible look at a diagram of an Octahedron beforehand. It isn’t necessary to do this actual recorded meditation – if you note down the basic steps of the visualisation you can do your own version.
As you sit or stand in your circle, visualise yourselves in the centre of a great double-pyramid, one reaching up high above you: the mirror image reaching down into the Earth. You are located in the centre of this double-pyramid. The 4 sides of a one pyramid stretch up to a point very high in the sky above you, and from this same square base a second pyramid stretches into the heart of your planet below you, making a perfect mirror image.
You can place your awareness anywhere you choose in this 3-D diamond: -
There are the 4 points surrounding you at ground level from which one pyramid stretches into the sky and its mirror image reaches into the Earth. There are the 2 points, above and below – the 2 apices of power. There are the 8 sides or faces of the double-pyramid – 4 stretching up, and 4 down.
You are in an octahedron of your making, and it is filled with …. Light!
The Light which fills this 3-D diamond is pink – it is the energy of LOVE, and it is being generated from your hearts. With your in-breath you are filling your heart to over-flowing with love and gratitude, and with your out-breath you are pulsing this vibration into the diamond. With every breath the light grows brighter and more powerful, and your aura expands into the octahedron to experience this blissful energy.
Do this for some minutes now, filling your hearts with love and gratitude for all of life, and experiencing yourselves in the centre of a huge, powerful light-filled octahedron.
Feel the Earth beneath your feet now, and feel yourself connected through the bottom point of the diamond into her core. Your heart feels the pulse of her heartbeat. You hear the song which is the song of the Mother crystal in this very place on the Earth planet. Send love and gratitude down through the apex point, directly into the Mother’s heart – and feel that returning, so that a 2-way flow of energy is generated between the Earth and the octahedron.
Visualise the sun above the octahedron now. Wherever his energy is in the sky right now, connect with that warmth and beauty. Visualise the great fiery ball above you and connect into the sun through the top apex of the diamond. Send a picture of where you are on the Earth up into the mind of the sun. Make the picture as real as possible. Bring an image of everything in nature around you now into your mind - the trees, the birds, the grass, the flowers – and then let the beauty of where you are be transmitted up through the top point of the octahedron into the mind of the sun, like a 3-D photograph.
As you feel the Sun register your location, and your energy, send love and gratitude to him, directly into his fiery heart. Feel that energy returning to you, so that a 2-way flow of energy is generated between the sun and your octahedron. Feel a vortex of pink light spiralling up and down through the apices – from the mind of your sun through your Octahedron of Love, into the heart of the Earth. This energy connection, between the Sun, you, and the Earth, is always there, but you are making it conscious now, and this is waking you up.
By generating love, and connecting in a state of love and gratitude with your Mother Earth and Father Sun through your Light Body, you are reconnecting the codes within you that allow you to move between the dimensions. You are healing the Earth. You are healing the Sun. You are healing yourself, and your tribe on the Earth plane.
We are all one, in love.

Love love love

Solara An-Ra Warrior of the Light