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December 2009 Newsletter

Dearest Tribe, the Winter Solstice is upon us! My guides have suggested doing the ‘Sacred Altar of the 7 Directions’ Meditation on the 21st, with friends & family or on your own. My new youtube for the solstice (link below) elaborates on this. The channelled message is also included in written form at the end of the newsletter.


21:12 Alchemy through Gaia Connection

In this transmission my guides explain some of the purposes of doing the meditation 'Connecting with the 7 Sacred Directions' - they say it is like alchemy, in that the elements you are connecting with help to transmute negative miasms in your physical body! They say that the ancients have always understood this.

Download the meditation free here and use it on the 21st of December (You can do this standing, you don't have to be sitting, but do it outdoors if possible.) Lets celebrate together across the globe as we transition into the age of Light!
It is the exact anniversary of my first youtube posting – really quite a momentous thing for me. The story started when my guides asked me to put a channelled message on youtube for December Solstice 2008 – when I had literally never been on the site at all, and had zero interest in it! I tried hard to ignore the message, but the third time my guides asked I realised it was urgent, overcame my technophobia regarding the process and worked out how to do it. I channelled a message at 4am one winter morning, and put up my first ‘Pleiadian-Sirian Transmission’ in 2 parts.

I had absolutely no idea what the result would be - the youtubes had an almost instant effect in opening my work to the wider world! In the past year people have travelled from the States, Canada, Australia and all over Europe to come on my workshops – and next year I am starting to teach in some of these places!

I have also come to LOVE the process of making youtubes with visuals – it’s so creative and I get such wonderful feedback from people across the globe. Imagine my horror, then, when I received an email telling me that my very first youtube had been disabled because it had been reported for a nudity violation! The offending shot was the painting on the left below, entitled ‘The Prayer for Peace’, which I used to illustrate my guides message ‘The time is imminent in which you transcend the reality which you see around you.’


Okay, so there are actual personal body parts in it, but for Gaia’s sake, it’s an inspiring SPIRITUAL MESSAGE! I don’t think many people watching it had naughty thoughts during the 10 seconds this shot was on the screen, while listening to a message about our imminent ascension! :) I have restored the youtube and put it up again, substituting the above picture (right). Let’s hope the boy boobs aren’t offensive to anyone!

I have been a bit overwhelmed of late, organising the States trip and Peru from a distance – and realising that the amount of admin I have these days doesn’t leave me enough time for my spiritual projects & writing. When I picked the ‘DELEGATE’ card from my Ascended Masters pack (never having once chosen it before in the past 3 years) I thought ‘Right, I need a P.A!’ My guides assured me that I didn’t have to do a thing other than TRUST and the right person would magically appear...


And she has! Not only have I manifested the perfect P.A. who hails from Africa, I’ve manifested a PSYCHIC P.A!!! Tatanka Nehweh will be helping me soon, so you may receive replies from her on my behalf sometimes. She will also be practising crystal healing and giving psychic readings from my healing room in West Norwood. Read more about her on

My new-look website is nearly there, and will be up by the January Newsletter! The new website, designed by the lovely Carola Derpsch & her partner David, will have all the same content but will be more professional, much easier to navigate around, and I hope you agree also much prettier! (It’s still very ‘starry! :))


March Equinox 2010 at Lake Titicaca: 17 - 24 March 2010

The details for Machu Picchu are finally up on my site! I have made a huge effort to keep the price as low as possible, bringing my own fee for the trip right down & haggling with several Peruvian tour companies to get a good deal that still includes comfortable accommodation and an exciting schedule!

: Includes 7 nights’ accommodation (2 per room), all meals (not drinks), all internal trains & buses, indigenous guide, entrance fees to sacred sites, all tuition & activations with Solara An-Ra, plus a ceremony with a Q'eros Master shaman in Saqsayhuaman. Doesn't include: Flights to Lima, or internal flights from Lima to Cusco where we begin and end. More about the trip here!


COMING UP ... (for more details click on the links)

Dec 20 (midday): Winter Solstice Celebration – Glastonbury

Dec 31: New Year's Eve Ascension Now - London SW12

Jan 23/24: Opening to Channel - London SW12

Sat Jan 30: Conscious Oneness - Colorado

Sun Jan 31: Ascension Now - Colorado

Feb 2: Opening to Channel - Colorado

Feb 6: Vertical Connection - Missouri

Feb 8: Ascension Now - New York

Feb 9: Opening to Channel - New York

Feb 17, 24, March 3, 10: Foundation Meditation - Balham, London

Message from my Guides: 21:12 Alchemy through Gaia Connection

The Councils Of Light explain the purpose of Connecting with the 7 Sacred directions at this time on Gaia.

‘Understand dear ones, that this time on your planet, in your dimension, is one of supreme significance. It is a tremendously exciting time to be on this planet and in body! Let go of all concept that this is a difficult time to be on Earth. Let go of all longing to be in another time which you perceive as more simple and joyful and easy. Instead acknowledging that you may make your lives simple and easy and joyful NOW!

‘First and foremost is your connection with your planet; with the elements of earth, fire, air and water – and we suggest that you do this meditation, the meditation of the ‘7 sacred directions.’ We ask simply that you sit on the body of Earth while doing this. Sit outside in as clear and beautiful a space outdoors as possible. Choosing to face the east, the place of the rising sun – (doing this if possible at sunrise, but if not any time of the day will suffice) - and using your clear intention to connect with the 4 directions and the sacred elements which comprise your world.

‘There is alchemy in this method! Connecting directly with the elements which make up your third dimensional world, starts to clear and transmute the energies of your bodies - like magic, like turning dense lead into luminous gold! Believe us dear ones, this way of connecting with the directions was used by the indigenous ones and is used still, not as some archaic or simplistic method of worshipping Gaia, but as a way of transformation! For you cannot raise your vibration and let go of the miasms and dark areas and energies which have been trapped within the cells of your body and your chakric system, without connecting fully with Gaia – with her as a being, and with her elements.

‘She truly does ‘hold you in her arms as you ascend’! Do this, dear ones with joy and gratitude! Do this practise feeling privileged to do it, rather than under the mantle of duty. The time of ‘duty’ the heaviness of the feeling of DUTY does not belong to your spiritual practice. So much inspiration and upliftment comes through your spiritual practice now! So much joy in the letting go of darkness from your energy body and ways of being!

In great Love,


That’s all for now dear tribe! Merry Solstice and festivities to you all! Join me with the ‘Meditation of the 7 Sacred Directions’ on Sunday 21st – preferably at dawn, which is around 8am! Also, join me for New Year’s Eve to raise the roof off with our combined intention for uniting Heaven & Earth!

Love love love

Solara An-Ra, Warrior of the Light