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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!


Pleiadian Tantra Healing

With Solara An-Ra & Guides ~ accessing Your Power,
Healing Wounds, Entering Sacred Relationships

4, 5, 6 Dec 2015

Join Solara in her Ibiza home, Casa Solara, for a joyful exporation to heal any wounds or misconceptions that might block you from receiving love and from loving another with all your heart.  You may attend on a non-residential basis or come and stay at the casa.

The workshop includes a sunrise session at the beach and an evening Sacred Initiation.

'Pleiadian Tantra Healing' constitutes a revolutionary opening into 5th dimensional ways of relationship. Solara incorporates traditional yogic practises from Babaji & Osho wisdom with the joyful, playful teachings of her Pleiadian guides. Whether you are single or in relationship, gay or straight, young or old ~ whether you intend to have a partner in the future timeline or not ~ you will benefit enormously from learning these techniques which open the heart in such a way that love becomes our way of be-ing in the world.

We are experiencing a quantum shift in the orientation of modern western civilisation – a global awakening to the necessity for transparent, love-centred relationships. We are leading the way in this quantum leap where we transform our society’s approach to relationships. No longer content to be stuck in patterns of pleasing, rescuing, co-dependency or disempowerment, we are ready to break free and adopt an entirely new perspective where we are freely sharing our love and joy with each other. We who are awake choose now to break the rules our forefathers have imposed on us and rediscover the incredible joy there is in following our passions and making the rules of our new world for ourselves!

Human Beings, incarnated in the physical dimension, sometimes find it hard to grasp that they are the creators of every single thing they experience. We who are aware are consciously manifesting our desired reality ~ but not so many understand the power we have to manifest our collective reality, as a global tribe.

As we learn how to relate to love others from a place of empowerment and freedom, letting go of the conventional taboos around relationships and sexuality, we collectively change the future of our planet.

The Pleiadian Councils of Light speak through Solara because they are here to assist. Our star brothers and sisters are co-creating the Age of Light on Gaia with us because they have already been through the shift ~ and above and beyond this, because they love and recognise us as part of their Family of Light.
The Time Is Now!

Workshop Payment: 333 euros
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Workshop plus 3 nights accommodation (2 per room): 444 euros
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Workshop plus 3 nights accommodation (private room): 499 euros
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Lunch will be provided for 10 euros per day. Cooking dinner can be shared if you stay in the house, or you may eat in town.
Location/Transport: Google Map: 39.006229,1.506135 Santa Eularia is a 5 minute drive/ 15 minute cycle away - very handy for banks, cafes restaurants, shops & the town beach. To explore the island it is highly advisable to hire a car - 2 or 3 people can share the cost. Try www.doyouspain or and pay in full before arrival - it is much cheaper.

Flights not included: Try
Airport pick-ups: 30 euros each way (cost is shared if there is more than 1 guest.


Casa Solara Ibiza

Casa Solara is a light and airy villa with beautiful countryside views, nestled in the unspoilt Can Guasch valley in the north of the island.  Beautiful beaches such as Benirras, Cala Nova, Aguas Blancas are a short drive away in all directions.  December, although winter, is usually sunny and warm during the day - and snug around the fire at night. The countryside is at it's most beautiful in winter in Ibiza, a verdant green with myriad wild flowers.

More on Casa Solara

There are a wealth of things to see on the island if you come for a bit longer and hire a car, such as Ibiza city's old walled town, the hippy markets and Es Vedra, the birthplace of the goddess Tannit. There are also 4 bicycles at the centre which guests are welcome to borrow to explore the local countryside.

The Time Is Now!