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With a star-sister at Es Vedra, where we will join for the Solstice Activation Ceremony on the 21 June

My dearest Light Tribe,

The time of the solstice is nearly upon us and the Star Councils remind us in the message below to constantly re-focus on our path; our goals and dreams, in order to stay in alignment with our highest good. I am IN this alignment right here, right now! On this magical island of Ibiza I am learning day by day to let go of my control agenda and allow myself to go with the flow ~ letting the universe decide what is for my highest good.

This can be challenging, but it also brings magic into my life and surprises galore! It deepens my perspective that we can make choices, but that without surrender to the Greater Intelligence of Source, we limit our experience of the magic ride of life.

Have you tried my new meditation? I made this WAKE UP Meditation in honour of the WAKE UP FESTIVAL on Ibiza, the day before my retreat starts (17 - 23 June) - come a day early to take part in both! There are still spaces on my Solstice Activation Retreat ~ I would love to have more of you with me, dear Light Tribe! I have made a 3 part payment plan to assist you if necessary: €259 (£185) per month for 3 months ~ see below the message.


Message for June Solstice 2015: Accelerating Your Path

The Star Councils ~ through Solara An-Ra

People of Terra, you come once again into the energies of a solstice; aware of course that the energies that are present around this sacred sun-earth conjunction have the power to accelerate your chosen path. You harness this power by taking the time to tune in, to focus on what you are desirous of manifesting in your life. You focus on what you choose, not on what is difficult. You spend time each day focussing on your path of light, re-setting your goals, choosing peace above all else ~ knowing that there are millions of others on your planet doing this also over the solstice period, and particularly on the day of the 21st of June.

Think about your path as a flow of energy into which you can step, like stepping into a stream, in order to achieve your mission or purpose as easily and joyfully as possible. For when you step into the flow of your chosen path, you are divinely assisted through guidance, signs and synchronicities which lead you forward towards the achieving of your goals. You must, of course, always bear in mind that the outcome of your path, and what happens along the way, may be different than what you are picturing right now. But as long as you continue to affirm that you are in service to the planet, and that your manifestations are for the highest good of all – then the outcome will always be for your highest good also.

There is often more than one path available to you at any given time and in any situation. The method you use to determine which way to step is to ask yourself which potential path feels exciting and joyful – which choice feels expansive rather than contracted. The energy of love is always associated with a feeling of expansion. The energy of love and light combined is always associated with peace. And so you can use your emotional mastery, by tuning in to see whether the path that you are choosing feels expansive rather than contracted; feels uplifting rather than depressing; feels exciting, rather than dull. Feel into whether your choice will bring peace, for this must underpin all your goals. Peace comes from clarity, simplicity, generosity, kindness towards yourself and all other living beings.

Sometimes you step between one path and another, testing the waters of each before committing to emerge yourselves fully in the flow of one. You are practising your skills of discernment, dabbling with the polarities of light and dark – and this is natural; it is part of the nature of the experiment that you chose to partake in by coming into the density of 3-D.

If you choose acceleration on your highest path, even if you do not understand what that path entails, speak these words now, and every day:
‘I am part of the shift.
I choose a path of Light & service now!
I let go of resistance to change.
I step into the flow of my highest path.
I manifest only that which is for the highest good of all’

When you announce something verbally, you are heard by your personality self, by your Higher Self and by the universe. And now you are in the canoe of your success, dear ones. Visualise yourself floating down a stream, propelled forward by the gentle loving flow of the universal energies. You feel the gentle current assisting you – no need to paddle, no need for effort. The landscape around you is glowing – green fields & trees, fluorescent flowers around you as your boat glides easily through the water. You visualise your destination, not as a place, but as a field of energy that you are moving towards. You are comfortable that your destination is unknown. You trust that you will be guided; shown the way; assisted. You feel joyful, open ~ love and abundance is flowing through your field, through your chakras, your body, your aura and your greater Light-body.

And so it is, dear ones, that you accelerate your paths of Light, joining the legions of Light who work with you continuously at this time to co-create a future of Unity and peace on your planet. Your assistance and cooperation is so greatly appreciated. We are with you always. Namaste.


Solstice Activation Retreat

17 - 23 June 2015

Solara An-Ra & the Star Councils of Light

Join Solara in her beautiful Ibiza home for a joyful spiritual holiday with like-hearted people ~ a journey that is guaranteed to inspire and rejuvenate you on all levels. You will receive individual and group guidance & healing to accelerate your path and remove obstacles. In preparation for the solstice 13-chakra activation you will receive a Chamber of Light session from the Star Councils.

Every day the group will start the day at 8.30 with meditation, pranayama & guidance, followed by a delicious vegetarian brunch. From 11.30 you are free to go to the beach, explore the island, have a massage or relax in a hammock at the villa. The group comes together again for dinner at 19.00, followed by an evening session of healing, activation and learning with Solara & her guides. On the day of the Solstice there will be a special ceremony at Es Vedra (above) and sunset picnic dinner.

Casa Solara is a light and airy villa with beautiful countryside views, nestled in the unspoilt Can Guasch valley in the north of the island.  Beautiful beaches such as Benirras, Cala Nova & Aguas Blancas are a short drive away in all directions.   There are a wealth of things to see on the island such as Ibiza city's old walled town, the hippy markets and Es Vedra, the birthplace of the goddess Tannit. There are also bicycles at the centre which guests are welcome to borrow to explore the local countryside.

Food: The food is delicious, healthy & vegetarian. Gluten and/or dairy-free requirements are  no problem.
Check-in & out: This 6 day retreat starts with dinner on the first day and ends with brunch on the last day. Check-in from 3 pm, check-out by 12 noon after brunch.
Location/Transport: Google Map: 39.006229,1.506135 Santa Eularia is a 5 minute drive/ 15 minute cycle away - very handy for banks, cafes restaurants, shops & the town beach. To explore the island it is highly advisable to hire a car - 2, 3 or 4 people can share the cost. Try www.doyouspain or and pay in full before arrival - it is much cheaper.

Flights not included: Try
Airport pick-ups: 30 euros each way (cost is shared if there is more than 1 guest

Inclusive Retreat Price: 6 nights accommodation (2 per room), 2 sessions per day with Solara, plus brunch & dinner : 777  Make payment with PayPal
3 Part Plan: 259 (£185) per month: June, July, August
Make payment with PayPal


Love love,
Solara An-Ra
Magic Weaver for Gaia