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Namaste my dearest Light Tribe!

Forgive me for my lack of communication since June ... I have been busy, um ... living! My new home,  the white island of Ibiza, took me in Her arms and cradled me ~ then rocked me ~ shook me up a bit ~ reprogrammed me ~ loved me ~ nurtured me ~ gifted me with a few lessons which I chose to experience joyfully ... and I eventually settled in.

Many islands have concentrated frequencies, caused by the amount of crystal in the bedrock and the fact that they are surrounded by water on all sides. I experienced this in 2011 on the island of Maui ~ that newcomers either get sucked in, or spat out by the island Goddess ~ or a combination of the two! In my case it isn't an option to be spat out, so when the wobbles come I look at what I can change in my circumstances or my way of being in order to come back to balance. I am still on that ride, and going with the flow of it ~ more successfully in the NOW MOMENT than I have ever managed to be. Aho!

The late summer brought so many gifts and surprises. One of these was an invitation to be part of a Divine Agent mission to seed love, Light and joy into a clubbing evening called the Zoo Project on the outskirts of San Antonio. Some people told me that the crowd was likely to be largely British ~ drunk, high or both. They raised their eyebrows at the idea of my leading a crystal bowl meditation in such a place. My tribe of Divine Agents, led by Agent Paradis, was nevertheless very upbeat and optimistic about our mission and were filled with excitement and a sense of adventure. What manifested was quite beautiful.

The venue for the zoo project was actually a zoo once upon a time, and we were set up in the shallow bowl where the penguins used to do their cute shuffle dance. The organisers have made this into in a chill-out & performance area where tired or curious clubbers can take a break from the crowds and relax outdoors under the stars. A stunning mandala is painted over the whole floor, sacred geometry and nature visuals are projected onto the stage wall, and wandering performers travel through the space periodically ~ snake charmers, Chinese sages playing with crystal contact balls or butterflies, magic creatures on stilts. I started the evening with the bowls and a simple guided journey into an experience of ourselves as Light/energy, followed by  the Goddess Aqum leading Divine mantras to Shiva, and finally Agent Russ leading a funky drum circle.

The party people drifted in and out of our area and the experience, joining in for a while, some with huge enthusiasm, some with puzzled curiosity ~ but always with smiles. Some hung around to ask questions and chat or join in the drumming and dancing ~ and there was never a moment where we did not KNOW that we were seeding Love and Light into the hearts of others. Mission accomplished ... with a great deal of FUN! The organisers were so enthusiastic about our contribution that they asked us to come back the following week for the closing party. This time I started with a guided dance, and Agent Carli Susu joined in with individual gonging sessions. I felt that my involvement in a clubbing night was an initiation into my work/play on the island. I am letting go of stereotypes of what is and isn't spiritual, and of the divisions between right and wrong. Hey, I'm becoming less of a Black & White person! Aho to the many shades of grey, pink and purple in-between!

Instead of the grand villa I was previously planning to rent for the winter, I have shifted gears and am taking on a more modest finca (country cottage) surrounded by groves of olive trees in the north of the island. This has allowed me to drastically reduce the price of my private winter retreats for you! I am also offering my first Pleiadian Tantra Bliss workshop on the island in the new year - and for those of you new to tantra, I am gifting you with a FREE Tantra Webinar on the 3rd of December, explaining the transformation which is possible through this beautiful work/play with our inner God & Goddess. Tantra is a vehicle for enlightening our relationship with ourselves ~ what follows naturally is that our relationships with others become a reflection of our own movement towards self-love. Thus is our world transformed.

The Time Is Now!


Courses & Events 2013 - 2014

3 Nov 2013 - 28 Feb 2014: Private Retreats with Solara in Ibiza ~ 444 euros/week

Saturday 23 November: Cobra Breath/Babaji Initiation ~ Ibiza

Tuesday 3 December (20.00 GMT): FREE 90 minute WEBINAR
Introduction to Tantra

 3 – 5 January 2014: Pleiadian Tantra Bliss - Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain
(the 3rd is optional for those who have already received the Babaji & Cobra Breath Initiations from Solara)


Pleiadian Tantra Bliss

3 – 5 January 2014
Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain

 This Pleiadian Tantra Bliss Workshop constitutes a revolutionary opening into 5th dimensional ways of relationship. In this workshop Solara will incorporate traditional yogic practises from Babaji, Osho wisdom, and the joyful, playful teachings of her Pleiadian guides. Whether you are single or in relationship, gay or straight, young or old ~ whether you intend to have a partner in the future timeline or not ~ you will benefit enormously from learning these techniques which open the heart in such a way that love becomes our way of be-ing in the world.

We are experiencing a quantum shift in the orientation of modern western civilisation – a global awakening to the necessity for transparent, love-centred relationships. We are leading the way in this quantum leap where we transform our society’s approach to relationships. No longer content to be stuck in patterns of pleasing, rescuing, co-dependency or disempowerment, we are ready to break free and adopt an entirely new perspective where we are freely sharing our love and joy with each other. We who are awake choose now to break the rules our forefathers have imposed on us and rediscover the incredible joy there is in following our passions and making the rules of our new world for ourselves!

Human Beings, incarnated in the physical dimension, sometimes find it hard to grasp that they are the creators of every single thing they experience. We who are aware are consciously manifesting our desired reality ~ but not so many understand the power we have to manifest our collective reality, as a global tribe. As we learn how to relate to love partners from a place of empowerment and freedom, letting go of the conventional taboos around relationships and sexuality, we collectively change the future of our planet.

The Pleiadian Councils of Light speak through Solara because they are here to assist. Our star brothers and sisters are co-creating the Age of Light on Gaia with us because they have already been through the shift ~ and above and beyond this, because they love and recognise us as part of their Family of Light.


The Time Is Now!

Prices are non-residential. B&B accommodation will be arranged on request for 45 euros per night (single) or 70 euros for 2 people sharing.
Transport from the airport/ from the B&B to the venue can be organised.

10am Friday - 5pm Sunday.
Friday the 3rd is optional for those who have already received
the Babaji & Cobra Breath Initiations from Solara.
Friday on its own is also an option.

Friday only (Babaji & Cobra Breath Initiation): 99 euros Make payment with PayPal
Saturday & Sunday only: 177 euros Make payment with PayPal
Full 3 day workshop: 255 euros Make payment with PayPal


Love love love, Solara An-Ra