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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!



Solara An-Ra’s

November 2009



My Dearest Tribe,
I’m a wondering minstrel these days, with my backpack and my drum  ... I’ve been on so many trains this year, it takes me back to my globe-trotting youth when I felt that to get the most out of my ‘Eurail Card’ I shouldn't spend more than a week or two in one place before jumping on the next train!

Next year the pace of travel is upping somewhat as I replace trains with planes – I start off with a trip to Color, Missouri and New York in Jan/ Feb ... onto Peru in March with the much anticipated Machu Picchu trip ... and later in the year Sedona and California. Mount Shasta calls again – the place so pivotal in my own ‘opening to channel’!

My guides have gifted us with a new meditation, especially to do on the 11:11:11. This is what they say about the 11th November:

“The 11:11:11 star-gate refers to the 11th day of the 11th month, in your year of 2009 which holds the 11 frequency. The energies present on this day bring an opportunity for heightened connection with Source. The Councils of Light ask you to use this opportunity to connect upward with the great mind of your Sun-star. For your Sun holds the light of the Creator’s love, and connecting with the Creative Source through his Light assists in your ascension process.”
10 minute meditation
Our Sun is a portal or doorway into higher dimensions. Source energy streams first through the heart of our galaxy, and then through the portal of our Sun, directly to our planet. Our Sun holds the light of the Creator’s love, and beams it down to us continuously, day and night. Connecting with Him, in a state of love and gratitude, assists our connection with source, and therefore our ascension into the light.
From 'Ascension
in the Palm of your Hand'


I have made 2 new youtubes relating to this: if you haven’t already, watch the ‘Grounding into Gaia’ before you try the new meditation – it’s an important skill to master if we want to ascend WITH and ON Gaia, rather than just floating off into the Universe! I, personally, love Gaia and my tribe too much to lose contact with Earth in the next phase of our evolution!


Below is some of the lovely group in Poole on my last ASCENSION NOW workshop for the year. The energies in the venue were not ideal (I discovered afterwards that there used to be a funeral parlour downstairs!), but we shifted the vibration with some toning and sacred sage, and the guidance from the Councils of Light working with us was as uplifting and positive as usual.

I started the evening feeling a bit frazzled because of some practical hitches - the cushions promised by the venue were not really adequate, and I wasn’t allowed to use ANY candles (in a yoga centre!) The final straw came when I closed my eyes to start the evening, and I realised I’d completely forgotten to bring the Michael Hammer music I always use for the meditations!  

I resisted the urge to either run away or burst out crying, and asked my guides internally ‘What on Gaia is going on here?!’ They replied simply ‘in the eye of the storm ...’ That was their way of reminding me that the skills we are learning allow us to be in a place of peaceful centred-ness no matter WHAT chaos is going on around us. (They’ve used the example before that a volcano could be erupting in the garden next door, and by shifting into a higher energy state through the ‘Sirian Ascension Meditation’ technique it would have no effect on me at all! :))

I got the point and went ahead without music, without candles and with a rather tired group of  people, most of them having come straight from work on a Friday night, some of whom had struggled to find the venue and had arrived a bit frazzled themselves ... and all was of course perfect and exactly as it was meant to be ... a beautiful evening!

On Samhain (the original Celtic celebration on which Halloween is based) a group of us visited 2 sacred sites in the South of England. Knowlton Henge, below, has the remains of a Norman church in the centre, and 2 beautiful yew trees which serve as an energetic entrance point to the sacred space, which is surrounded by the original ditch and bank, like Avebury in miniature.


The elementals were with us as we connected at the yew trees, ever playful and sweet.


In completion at Knowlton, we stood at a distance from each other in the formation of a 5-pointed star within the perimeter of the henge, and ommmmed Light into the centre to ignite the energies there. When I feel the energy lift as part of a group doing Light work/ play it always makes me feel like skipping and dancing ... so I did just that around the church remains. My life and work is such fun, and the times we live in are so magical!  

Our second stop was Badbury Rings near Wimborne, which is much larger and has an amazing 3-ringed henge around the original settlement area, which is now planted with trees.

8 of us circled the outer wall and then connected joyfully with Gaia, singing and dancing in a circle of logs amongst the trees. As we finished the full moon graced us with her beauty as she rose above the treetops (just visible in the photo below).
HAPPY FULL MOON everyone! Don’t forget to take your crystals out for a moon bath anytime in these 3 days – it really helps them stay clear and charged! As you do this, reconnect with each one and ask if there is new work they would like to assist you with. Ideally every crystal in your possession should be dedicated to a particular purpose, whether that is to hold space in a room, assist you in meditation or with a particular project, in healing, or to transmute energies to positive in a space.
Love love love

Solara An-Ra, Warrior of the Light