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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!


dear Light tribe!

The 21st of June marks the half-way point into 2013 ~ and thank Gaia the energies are starting to stabilise after the momentous December solstice of 2012! Many of us went into overwhelm at that turning point, not least of all because of the massive HYPE around the end of the Mayan calendar and the conjecture over what might happen on the big day.

My guides have always had a much broader time perspective about our transition into the Age of Light ~ it was never meant to be an overnight event! Rather than obsessing over dates, we are encouraged through the Star Councils guidance to get our acts together in our own lives, healing old wounds, activating our One-Hearts and paths of service, using our gifts and letting go of those things that are not serving us. Aho! They have gifted us with a beautiful new meditation in honour of the solstice (see below) plus a message from the Pleiadian Councils at the end of the newsletter.

My morning swimming pool!

On a personal level, I am finally on the sacred Balearic island of Ibiza, after a rather rocky journey where I was stranded for 5 days in mainland Spain with a broken-down car. Talk about manifesting a fear! I love the definition that 'worrying is visualising or projecting an outcome you don't want to manifest' ~ well I was so anxious that my old Saab might break down on the long journey that of course it did! You live and learn hey?

I am starting to feel into the energies here and explore the different parts of the island ~ the magnetic energy is power-ful! My guides have said that I will 'draw others to the sacred island, to be in the forests and deep, healing oceans. Together you will assist in activating the axiotonal lines of the Light grid in this place, to charge the core crystal and all humans on the planet.'

I'm in Cala Conta on the west coast for the Summer, walkable to the sea ~ very beautiful and peaceful, perfect for finishing my book (at last, I hear you cry!) I am, however, being drawn to the north of the island where the mountains are higher and the forests more dense for the winter. I am negotiating a bigger villa in San Juan where I may offer a winter workshop ~ I would love to do a New Year retreat! Prior to that I am doing another week in the stunning Bulgarian mountains this October ~ details coming soon!

It's a big step for me leaving England for good, and although I know it is absolutely right for me, it will take a while for me to land properly. Interestingly, the thing that has helped me settle in the most has been channelling the meditation and message given here ~ and getting back to 'work'! (in a play-ful Pleiadian way :-)). I imagined that swimming, walking and going to gatherings to meet the island Light tribe would be paramount to grounding here ~ only to find that it is when I return to my path of service and feel my purpose on the planet that I feel at home.


 One-Heart Light Tribe Meditation

A beautiful new meditation from the Star Councils of Light especially in honour of the June Solstice!  Those of you leading ceremonies, if you master the meditation beforehand you can lead it yourself in your own words -- or you can play the meditation itself on your own or on a group on the big day. You may want to do the meditation every day in the lead-up to the 21st - my understanding of the power of the One-Heart as a tool for spreading Light is increasing every time I do it. I LOVE the fact that we can't stay in an activated One-Heart frequency without letting go of all the debris running around in our minds. Practise makes perfect!


Connecting With Your Higher Self

Webinar Series: Sundays 7, 14, 21 July 2013

Webinar start time: 10am L.A. (PDT); 1pm New York (EDT), 6pm London (BST), 7pm Madrid (CEST)
Each webinar is 2 hours long

Those who are called to this event, know that your Higher Self has been waiting for this golden opportunity your whole lifetime! Your Higher Self speaks to you constantly, watches over you always, waiting for those moments when your heart is open, your mind is clear and your emotions peaceful. In these moments - when you KNOW that you are power-ful, and this knowing has no ego attachments - you are free from wanting, from anxiety, from planning, from telling stories in your mind. This is when your Higher Self is able to be em-bodied in your physical form.

Connection with your Higher Self is not about experiencing yourself as a Being of Light in your meditations - it is about holding a level of clarity, purity, integrity and power in your work on Earth - in your everyday life. This aspect of you knows your chosen path and purpose and understands how to overcome your earthly challenges as you step onto your path.

In these 3 webinars you will go through processes in which: -

  • your 12 chakra system is prepared and cleared, ensuring a clear flow between the cosmic star portal & the Higher Self Portal.
  • a clear flow between your Higher Self Portal, crown & third eye is facilitated.
  • you are taught how to keep your One-Heart chakra activated for longer periods of time.
  • you learn how to channel your Higher Self in the form of automatic writing. This is an option which may become part of your spiritual practise, either daily or as and when it is needed. It encourages the experience of hearing messages directly in the moment they are needed, in order be guided and assisted in everyday life situations.

    Listen in on your computer or via free home phone lines or skype

    Complete Payment for 3 Webinars: £55
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The Time Is Now!


Qigong retreat and Qigong Teacher Training course this summer with a fantastic teacher! 


Message from the Pleiadian Councils of Light

June Solstice 2013

Light tribe of Gaia,
We come to speak with you, as always, from the Universal Heart of your galaxy. Pleiadian Light beings have existed for as long as the creation of the Universe itself, and we are an integral part of the history of your conception. In the original creation of all life, Star people were dreamed into existence by the Creative Force, as a natural outpouring of life in the myriad star-studded galaxies which exist. Physical beings were not yet dreamed of at that time – but as evolution progressed on all levels and in all spheres the concept of physicality came into be-ing. And, as is said in your holy texts, ‘It was good.’
Your physical existence and the existence of your physical planet came into be-ing through a mastermind plan to create a form of life where the Light Body was housed in a physical sheath, also called an ‘Earth Suit’ by some who have visited your planet. This body was designed to allow the experience of life through physical senses, in order to encourage exploration, creativity and joy through experiences that were chosen according to each being’s free will.
There was an acknowledgement on the part of the Higher Councils of Kuthumi and the Order of Melchizedek that the beings who incarnated from the Light into physical bodies might find it difficult to remember their original nature or purpose. This is because a plane which is dense, such as the third dimension, appears through the normal senses to be only physical. It takes some concerted effort and spiritual evolution and tools for most physical beings to remember how to see and feel the Light within all things, to remember how to communicate telepathically, and so forth.
But the blessings of a physical lifetime ~ the sacred nature of a sojourn on a planet designed to be a treasure trove of beauty, the excitement inherent in a life of endless discoveries and evolution ~ these outweighed the perceived difficulties many times over. And so it came to be, with the agreement of many Star nations and over-lighting Councils of the highest orders, that human be-ings were birthed on your planet. We Pleiadians were seeded into your genetics, as were the Sirian Star people – we gave readily of our codes, having progressed by that time into an evolved culture who understood the nature of spiritual evolution. (When we say that we are brothers and sisters of yours, there is a literal truth in our words. We are your ancestors, and your future companions on the planet also.)
Many occurrences throughout your history were, however, unforeseen. In the downward stages of the great cycles that have transpired, there has been an unheard of mass movement away from the original truths of the Universe. These truths have been seeded and reseeded on your planet, by ourselves through the indigenous tribes, by the Christed masters who have walked the same soil that you tread on now, and by the priests and priestesses of the evolved civilisations that have come and gone over the aeons of your history. These truths have been made available to all on Earth, and yet they are being ignored by so many. Immersion into the mundane material world and superficial material pursuits have come to be considered by the masses to be what physical life is all about.
Our message to you on this June Solstice of 2013 is this. You are on this Earth journey with purpose. There are no human be-ings on the Earth plane now who have not chosen this destination with intention. Some of you chose simply to BE here, to go through the transition back into the Light while in physical form. Some of you came to assist your civilisation to achieve the transition. Some of you came specifically to work with one of the core Earth kingdoms – animal, plant, mineral, crystal or human. This purpose must be remembered.
How do you remember your purpose? Root out the Universal Truths that have been seeded, and choose to live by them. Primary amongst these truths is the knowledge that What you pay attention to is what you attract more of. Choose carefully, therefore, what you believe and are repeatedly voicing to yourself and the world about yourself, your health and your life. Pay more attention to the joys and pleasures that you have access to, in order to attract more of the same.
As you give, so you receive. The master Jesus reminded you of this truth at the time of zero point. Give not out of a desire to be appreciated. When you give from the simple overflow of joy and in the knowing that the universe is always abundant, so a flow of positivity is activated in your life, and you receive gifts greater even than you have given. These gifts are not always material – the universe works in mysterious ways towards your highest good.
Remember once and for all that You are the creators of your own destinies. Yes, there are sometimes challenging karmic factors that affect you, but even these you have chosen to come to Earth to overcome. Far greater than karma in its power over your destinies is your knowing that your free will entitles you to choose to create a life of peace and joy and abundance. It is possible to choose this regardless of your circumstances, simply through trust and sincere effort.
Through living according to these universal truths and others, your purpose will be shown to you. That which gives you joy will manifest as your purpose. Underlying all of this is the truth that You have come to be of service. When you acknowledge this, you are shown more clearly what your path entails.
Do not allow yourselves to sink into despair dear ones, when it seems that you are on your own and that Earth life is an uphill struggle. Lift yourselves constantly through music, dancing, spending time with each other, being creative, loving one another and all forms of life, and meditating. And so it is that you are healed. And so it is that you discover who you truly are – great beings of Light and love, embodied now as Earth Angels. And so it is. Namaste.
Love love love as always!!!
Solara An-Ra
Light Tribe of Gaia