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Solara An-Ra’s
July 2009 Newsletter

Greetings of love dear tribe, from a super-charged Solara An-Ra!

These Crop Circle ‘Reawakening the Codes’ weekends are really mind-blowing! You see us above in a beautiful little flower crop circle – the 9 of us standing in the 9 petals, invoking a column of golden Light – and a few of us shouting ‘HIPPPPPEEEEES!’ (Explanation and more photos after the news!)

My new CD is finally available, hooray! I really feel it’s a wonderful contribution to the raising of our consciousness and the healing of our planet. Many thanks to my meditation students for giving me feedback while I was in the creation process, and of course to my guides, who are my ever-present inspiration.

1. Dissolving the Veils (10 min)

2. Sacred Altar of the 7 Directions (15 min)

3. Connecting with your Higher Self (10 min)

4. Unity Consciousness Breath (12 min)

5. Connection with Gaia’s Ascension Grids (11)

6. Sirian Ascension Meditation (13 min)

These meditations are like an ascension manual, designed to heal the separation consciousness of the Piscean age and align you with your Higher Self. You will ground and bond more deeply with Gaia, our Earth Mother, and connect into the heart of our Galaxy, the Great Central Sun. You will also learn, from Solara’s Sirian guides, ways of entering the 4th & 5th dimension NOW. Our ascension is imminent – THE TIME IS NOW to prepare ourselves!

£13 -  Order here

I’ve also put a free ‘Morning Chakra Meditation’ up on the website and my youtube channel for you – a perfect way to start your day in balance! Follow the link below: -

Morning Chakra Meditation (10 mins)

Chakra meditation balances your mind, emotions, body and soul. As you systematically move your awareness through each chakra, it helps to open and clear that energy centre.
This meditation from Solara An-Ra uses our connection with our great star, the sun, to facilitate our re-balancing.
It also includes opening the higher or sacred heart chakra which her guides have named AMUN. This assists in connecting through love with all other beings on our planet, with our Mother Earth and with the Christ Consciousness grid.

Dates for your diary!

There are still 2 places available on the last Crop Circle weekend of the year! (The ‘jelly fish’ crop circle pictured is one of my favourites this year - aside from being beautiful, encoded into it is information about our 12 chakra system and therefore evolution, extra-terrestrial light ships, and predictions on celestial events.

August 21 – 23:  Reawakening the Codes in the Sacred Sites &Crop Circles
My Sirian guides say that there are codes within our DNA and energy bodies which have lain dormant for some time. Reconnecting the codes is greatly assisted by being outside on the Earth where the energy (ley) lines are powerful, & results in our perception opening so that we are more easily able to perceive higher dimensions. This is what 'becoming multi-dimensional' is all about - seeing past the world of form that has been our only reality, and opening up to other dimensions within our galaxy!  With my guides, I will lead meditations/activations in the places we visit - in the most recent crop circles, the ancient Long Barrows, Swallow Head Spring, and the sacred Stone Circle and avenues. Prepare yourself for an adventure with the Star Beings!

I’m doing a host of ASCENSION NOW evenings all over the country over the next few months. My guides have told me I need to be teaching these new breathing and meditations techniques to larger groups in more places – so I’ve plunged myself into setting that up! Please note that the venue and price for the London 9/09/09 event has changed – all the 3 hour workshops are £30, and the 2 hour London workshop is £20. Pre-booking/payment is essential.

LONDON 9/9/09: Wed 9 September (8 - 10.15 pm)            
 Woodlawns, 16 Leigham Court Rd, Streatham, SW16 2PJ

SALE, CHESHIRE: Sat 26 Sept (2 - 5 pm)                         
The Hope Centre, Hampden Rd, Sale, M33

SHIPLEY, YORKSHIRE: Sun 27 Sept (2 - 5 pm)                
Subud Hall, 2a Baildon Rd, W. Yorks BD17 6A

POOLE: Fri 30 Oct (7 - 10 pm)                                             
Poole Yoga Centre: Denmark House, 35 Denmark Road, Poole

ISLE OF WIGHT: Fri 13 Nov (7 - 10 pm)                             
The Broadway Centre, Sandown, Isle of Wight, PO36 9GG


My dear friend and yoga teacher, Carol Macartney, is leading a wonderful yoga week away in Ibiza this September – perfect if you need a healthy, blissful beachy end-of-Summer holiday! The sooner you book flights the better, so don’t delay.

My dear friend and yoga teacher, Carol Macartney, is leading a wonderful yoga week away in Ibiza this September – perfect if you need a healthy, blissful beachy end-of-Summer holiday! The sooner you book flights the better, so don’t delay.


Ibiza Yoga Bliss      5 – 12 Sept 2009      Bay of Cala Bassa   with Carol Macrtney         £410 (flights excluded)
All yoga classes will take place outside – the morning practice on the beach and at the yoga centre in the afternoons. There will be time to swim, lay on the beautiful sandy beach of Calla Bassa, take walks and watch the sunset on the cliffs.
Included in the price is accommodation, 2 classes a day and a lovely brunch. Dinner is self-catering or in the Italian restaurant opposite.
Carol is an amazing teacher – totally inspired and inspiring! The weekend is suitable for beginners and more advanced – you will set your own pace.    Contact Carole: 07901 571 173


Summer Solstice in Glastonbury

The Solstice was both amazing and exhausting – I hadn’t considered just how tiring it would be staying up all night! Nearly 50 of us gathered at Bushy Coombe, below the Tor, and from sunset til 1 or 2 am the energy was fantastic.


The fire was roaring, guitars and songs floated through our circle, we called to the fairies around the famous devic Lime tree, and gazed at the stars.


Then it got chilly, people started fading severely, and by 5 am when we needed to start the sunrise ceremony I had to resort to bells, tuning forks and some rather abstract clapping & shouting (rather than ‘calling’) to the 4 directions to wake everyone up – myself included!



Here’s the sleepy morning assembly. I’m proud of everyone who stuck it out –well done Warriors of the Light! 


Reconnecting the Codes July 2009

The Reconnecting the codes weekend was once again soooooooooooo exciting and fun! The group was from all over the globe and we felt like we were permanently on an adventure.

This beautiful humming bird was our first crop circle – quite a gentle energy for our first day. Look closely at the shining inner circles within the silver laid-down crop – absolute perfection and beauty – and utterly impossible to fake!

On the 2nd day we were walking through a long field of wheat towards a massive 450 feet long glyph, when we stumbled across this little beauty. Making a connection between the 9 of us in the group as the 9 ‘stars of the Aztec Night Symbol’ was so energising we started shouting for joy! (See title photo at the top of newsletter)
A car passing us the night before had shouted ‘HIPPIES!’ at us as we meditated at the Sanctuary … which made me now shout ‘I’m a hippppeeeee, and proud of it!’

A comment on ‘Crop circle connector’ on our first ‘flower’ circle states that it has an extraordinary resemblance to the Aztec Yohualli symbol (above), which means "The Night". Each of the dots or eyes around the main circle, represent the Citlalli Aztec symbol, which means "Star".

On the 2nd and 3rd day we spent time in 2 mind-blowing crop circles, which my guides said were among the most important glyphs of the season. They said ‘Within your energy body there are etheric circuit boards. They were spoken of as etheric crystals within the energy bodies of the priests and priestesses of Atlantis, but we prefer you to think about it as a circuit board which needs reconnecting. And thus it is that if you pay attention to these 2 crop circles and their ‘hieroglyphics’ that their resemblance to circuit boards is more pertinent than to hieroglyphics, is it not? They refer, make no mistake, to the reawakening of the codes – to the recoding within not only your physical cells, but within your etheric bodies.’

They also both had ‘star being heads’ in them, as shown below on a posting on CCC. Our third ‘activation’ on the Sunday was sitting around the ‘third eye’ in that bottom head!
West Kennet Long Barrow was as always magical. There is no more grounding place - no place closer to the womb of Gaia - which I know of in this country.
In the heart of the barrow my guides gave us a dissertation on the meaning and use of ‘Om Nyaliman Shanti’ which if you’re interested you can read here:
Note the lovely orb in Ryan’s photo – just where the orb was in Nene’s photo of the barrow entrance in May!


Our final gift from the universe was this amazing Mayan glyph, right opposite Silbury Hill. 3 of our group spent time on Silbury Hill on the evening that this was formed, and they saw lights moving in patterns in the sky, and received messages from the Star nations.!

And before I say Namaste for now, check out this phenomenal orb Ryan managed to capture while photographing Silbury Hill - is it not just fantastical!!!

I leave you with this message from my guides.  (This was recorded on the crop circle weekend, but I feel it’s relevant to all)
Satya, the Pleiadian Goddess speaks
We ask you - in the stretching of your spines - to access the God/Goddess within. Hold this dignity – hold this sense of authority – always, always, always.

It is your sense of dignity and authority within yourselves which you allow to shine forth for the world to see, and which allows others to perceive you as ‘ones in the know’ – and not ‘flaky’ or ‘dippy’ or ‘spaced out’ or ‘airy-fairy’ or ‘hippy’. It is necessary for you to act as Warriors of the Light within your everyday activities and interactions with the wider world. We wish you to hold this stance of the God or Goddess - one who holds their inner authority in integrity.

It is the balancing of the male and female within your heart structures that allows you to blossom into the enlightened lotus. This is your path – this is your destiny – this is your responsibility, as you have chosen to be of service now in this time of acceleration.

It is your duty to stop using words which do not hold dignity – to stop putting yourselves down. To stop belittling yourselves and your gifts – for within each one of you knows your particular gifts. Use them, dear ones, for only in the use of your creativity, and your personal gifts, will you flower as you are destined to do.
We speak of those who choose not to speak well of themselves from time to time - with this out-dated concept that this is a good way of being humble. Humility is entirely misunderstood by your current society – it is not the way.

WATCH YOUR WORDS – WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE dear children - you are Warriors of the Light! You are Gods and Goddesses! You are the reincarnated priests and priestesses of Atlantis! You, all of you, every single one of you, have been in positions of power and beauty!