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Solara An-Ra’s

October 2009 Newsletter

Namaste dear tribe of planet Gaia! (or 'Hello Howzit'! as we say in South Africa),

I'm still zinging from the power of the 9-9-9 ... what an amazing energy enveloped our Earth on that day! I heard from people all over the globe who were gathering in groups and doing my 'Connection with Gaia's Ascension Grids' meditation, which filled me with such joy about my path as a Warrior of the Light!
On the 9-9-9 Ascension Now evening in London this beautiful rainbow over the building welcomed the 44 people who joined me in meditation and celebration.

The energy was so high and joyful and I was shown a vision of the hundreds of thousands of people raising the vibration of the planet over that 24 hour period, and was told 'THIS IS BIGGER THAN HARMONIC CONVERGENCE!'

Wendy Willet's 9-9-9 gathering in the 9 stone circle on their land in Avalon

The power of our joining together to consciously reconnect the crystalline grid of Gaia and raise her and our vibration cannot be underestimated!
With this in mind, it's time to put the Winter Solstice Ceremony in your diaries! Of all the seasonal Celebrations, this is the most significant as we head towards 2012 - because it is at the time of the Winter Solstice that our beautiful planet is in exact alignment with our sun and the centre of our Milky Way Galaxy. This is the first time this has happened for 26,000 years - we are at the end of a cyle which heralds the beginning of The Age of Light, and the Winter Solstice is the most significant and powerful time to celebrate this transition.
Nevermind Christmas and the inevitable stress surrounding it - take time out to reconnect with our precious Earth and join with other Warriors of the Light - to listen to the messages of the Star Being and Earth-Keeper guides who grace us with their wisdom and assistance - to meditate and to sing our joy into Gaia, awakening portals of high vibration across the planet!
I am leading the celebration in Glastonbury at noon on Sunday 20th December - rather than on the 21st - so as to allow as many of you as possible to come. I'm not charging for this event, but am asking for an £10 donation which will be shared between Healing Waters (to assist with the community Project there) and WhiteBuffaloWoman, who we are priveledged to have join us with her amazing voice and drum, leading us in sound activation and joyful sacred chants. You can hear some of her songs here
It is essential to let me know you are coming so that you receive final instructions before the event - please email me at


Glastonbury Tor

Winter Solstice Celebration 2010 - in Avalon with Solara An-Ra, Warrior of the Light

12 noon til 3pm, Sunday 20 December 2009
Healing Waters: 1 The Roman Way, Glastonbury, Somerset BA6 8AB
Should you wish to stay the night before in Glastonbury, there are still rooms available at Healing Waters - book here   (The cheapest option will be for 6 people to share a yurt: £20 pp - let me know if this appeals to you and I'll organise it if 6 people are interested.)


'Ascension in the Palm of Your hand'  I've been guided to work on a special Double CD-plus book project this month with the above title, which I’m channelling directly from the Councils of Light who assist me. If you know a good agent who might like to promote this or a publisher who might be interested please contact me!

Message from my Guides

My guides message this month is about abundance - hooray! I've included in written form, but you can hear it directly from my guides on the youtube link below.
Video: The Councils of Light on ...
October 2009
Solara An-Ra, Warrior of the Light


Councils of Light: Manifesting Abundance 2 Oct  2009

The Councils of Light are with you all, and bring a message at this time of the greatest expansion of consciousness on your Earth plane. Never has it been possible for so many of you to simultaneously awaken in your consciousness - so that you step out of the dream in which there is only physicality and density and your survival on the planet through your work and toil is the paramount objective.
So many of you now understand that money can flow easily and joyfully through your lives. You open to the understanding that receiving money and abundance in your lives comes as easily as letting it go, so that there is a river or stream of money and abundance which moves through your life and being. This comes from your understanding of yourselves as creators – as holding the ultimate creative force. This is the aspect in which you are like the God-Goddess, the Creative Force itself.
Many are the ploys which have been used to hold you in fear about money, abundance and prosperity. And it is not that we advise the pursuit of financial abundance as a means in and of itself, for this would be pointless - it would be fruitless in the manifesting of your higher destiny! Those who accumulate hoards of wealth and material possessions are filled with fear at the potential loss of this storehouse; of their ‘booty’.
No, we advocate now that you stimulate an abundance of flow through your lives with the underlying tenet THAT YOU CHOOSE TO BE OF SERVICE TO YOUR TRIBE NOW. For how greater is your ability to serve when your material life works with flow and ease – so that you do not feel stuck or inhibited in your movement across the planet; in your visiting of sacred sites, consciously bringing higher energies to reawaken the portals of your Earth planet - so that you are able to have enough free time to BE FREE – to express your joy and creativity and pass this way of being onto others.
There has been much debate and many misunderstandings within this area of co-creation or manifesting. And we say simply – within your manifesting practise, allow yourselves to be open to a flow of abundance and money, so that you give as easily as you receive. And do not count so often – do not write out the sums of your profits and losses so often, projecting into the future with anxiety how careful you must be, and how you must plan in a forward motion through time in order to be safe financially.
Know, dear ones, it is time to take risks, it is time to let go of work which does not suit your vibration. It is time to step with bravery into new work situations and opportunities that allow you to express your true self; your gifts; your creativity. You understand that creativity is your birthright – is your natural way of being, and it is only the letting go of fear which allows you to step into your true flow of creativity and abundance!
Use your breath dear ones, breathing deeply into your bellies as often as you remember during the day, and as you breathe, with your out-breath let go of the fear and tension at the solar plexus. Let go of the idea that others are able to control you – let go of the need to control everything in the future – and feel the freedom of being IN THE MOMENT! In the moment and in your power!
Those things which are on your path of true creativity are coded with the feeling of excitement. Let go of the fear from the solar plexus with your out-breath and feel the excitement – and follow that with joy, with a sense of freedom!
You are free – free to do whatever you choose in this moment! Let go of that sense of duty that has been instilled into the Earth tribe – consciously instilled to disempower you. We watch you stepping into your power with great joy and encouragement! We bid you, Namaste.
I love you all, dear tribe! I am with you and part of you as we assist each other in out awakening.
Solara An-Ra, Warrior of the Light
07778 817 359