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Dearest Light People of Terra,

The times, they are a-cha-anging, as Bob Dylan crooned - never more so than now! So many of us are getting confronted with challenging circumstances, as the accelerated energies of 2012 kick in. My personal experience is that it is not possible to avoid these challenges, ostrich-style ... but it IS possible to make the transition through them and out the other side by choosing to constantly step back into our centres and experience ourselves BEING, so that our doing in the world is transformed.

In the lead-up to the 12.12.12 - 21.12.2012 portal, my guides are advising to do the 12.12.12 meditation. In practising this myself I have found that the step in which we work with healing collective thought forms in the fourth dimension is extremely helpful on a personal level. Realising how our our individual thoughts contribute to the collective consciousness that is being birthed is vital! The Pleiadian Councils of Light explain another crucial element of the meditation here:

'If you seek to awaken and come into perfect balance and enlightenment through searching upwards only in the direction of your guides and angels, the higher dimensions and star people, you will not succeed in coming into the required state of consciousness. You MUST, absolutely must remember that it is the planet herself, and in particular at this time, the core crystal of your planet, that requires your attention - that needs to connect with you, and for you to connect with her.

For it is not only ‘As above, so below’, it is also ‘As below, so above’ – and this half of the equation is often forgotten by the Earth people of Gaia. The Core Crystal at this time is in a process of regeneration and she is assisted by the Star People, the Councils of Light, by Kuthumi, and by all of those within the Order of Melchizedek that are part of the Divine Plan for the transformation of your planet into a higher dimensional being. All of these rain energy down into the Core Crystal, so that she may regenerate and assist in the reactivation of all levels of Light Grids on your planet. But without your assistance – without your conscious connection with the Core Crystal, the plan cannot come to fruition effectively at this time.

The meditation which has been given for the 12.12.12 and 21st of December – this is one in which you spend time connecting through love, gratitude and respect with the Core Crystal – for this emotional connection is needed rather than any form of technical connection, you understand. Once your heart is open to the Core Crystal, and truly feeling her as a being, you are able to send energy down to assist her, which is just as effective as the energy that we send down to assist her. You will receive benefits untold from this action of yours – because as you connect on a One-Heart consciousness level with the Core Crystal, so she is able to activate you in such a way that you stay in 3-D while receiving higher dimensional codes. We ask you to practise the meditation given, in which your connection with and activation of the Core Crystal precedes your assisting Her with sending Her Light energy and healing vibration through the second, third and fourth dimensions. The healing of these 3 dimensions assists in the portal which is now in the process of creation, connecting the very core of your planet with the fifth dimensions and higher. This assists in the birthing which takes place now.'

Please search your heart about where to be on these 2 momentous dates! Sophia rosa is compiling a list of word-wide events for my website for the 12.12.12 and Winter Solstice - to be added to this list please email her on

I am leading lots of exciting new courses and events in London, Avebury, Glastonbury, Dubai and South Africa over the next 6 months - follow the links below. In addition I am planning to come to Amsterdam & Bulgaria around May/June - if you have a request for a particular course in those venues, please put your vote in now!  And finally, I have just placed on special offer my much requested At-Home Opening to Channel Course! I have a Christmas Sale on which includes this course and my Meditation CD Packs.

Upcoming Courses & Events

9 - 11 Nov: The Goddess Arises (Women's Retreat) - Glastonbury, UK
An activating, empowering 3 days in the Heart Chakra of the world, mystical Avalon - to heal old wounds, reconnect with the essence of your womanhood, and rebirth yourself as a Goddess!

20 Nov: Drop-In Meditation Class - Light Tribe at The Lighthouse! - Sydenham, London

4 Dec: Drop-In Meditation Class - Light Tribe at The Lighthouse! - Sydenham, London

11 - 12 Dec: 12.12.12 Gaia-and-Tribe with Solara An-Ra - Glastonbury, England
Meditations in the Sacred Sites of Avalon, 12.12.12 Activation Ceremony,
plus Party with the URUBU collective in Glastonbury Town Hall!

18 Dec: Drop-In Meditation Class - Light Tribe at The Lighthouse! - Sydenham, London

21 Dec (11 am): OM FOR ASCENSION - Avebury, England (2 1/2 hrs drive from London)
19th or  20th: Preparation workshops with Solara & The Star Councils of Light
21st (10am til noon): Gaia-and-Tribe on the banks of Avebury Stone Circle

8 - 10 Feb 2013: The Goddess Arises - London, SE23
An activating, empowering 3 days to heal old wounds, reconnect with the essence of your womanhood,
and rebirth yourself as a Goddess! Tantric wisdom through Babaji & the Pleiadian teachings on relationships

28 Feb - 2 March 2013: Pleiadian-Arcturian Healing Intensive - Dubai

9 & 10 March 2013: Shiva-Shakti Union - Gauteng, South Africa



Levels 1,2 & 3 - CD's & Notes

A Course which can be done on your own, with a partner or in a group.
Imagine learning and practising with your friends - and the acceleration of your paths that is
the inevitable result of connecting with the wisdom of your guides and Higher Self!

What is your motivation for opening to channel? Search your heart now. If it is to be led forward on your path, moving progressively into peace, balance, self-empowerment, joy, abundance - and to gain clarity on how you may be of service to the world - then this course is for you!

In Level 1 of this comprehensive course Solara explains all the fundamental principles of channelling - what it is and why you would want to do it. You are taught posture, preparation steps to ensure safety and high level guidance; personal versus group practise and different types of guides and their purpose. You will learn how to move through blocks as you begin your practise, including how to use discernment in connecting with non-physical beings, ensuring that only high vibrational guides are able to connect with you.

In Level 2 Solara guides you on how to assist others when practising with a partner or in a group; how to get the 'voice' or name of a guide when appropriate; toning/sounding to assist channelling; how to deal with spontaneous body movements or sensations; the role of the angels in connecting you with higher dimensional beings. You learn the art of writing Channelling/automatic writing and how to deepen your verbal practise.

In Level 3 you will learn techniques to activate the Third Eye & integrate the left and right brain hemispheres; channelling guidance for an individual versus a group; where to channel to assist your practise; direct voice channelling versus bringing 'idea packages' through; receiving the name of a guide or collective; bringing through visual information alongside messages & how to process/summarise guidance.

Opening to Channel COMPLETE COURSE online - 3 Downloadable CD'S plus Notes:
Only £99! (Usually £133)
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I leave you with my love love love, as always, dear Light Tribe of Gaia! My One-Heart love is with you. Remember to consciously manifest connecting with your
incarnated soul-star family, so that you are supported by and are supporting others through the transition. It makes life a lot more fun!
My 12 Chakra meditation, coming soon, will help you understand this concept.

Solara An-Ra, Goddess of the Light