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September 2012 News from
Solara An-Ra
Goddess of the Light

Greetings of love my dearest Light tribe!

I have put up a new message on YouTube from the Councils of Light, to inspire and uplift you - listen to it here.

These 2 photos are from my first Goddess Arises workshop in Glastonbury, which was the most joyful gathering imaginable. Babaji was a shining presence throughout the 3 days, transforming, enlightening and uplifting us through his unconditional love for humanity. We 22 women laughed, cried, breathed and danced our way through the journey! I am doing the second Goddess Arises workshop in November – thoroughly looking forward to joining with some more of the Goddess Light tribe then!

I am writing this from my beautiful new home in London - the conscious house share that has finally manifested in my 3-D reality! After roaming the globe for the past few years it feels soooo wonderful to put my roots down again, and to share this process with three other loving, conscious, Light people!

As our small tribe settles in together, sharing not only our strengths & gifts but our vulnerabilities also, so we support each other and are held in the embrace of the group. This is the life I am choosing right now - to share myself as a person - not in the role of teacher/healer or partner, not as mother, sister or child – just as me. I am finally learning to trust that just being me, exactly as I am in all moments, is enough.

My guides have been saying for years that it isn’t possible in these times to move forward alone, without the support of our Light tribe. I always interpreted this as meaning we need to get together to do meditations, spiritual work, etc. I felt that it was enough that I was being supported by the wider tribe of Light people – all of you! But as I now open to receive support on a more personal, everyday level in my home, I feel a new sense of community and FAMILY so strongly, helping me to heal the old wounds and dysfunctions that remain in my personality self.

As I reread some of the message I sent in my last newsletter from the Atlantean Elders, just before I moved into the house, I realise how directly that message was aimed at me! I quote:

We speak once again on the need for you to be together – to magnetise towards yourself others of like- and high vibration. This is more valuable to you than years of training in any field. Far more valuable and potent now than trainings is the coming together of the tribe in communities, in classes, in meetings, in celebrations, in any form whatsoever. For you share your gifts and your knowledge in this way do you not? You complement and assist each other.

You must ask for help when it is needed rather than suffering on your own through a sense of pride or mistaken humility. You must ask for help when it is needed for your healing, for your progress, for your happiness – and as you give others the joy which is found always when love and assistance is given – so you increase each other’s Light; you increase each other’s knowledge; you increase each other’s joy – and in your new-found sense of community within your Light tribe, you find a sense of home, of coming home while on your planet, and together you birth this Age of Light and transformation with joy and ease.’

Aho! Love and thank you thank you, all of you, who have supported me on my path and who helped me manifest my beautiful new home and garden. My first 4 week meditation course in the house starts in 2 weeks time - there are still a couple places left, but book quickly.

I have also finally put details up of what I’m doing at the Winter Solstice in Avebury – thank you for your patience! I am calling for a core group of 144 to step forward to assist me in leading this – what is required is for you to do one of the preparatory workshops in the 2 days leading up to the solstice. Details here: OM FOR ASCENSION

Upcoming Courses & Events 2012

18 Sept - 9 Oct: 4 week Meditation-Breath-Energy Foundation Course - London (see below)

22 Sept (7.30pm): One Spirit Autumn Equinox Celebration - The Brix, Brixton, London
Solara channelling a meditation to bring in the 7 Sacred Directions

20 - 22 Oct: Pleiadian-Arcturian Healing Intensive – London (see below)

9 - 11 Nov: The Goddess Arises (Women's Retreat) - Glastonbury, UK
An activating, empowering 3 days in the Heart Chakra of the world, mystical Avalon - to heal old wounds, reconnect with the essence of your womanhood, and rebirth yourself as a Goddess!

11 - 12 Dec 2012: 12.12.12 Gaia-and-Tribe with Solara An-Ra & The Star Councils of Light
Meditations in the Sacred Sites of Avalon, 12.12.12 Activation Ceremony,
plus Party with the URUBU collective in Glastonbury Town Hall!

21 Dec 2012 (11 am): OM FOR ASCENSION - Avebury, England (2 1/2 hrs drive from London)
19th or  20th:
Preparation workshops  with Solara & The Star Councils of Light
21st (10am til noon): Gaia-and-Tribe on the banks of Avebury Stone Circle


Meditation-Breath-Energy Foundation Course

4 consecutive Tuesday evenings, 7 - 9pm
(Optional chai & chat: 9 - 9.30)

18, 25 September, 2, 9 October 2012

17 Byne Rd, Sydenham, London SE26 5JF

2 minutes walk from Penge East station, 6 minutes from Sydenham station

Full Payment Meditation Course: £99
Make payment with PayPal 3 Part Payment (Aug, Sept, Oct): £33
Make payment with PayPal

A wonderful opportunity to join with your Light tribe and Solara An-Ra to master the meditation, energy & pranayama (breath) techniques that form the basis of spiritual connection and inner peace. Solara has taught these essential skills for many years and brings a sense of fun, joy and inspiration into all the groups that she facilitates. Whether you are a beginner or have an established personal practice you will benefit from joining in this sacred circle with like-hearted people, to share your experiences and raise your vibration together.

The practises you will learn are extremely empowering, assisting with self-confidence, clarity on your spiritual path and connection with your guides, plus more physical issues such as insomnia, depression, anxiety. The 4 week course covers: -

  • Chakra Meditation - what the inner energy centres relate to; balancing/clearing the chakras
  • Breathing practises to increase your life-force, awaken the pineal, bring clarity & peace
  • Energy techniques to ground, centre, clear, empower & recharge you



Pleiadian-Arcturian Healing Intensive

with Solara An-Ra & the Star Councils of Light

20 - 22 October 2012: 10 am till 5 pm all 3 days

Knights Hall, 23a Knights Hill, London SE27 0HS

(2 minutes walk from West Norwood Rail Station)

The time is now for Solara An-Ra to teach the amazing healing tools she has been gifted from her Star guides since she received her first Pleiadian initiation in 2007. She is passing these skills on in the form of this 3-day course, suitable for both beginners who KNOW they are meant to heal, and those who have some healing experience.

There will be a certain amount of preparation before the course,  in the form of notes to study, which will take longer if you have no knowledge of the chakras, etc.

This form of healing incorporates the following techniques (but remember, you will not necessarily end up using all of these - your healing gifts are individual and will become clear as the course goes on): -

  • Sound healing - particularly through the voice, and working specifically to open/clear/connect chakras. This skill is truly Pleiadian magic - you do not need to be able to sing! Some of you will channel through the Hathors also, and/or will bring through 'Language of Light'.
  • Psychic Surgery
  • Chakra/energy body healing - working in the energy field and also with the 13 chakras, including the Sacred Heart chakra & the Cosmic & Earth Star Chakras at the top and bottom of the aura.
  • Craniosacral 'listening' skill - this involves moving yourself into a centred, meditative state, and then receiving information from the body itself through your hands and your senses. It is the opposite of 'channelling energy' into the client's body, as is done in Reiki (although that is also great!)
  • Pleiadian/Arcturian/Sirian Chambers of Light - placing the client in a 'Chamber of Light' which holds a certain grid frequency according to what is needed in that particular healing.
  • Channelling messages from your Higher Self, your guides or the client's guides during the session. (You do not need to be 'a channel' in order to learn how to do this, but it does help to have done the channelling course if this feels like it's on your path).

You will be asked to be familiar with the 'Pleiadian Essential Daily Practices' meditation and have practiced it consistently in the month leading up to the course (try all 3 versions to see which one you like best). This is free to download here .

It will help to have done the online (or CD set) 'Opening to Channel' course with Solara An-Ra previous to this course (out by 15th September), but it is not a requirement. Students are asked not to drink alcohol or other stimulants while on the course and for the week leading up to it.

Total for 3 day course: £255

Pleiadian Healing Intensive - Full payment: £255
Make payment with PayPal
Pleiadian Healing Intensive - 3 part monthly payment (Sept, Oct, Nov): £85 Make payment with PayPal


The Time Is Now for the healers to step into their power, allowing their star-seeded gifts to shine through, healing the people of Gaia!


Namaste dear Light tribe! ‘The Light in me sees the Light in you’.

Love love love

Solara An-Ra, Goddess of the Light

UK Cell: 0777 881 7359