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July 2012 News from
Solara An-Ra
Goddess of the Light

Greetings of love my dear Light tribe,

I am finally experiencing a return to wellbeing on all levels – whoohoooo! I am revisiting the material I’ve been channelling and teaching over the past year and actually getting the point of it, now that I have the time and space to focus on my own enlightenment process again.

With this in mind, I am about to start a FaceBook group where we focus on different meditations I have channelled, and chat to each other about our experiences of the meditation of the week. I will start with the ‘Energy Lessons’ which my guides mention in the channelling at the end of the newsletter – watch this space!

I am sooooo excited to finally be moving into my conscious house share in South East London at the end of this month! There is one room still available in the house – a beautiful Victorian terrace house with a lovely garden where we will hold weekly meditation sessions. We are blessed to have a separate healing room which means that the house share will be perfect for a healer/therapist. If you are interested please contact me immediately!

Take advantage of my special July/August offer of £55 for my in-person healing sessions in London: Pleiadian-Arcturian Healing, Craniosacral Therapy, Massage & Reflexology (from Sydenham Hill, London SE26). Details here.

Coming up…

27 - 29 July: The Goddess Arises: Tantric Women's Retreat - Glastonbury, UK
A healing, empowering 3 days in the Heart Chakra of the world, mystical Avalon - to heal old wounds,
reconnect with the essence of your womanhood, and rebirth yourself as a Goddess

20 - 22 Oct: Pleiadian-Arcturian Healing Intensive – London
Solara An-Ra is finally ready to teach the amazing healing tools she has been gifted from her Star guides since she received her first Pleiadian initiation in 2007. She is passing these skills on in the form of this 3-day course, suitable for both beginners who KNOW they are healers, and those who have some healing experience.

There are only 3 weeks left to catch the early-bird offer on the 12.12.12 Gaia-and-Tribe celebration in mystical Glastonbury … The Time is Now!

11 - 12 December 2012

* Meditations & Initiations in the Sacred Sites of Avalon

* 12.12.12 Activation & Ceremony with Solara An-Ra
& Light Tribe

* Light Tribe Party with the URUBU collective in Glastonbury Town Hall

A wonderful opportunity to join Solara An-Ra, the Star Councils of Light & your Light tribe to celebrate this portal-opening in the powerful vortex energies of Glastonbury. The 12.12.12 vortex is a momentous portal initiating us into the energies of Winter Solstice 2012 with untold acceleration and power - your heart will call you to this celebration if you are meant to be there!

Booking all 3 events instead of booking separately saves you £22

All 3 events: £144
Make payment with PayPal


Event 1: 

Meditations & Initiations with Solara in the Sacred Sites of Avalon

Tuesday 11 Dec: 8am - 2pm

8 - 9.30am
Meet at the entrance to Chalice Well Gardens at 7.45am.
Private Entrance - sunrise meditation in the beautiful healing gardens which hold the sacred well and pools of the Red Spring of Avalon

9.30 - 10.30am
Private Entrance to the White Spring Temple -  Initiation with the healing waters of the White Spring

10.30am - 12 noon: brunch break in town

12 - 2pm
Meditation in the beautiful gardens of Glastonbury Abbey, sacred site of the first Christian church and legendary resting place of King Arthur (Meet at the entrance to the Abbey)

Event 1 only (Meditation Day, 11th) Payment: £66 Make payment with PayPal


Event 2:
12.12.12 Gaia-and-Tribe Ceremony & Workshop
with Solara An-Ra
& Light Tribe

12 December 11am - 5pm

Glastonbury Town Hall: Magdalene Street, Glastonbury BA6 9EL

11am - 1pm
12.12.12 Ceremony (with activation at 12.12pm).  Bring your drum or rattle if you like and crystals for the central altar.

1 - 2pm: Lunch break

2 - 5pm
Guidance & meditations from Solara An-Ra with questions & answers from the Star Councils & White Brotherhood of Light. We will receive illumination on how to use the energies of the 12.12.12 portal to activate our gifts and assist in the massive transformation Gaia is undergoing. 

Event 2 only (12.12.12 Ceremony & Workshop): £66 Make payment with PayPal


Event 3:12.12.12 Celebration Party! 7 - 11pm

Solara An-Ra & URUBU collective In Glastonbury Town Hall!

Urubu is an amazingly talented collective of musicians who describe themselves as the 'UK's first ecstatic dance band'. Their musical style ranges from African percussion to sublime Indian fusion and deeply healing sacred sound frequencies.

This will be an evening of blissful guided meditations, ecstatic dance to ignite the natural sacred geometry of our Light bodies, sound baths where we receive healing & integration from the didgeridoo, gong & chimes, and singing heart-opening mantras along with the sublime Milly Moonstone - a true 5th dimensional celebration to lead us into the Age of Light!

Earlybird for Event 3 (before 1 October): £22
Make payment with PayPal
Event 3 only (12.12.12 Light Tribe Party): £33 Make payment with PayPal

Dress Code for the Evening Light Tribe party is strictly WHITE!


For coaches direct from London to Glastonbury see here
  For transport and B&B's see here & here
Camelot Retreat : 01458 834876 or 07974 119754

The Time Is Now!


Message from The Atlantean Council of Light

Sisters and brothers of the Earth plane, hear our words. You are going through changes unlike any have experienced before on your planet. The energies reaching and being birthed into your dimension have not been accessible before, not even in Atlantis.

There are different factors involved in the rate of a civilisation’s evolution, and in Atlantis there was a higher percentage of the population directly incarnated from the Star lineages. This sector, who became the priests and priestesses of the time – these were at a very different level of evolution than the common person through their advanced skills in the use of crystals and sound. They were able to shift frequencies and to build a Light grid that thereafter enabled others to evolve more quickly. However, the state of the Earth, of Gaia herself, at that time, was more pristine – and although Gaia’s body was interfered with through the sound experiments of a tribe of dark intent which infiltrated the civilisation, there was not an accumulation of negativity on a physical and emotional scale such as is present in this time on your planet, in this age.

On the other hand, there is less of a difference on your planet now between those who are spiritually awakened and those who are unconscious in these terms. Although there are leaders who step forth at this time, there is not a ‘spiritual elite’, and there is not meant to be. Yes, there are those who teach ways of re-membering your truly empowered selves, and this is helpful – this is a time at which all are meant to rise and recognise themselves as equal with one another. Beware of any mystery schools – schools of awakening which seek to place you in subservience. All who awaken now are encouraged to recognise that they in fact have all the wisdom they need to evolve inside of themselves, and it is only a re-membering which occurs as they accept tools.

There are those of you who wish to embark into fields of learning in order to re-train yourselves to be of service in the schools of healing, yoga, meditation and so forth .  And we encourage you to take on all new skills rapidly, for there are not years and years ahead of you in which to arrive at a place of empowerment and enlightenment. The time is now, and you need only triggers in order to move into your own experience of these things; you need only small concentrated periods of learning to trigger the re-membering within yourself of how to heal, of how to access your own energy and Light from within.

We speak once again on the need for you to be together – to magnetise towards yourself others of like- and high vibration. This is more valuable to you than years of training in any field. Far more evaluable and potent no than trainings is the coming together of the tribe in communities, in classes, in meetings, in celebrations, in any form whatsoever. For you share your gifts and your knowledge in this way do you not? You complement and assist each other.

You must ask for help when it is needed rather than suffering on your own through a sense of pride or mistaken humility. You must ask for help when it is needed for your healing, for your progress, for your happiness – and as you give others the joy which is found always when love and assistance is given – so you increase each other’s Light; you increase each other’s knowledge; you increase each other’s joy – and in your new-found sense of community within your Light tribe, you find a sense of home, of coming home while on your planet, and together you birth this Age of Light and transformation with joy and ease.

I speak as one who has been an Atlantean elder, and who holds this position still in the etheric plains. Atlantis is not simply a past event or civilisation which you look to in order to inspire yourselves in the recreation of a Golden Age on Earth. It is also an energy which is present for you to access now. Those structures which are called ‘Cities of Light’ – these are the etheric cities of Atlantis & Lemuria which are present and inhabited still. Some of these are within Earth’s surface, yes, and others are upon or above the surface of the planet in a different dimension. They vibrate in such a way that it is possible for you to move through the dimensions in your meditations and in your sleep state - like a time warp that you are able to access.

Many of you awakened ones on the planet have a Atlantean ancestry in common. You have memories within your cells about this time which was so different from what you see around you now. It was not always bliss and harmony, there were times of adversity also – but primarily, the fall of the civilisation was the time of trauma – a memory which is sometimes activated within you when you foresee the times of turbulence to come with regards to the physical aspect of Earth life.

There is a great difference between that time and this however. The difference is that you are gifted at this time with the ability to shift dimensions without leaving the Earth planet – so that rather than escaping to places that are physically safe on the Earth, you will be and are able to shift yourselves into the vibration of a higher overtone or dimension, so that you may remain where you are without being affected by any natural disaster which occurring. You want to know how to achieve this? You would like a step-by-step procedure to achieve this. But if you open your ears and eyes you will find various alternative methods of transducing and shifting your energy bodies into a higher frequency are being given by teachers at this time. In this respect we refer to the lessons that are given through Solara An-Ra. These lessons which encompass teachings of energy awareness and control – of breath, posture and energy manipulation – these are very accessible to most of you.

Once you practise and begin to experience your own energy Light Bodies, you will gradually become more confident in your ability to shift between worlds. Equally as important, you will begin to feel a harmony within your being – the reduction of anxiety; an increased ability to be in the present moment, and a greater confidence within yourself. This will allow you to approach the earth changes in a new and more enlightened way – aware of Light as a power which is available to use as you choose - aware of Love as a vibration of harmony, rather than your previous concept of love based in neediness.

Thus are the ways of the elders returned to your planet – thus are you moved to a greater sense of peace; thus is the Age of Light reinstated. And we, Atlantean Council of Light are with you each step of the way. Alta Isim. (Namaste)

Note from Solara: The Energy Lessons mentioned are free on YouTube & on my site – the first lesson is here

Namaste dear Light tribe! ‘The Light in me sees the Light in you’.

Love love love

Solara An-Ra, Goddess of the Light

UK Cell: 0777 881 7359