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March 2012 News from
Solara An-Ra Goddess of the Light

Hello Howzit my dearest Light tribe of Gaia! (a clever South African greeting that includes ‘hello’ and ‘how are you’ in one :)

I am attaching a poster with my Glastonbury-Avalon Events coming up on the 18th/19/20th of march – if anyone is able to print one out to help advertise I would be most grateful! The events on the 18th/19th are now by donation, according to what you can afford, and the equinox ceremony is free.

I have put a new dancing meditation up as a gift in this glorious full moon energy! It’s from my ‘Deepening Meditation’ CD, a different version of one I put on YouTube a while ago. This is a tantric technique in which you don’t need a partner – you simply en-lighten yourself by uniting the Divine Masculine & Feminine energies within you in a joy-ful dance! Download or listen to it here  

I am delighted to be offering a new service: - one-on-one Spiritual Counselling via skype or telephone. Your session will include channelled guidance to lead you forward on your path, often with insights into past lives and how they are affecting you now. It is also sometimes possible to receive guidance on your star heritage or seeding and your star name. Most importantly, you will be assisted in seeing the bigger picture of what is going on in your life, and be given tools to assist you in moving through obstacles.

I was previously doing remote healing sessions, but with the physical transition I am going through at the moment I found these were too tiring and no longer felt right. In this new format I simply stay online with you for the full hour, listening to what you are going through on every level and responding to your questions with my guides' assistance, and you will obviously receive healing from the transmission that comes through me. Book here   

I am still looking for a communal house with some of my Light tribe, preferably in South-East London – love and thank you thank you for your assistance!



Solara An-Ra in Avalon

Solara An-Ra is a channel for the Pleiadian, Sirian, Andromedan & Arcturian Councils of Light - beautiful Star Beings whose purpose is to help us remember who we really are, and why we have chosen to incarnate on planet Earth at this crucial time of transition. The Time Is Now!

Solara An-Ra at the Glastonbury Assembly Rooms
19 March: 7 – 10pm
A joyful & enlightening evening of channelled guidance from the Star Councils of Light & Brotherhood of Light, with question & answer session.
£22 (Conc £11) or pay by donation what you can afford

18 March (8am – 4pm): Activation in the Portals of Avalon
A joyful Gaia-and-Tribe Reconnection journey with private entrance to Chalice Well & The White Spring, Tor activation, & alignment in Glastonbury Abbey.
£88 (Concessions £66) or pay by donation what you can afford

20 March: 1.30 – 3.30pm: Free Equinox Ceremony!
Meet 1.30pm @ The Archangel Michael Centre, 1 George Street (corner Northload St) to walk to the ‘Space of Love’ City of Light land

Details & booking:          
Email:        Phone: 07778 817 359



Description: Activation 2012
Private Entrance with Solara An-Ra & Light tribe

8 April (Easter Sunday)7.30am - 12 noon

This event is part of a 3 day course: -
6 - 8 April: Stonehenge-Avebury Atlantean Reconnection Skills  …
but there is space for a few people to book the Stonehenge activation only. Do it quickly as possible because these places will disappear soon! I have worked for many years with the energies in these place of power, helping others to harness and work with Gaia's energy flows and reconnect with Her in the way our ancestors did.

Accommodation for Sat night: I have booked all 5 rooms at Mandalay Guest House in Amesbury, the nearest town to Stonehenge (actually you can walk from this B&B to the stones! Let me know immediately if you want a single room (£50 pp) or shared room (£30 pp)

Meet in Stonehenge car park, Off A344 Road, Amesbury, Wiltshire - SP4 7DE.

8 - 9am: Activation in the stones. A maximum of 26 people are allowed in on any private entrance. I have booked the entire 8 - 9am slot, so we will be on our own - an absolute treat!

9 - 10am: Tea/coffee break. If you haven’t had breakfast there are snacks at the kiosk

10am - 12 noon: We will spend time in the sacred landscape surrounding Stonehenge, receiving guidance from the Star Councils about what we have achieved & how we can further assist the energies.

Stonehenge - 8 April 2012: £55
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Namaste dear Light tribe! ‘The Light in me sees the Light in you’.

Love love love
Solara An-Ra, Goddess of the Light

UK Cell: 0777 881 7359