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February 2012 News from

Solara An-Ra Goddess of the Light

With the wonderful gathering of Light tribe at the 11.11.11 Ceremony in Sedona

Greetings of love my dearest Light tribe of Gaia, from my One-heart to yours!

First of all, please join me if you can for the ‘600 Megawatt Meditation’ in central London this Friday, 17th Feb – this will be an awesome event which will send waves of love around the planet! Details here

I am settling into the energies of 2012 at last … after feeling as though all my fuses were blown in and after the portal of the 11.11.11! Now happily living in London again after the past 2 years of travel, I am remembering how much I love the garden of England - particularly spending time in the sacred landscapes of Avebury, Stonehenge & Glastonbury-Avalon. I have let go of the Hawaii dream for the moment, as the energies were not flowing that way.

I am manifesting being invited to live in a communal house with some of my Light tribe – somewhere (preferably in South-East London) where the living room/communal area can be set up as a sacred space for morning meditation or workshops, and where others can come together to share of their gifts and connect. Let me know if you are able to assist please!

So many of us are longing for our spiritual lives to be more integrated with our everyday existence, and so many wish to make more like-hearted friends. Surely this is one way forward, for those of us living on our own – to live together rather than in separate houses or apartments, choosing to live with people more aligned to our vibration and our paths of service to the tribe of Gaia. We don’t have to wait until we have the resources for an off-grid community in the countryside or whatever the ideal living paradigm is … we can simply share houses that are already available, make sacred space in them, share high-vibrational food & practises, and start to live in the vibration of unconditional love with each other right here right now!

2012 is bringing many new ways of being for me. I am connecting with my guides in a new way, channelling only when it happens spontaneously in my daily practise and when I am teaching. Rather than relying on them to guide my every step, I am deciding what I want to do from my personality and Higher Self aspects, including what and how much I teach this year. I am choosing carefully when I want guidance on the choices I make, which feels very empowering. I now realise that my guides are always there, just as your guides and angels are, every minute – and that I must nevertheless trust myself to choose what is best for me on every level - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. When I go off course, I receive the appropriate nudge I need to readjust!

Love and thank you thank you to all the wonder-ful beings who contributed to the 11.11.11 in Sedona! It was a magical time, so intense and activating … many of you have reported being ‘fried’ for a period afterwards, as I was – I believe that all who participated in the ceremonies and celebrations world-wide truly anchored a new energy on our blessed planet which opened the 2012 portal successfully. This year is momentous, and we need to keep our vibrations as high as possible in order to assist our human tribe to break through the veils of illusion. My top tips are very simple - get enough rest, keep a daily spiritual practise going and connect with your Light tribe!

I still find the ‘Pleiadian Essential Practises’ meditation the most useful practise EVER to align me with Source, empower and ground me fully. It doesn’t matter which version you do, just do it, HERE!

(The ‘Angelic Higher Self’ meditation is a version of this also.) I have also put up the fantastic new ‘2012 Meditation – Manifesting 5D’ for you here.


Now that I am reconnecting with the sacred sites of England where the ‘Gaia-and-tribe Reconnection’ projects were initiated in 2007, I have decided to finish the work I started there! Look at the courses below, which include a private entrance to Stonehenge on the Easter weekend, and you will be drawn to one or more of them if it is part of your path. Since saying in the October newsletter that I felt my original guidance about the Avebury Stone Circle was no longer relevant, I have had second thoughts. I am waiting until my March & April workshops there are complete, as I know the guidance will come about where I am meant to be at the winter solstice when we work with the energies in these places at that time.


There is a new channelling from the Brotherhood of Light called ‘Teachings from Atlantis’ – either on YouTube here or read the transcript here 


Namaste dear Light tribe! ‘The Light in me sees the Light in you’.

Love love love

Solara An-Ra, Goddess of the Light

UK Cell: 0777 881 7359




Activation in the Light Portals of Avalon
Including private entrance to Chalice Well Gdns
& The White Spring

Solara An-Ra on top of Glastonbury Tor - Wearyall Hill in the distance

Sunday 18 March: 8am - 4pm

I have been guided to lead all who are called on this sacred pilgrimage to some of the key sites of Avalon (the 5th dimensional name for Glastonbury) - stunningly beautiful, sacred places - if you haven't been to Glastonbury before or spent time connecting with the vortex energies here, this is the way to do it - with your Light tribe! The early start is because this is the only way we can have private time in Chalice Well Gardens - and it is worth it, to be in this precious sacred garden in the early morning with the birds, believe me.

This is a continuation of the Gaia-and-tribe projects which I began in 2007 which includes the sacred power places of the Avebury & Stonehenge landscapes, and which is culminating in this momentous year of 2012. (Some of you will be drawn to be part of both this day and the Avebury-Stonehenge course on the 6 - 8 April - see here.)

In these projects, we work with the Light grid at power places outside on the land - in the process activating the dormant codes in our Light bodies & dissolving blocks to being our fully Christed selves. What we do in each site is led by my guides - we will sometimes be guided through a meditation, we will sometimes receive an 'activation' ... and we will always be given clarity on why we are there, what we are achieving, and how to assist our planet and tribe from that place.

There will be roughly 1 hour of walking in total on this journey - none strenuous, although the path up the tor is steep (but it isn't as bad as it looks - it only takes 15 minutes to get to the top!) We will break for tea in Chalice Wells at 10am (bring your own snacks) and for lunch in town from 1 till 2.30 - if you want to use the free time to look at the wonderful shops, there is a wonderful bakery where you can buy a delicious pie very cheaply rather than having a sit-down meal. Let me know if you want to eat at a restaurant with me and I will book a table for us.

Private entrance to Chalice Wells & The White Spring Cavern is included in the price
Entrance to Glastonbury Abbey (£6) not included

Activation in the Light Portals Workshop: £88
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Concession Price: £66
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If you are travelling to Glastonbury, B&B suggestions here & here


 Guidance from the Star Councils of Light

channelled through Solara An-Ra

Mon 19 March: 7 - 10pm

Glastonbury Assembly Rooms: High St  Glastonbury BA6 9DU

A wonderful evening of connection with both your human Light tribe and the Pleiadian, Sirian & Andromedan Star Councils who are assisting us to transition into the Age of Light. Solara An-Ra will channel guidance from the Star Councils, whose purpose with us is to help us remember why we have chosen to incarnate in these magical and yet challenging times.

There will be plenty of time for questions from the audience - a wonderful opportunity to receive answers and higher guidance on the matters of ascension, 2012, and our spiritual evolution.

If you are travelling to Glastonbury, B&B suggestions here &


Free Equinox Celebration In Glastonbury!
Tues 20 March: 1.30pm - 4pm

email to say you are coming

We will meet at 1.30pm at the City of Light Experience, in order to walk to the 'Space of Love' land (15 minutes walk) to start the ceremony at 2pm: -

The City of Light Experience, The Archangel Michael Centre,
1 George Street (Cnr Northload Street), Glastonbury BA6 9JH

The Spring Equinox is an extremely powerful time to initiate new projects and to set intentions for the year ahead. Your intentions are made more powerful by gathering with your Light tribe - the people of Mother Earth - to join in joyful, sacred ceremony. Our celebration will also be an initiation of this sacred 5 acres of land which has been gifted to the City of Light project.

As always, there will be a fire, drumming in of the 7 sacred directions and loads of fun with your Light tribe! Bring crystals, drums & your sweet selves!

If you are travelling to Glastonbury, B&B suggestions here & here


Below: Blessing the 'Space of Love' land on the 11th of February



Atlantean Reconnection Skills - Avebury/Stonehenge

Easter Weekend: 6 - 8 April 2012

3 days with Solara An-Ra in the Sacred Landscape of Avebury
(including private entrance to Stonehenge)

Join Solara An-Ra and your Light tribe for 3 days of meditation, channelling & activation in the glorious Goddess landscape of Avebury & the powerful vortex of Stonehenge. Solara has worked for many years with the energies in these place of power, helping others to harness and work with Gaia's energy flows and reconnect with Her in the way our ancestors did. We will learn how to activate our Light bodies & Connect with Star Beings & guides - assisted by the energies of sacred stones & ancient groves of trees.

(2 nights accomodation not included - see below)

2 part payment Avebury/Stonehenge April 2012: £111 deposit
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Full payment: Avebury/Stonehenge-  April 2012: £222
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  • Friday 6th: 2 - 5pm: meet at the Red Lion Pub in Avebury first gathering of our Light tribe in the stone circle
  • 7 - 9pm: Full moon Celebration in an ancient grove of trees
  • Sat 7th: 10am - 4pm: Working with the energies of the sacred stones, portals & leylines in Avebury
  • 7 - 9pm: preparation for Stonehenge
  • Sunday 8th: 8-9am Activation at Stonehenge - private entrance. After breakfast, working in the sacred landscape surrounding stonehenge
  • 2pm - 4pm:  Return to Avebury for closing circle

We will lift share to some sites - please let me know if you will have a car and are able to offer lifts (petrol costs will be covered by those sharing the ride.)

Private Gaia-and-Tribe Entrance

A maximum of 26 people are allowed in on any single private entrance. I have booked the entire 8 - 9am slot on the 8th of April so we will be on our own - an absolute treat!


Transport: It is possible to catch the train from London to Swindon, and a bus from Swindon to Avebury. Please say if you can offer a lift from London or elsewhere.

Accomodation not included: Unless you are local, you need to book Friday & Saturday night accomodation in Malborough for this course. I am looking to get us a group discount.