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October 2011 News from

Solara An-Ra
Goddess of the Light

Singing OM NEELAMA SHANTI with my beautiful Light tribe at Lake Moraine, Alberta

Greetings of love my dearest Light tribe of Gaia! What a journey I’ve had over the last 2 months...

The journey wasn’t so much about the places I visited in 3-D - although Maui & Canada were of course both awesome in their own very different ways. More significant was the shift in consciousness that I underwent, which led to my early retirement as a ‘Warrior of the Light’ and the ongoing process of my shift into ‘Goddess of the Light’. More about this later ...

All of my Canada courses were wonderful - we opened a massive Light portal in lake Louise; an event so joyful it is still in my dream-time – and the initiation of the sacred stone circle on Ezeriel’s land was similarly stupendous!

If you want to look at photos of all these journeys, I have them up on Facebook rather than my site – click on ‘photos’ on the left-hand side and you will find the separate albums. I do encourage any of you who have resisted Facebook (as I did for many years) to join up – because it is your intention to receive only LIGHT connections that makes this so on this website - I am converted!

Aside from the 11.11.11 in Sedona (news on that coming in a separate letter soon, along with a message from my guides) – I am in London until the end of the year. I have been guided to do weekly classes in West Norwood, gathering Light tribe together, and to make these free to 22 year olds and younger. All Indigo & Crystal Light children, I am calling to you – along with all the rest of you, of all ages!

I am also gathering Light tribe for a wonderful pilgrimage to the sacred sites of Avebury on the 23rd of this month - a landscape so dear to my heart, as the place of my initiation into a world-wide reconnection journey across our precious planet. Details on both of these below and on my website.

Namaste! ‘The Light in me sees the Light in you’.

Love love love

Solara An-Ra, Goddess of the Light

UK Cell: 0777 881 7359


Courses & Events 2011

Oct 13: (7 - 9pm) Energy-Breathing-Psychic-Ascension-Meditation Lesson -
London SE27

Oct 20: (7 - 9pm) Energy-Breathing-Psychic-Ascension-Meditation Lesson -
London SE27

October 23: Gaia-and-Tribe Reconnection – Sacred Sites of Avebury, ENGLAND

22, 23 October: Awakening to your Soul & Star Family with Amuna (not Solara) – Brixham, Devon UK

Oct 27: (7 - 9pm) Energy Lesson & END OF MAYAN CALENDAR Celebration - London SE27

Nov 3: (7 - 9pm) Energy-Breathing-Psychic-Ascension-Meditation Lesson -
London SE27

Nov 10: GROUP-LED Meditation Lesson (Solara in Sedona) - London SE27

11.11.11: Free Gaia-and-Tribe Ceremony - Sedona, ARIZONA

Nov 12-13: 11.11.11 Gaia-and-Tribe Conference - Sedona, ARIZONA

Nov 14: Meditations in the vortex points of Sedona with Solara An-Ra


Lessons with Solara An-Ra

Free for 22 year olds & under!

Thursday Evenings: 7 - 9pm

Chai will be served at 8.45pm - you are welcome to stay til 9.30pm to chat with new friends :)

Knight's Hall, 23a Knight's Hill, W. Norwood, London SE27 0HS
1 minute from West Norwood Train Station (leave from London Bridge/Victoria)

First class: 13 Oct 2011,
last class: 22 Dec - Solstice Celebration

No class on Nov 10th:
I will be in Sedona for the 11.11.11 - an opportunity to meet up, play some guided meditations and run the class yourselves

These lessons will include psychic experiments, how to open your third eye, working with crystals, meditation, breath techniques, posture, mudras, grounding, healing & dancing! You will learn to control & boost your energy, connect with your Lightbody, bring yourself into peace and balance & be more IN THE NOW! Your participation will raise your vibration and accelerate your path.


If at all possible book 3 lessons. These techniques build on one another, and continuity helps! All payments in advance please
Please put a note on your paypal payment saying which dates you are attending

Concessions are for students & unemployed
22 year olds & under are free - but you must still email to book your place please!


Details & payment here


 Gaia-and-Tribe Reconnection
Pilgrimage to the Sacred Sites of the Avebury Landscape

Sunday 23 October 2011: 10am - 4pm

I will stay in Avebury for dinner - either a picnic on Silbury Hill or dinner at the Red Lion Pub, depending on the weather - you are welcome to stay for this also

Join Solara An-Ra and your Light tribe for a wonderful day of walking, meditation, channelling & activation in the glorious Goddess landscape of Avebury! Solara has worked for many years with the powerful energies in this sacred place, helping others to harness and work with Gaia's energy flows and reconnect with Her in the way our ancestors did.

We will visit Silbury Hill, West Kennet Long Barrow, Swallow Head Spring and the great stone circle itself. There will be a couple of hours walking in total, so a certain level of fitness is required. Please wear good shoes and bring a waterproof jacket, packed lunch and water.

Starting point at 10am: the Red Lion Pub car park in Avebury Village (the only pub in town - you cant miss it!

Transport: It is possible to catch the train from London to Swindon, and a bus from Swindon to Avebury. Please say if you can offer a lift from London or elsewhere.

Details & payment here



Love love love

Solara An-Ra, Warrior of the Light

UK Mobile Number: 07778 817 359