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Solara An-Ra's July 2011 News, Photos, YouTubes & Message from the Star Councils of Light! 


Namaste my dearest Light Tribe of Gaia!

My guides have asked me to film and present a series of free weekly 'lessons' on energy control, breath & meditation techniques - I will put a new one up every Sunday – apparently you need them to stay balanced, happy and in your power! The message from my guides at the end of the letter refers to these lessons and the skills which I am teaching, which cultivate awareness of your own energy/Light and how to increase and use it. Take part in the first one here

I have put up four YouTubes since the last newsletter, from Peru, Bolivia & Glastonbury: –
Charging Crystals for Light work - ISLAND OF THE SUN, BOLIVIA
Gifting Crystals to Water PERU 2011
Sacred Altar at Sorata, Bolivia
Little Grandmother & Solara An-Ra - STEPPING INTO YOUR POWER!

If you go to my channel you will always find the latest videos at the top of the page

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My journeys with Light tribe this June through the sacred sites of Peru & Bolivia were as hectic as they were wonderful! It seems to be the way at the moment - that we are sometimes called to endure physical hardships; to work through our emotional 'stuff' and let go of it quickly; to move through our fears and any obstacles that are placed in our way courageously - and in all ways be open to the acceleration in our evolution with no resistance.

Some of my group were held up between borders and diverted because of the strikes in and around Puno, some were laid ill as clearing of their bodies took place, and some were challenged on a physical level when we were asked by the Councils of Light to walk many miles on rocky terrain to achieve our goals, often uphill and at high altitudes. Love and thank you thank you, dear Peru & Bolivia participants, for the bravery and determination you demonstrated at every turn - the rewards in terms of the Light work we achieved were phenomenal – and it was also tremendous fun!

(Peru & Bolivia photos below)

And so it is! Namast
Message from My Guides

Councils of Light we have been named. Our mission, certainly, is to increase the human’s ability to hold Light - and now is the time when you discover that your ability as humans to hold Light is directly in proportion to your ability to perceive your own Light. For without this ability to perceive the Light within your physical and energy body, and to control it - why then, you are simply speaking of theories!

The theories of love and Light, these have been taught through all religious texts, and in your modern day Mystery Schools also - but their practical usage has been limited by your limited understanding of yourselves as the agents able to use these forces to transform your worlds! You have the perceived the agents of love and Light as outside of your selves, in the form of the Saints and Masters; the Gods and Gurus of your time. Now comes the moment of truth, when your knowing that YOU are of the highest Light is put to the test! And it is in the practical usage of Light that we encourage you to experiment now - for when your Light is strong, you are more powerfully able to transform your world through the force of love.

Think on this for a moment now, dear Earth people. Think for a moment on whether you are able to perceive Light within your own physical body. By ‘perceive’, we mean see, feel, touch – even taste and hear, with your physical sensory apparatus. The Light we refer to is PRANA, the energy of which all in the universe is composed – the energy which originates from Source itself. You are aware, we assume, that Source energy is creative in its essence and nature – and that Prana is therefore the God-Goddess essence which created all which is visible and invisible also on your planet.

And so, you are made of Prana, of Light-force - we feel that all of you can accept this fact. But can you feel and see the Light-force of which you are made? Can you tell when this force is low, and is in need of a top-up? Do you know how to top it up – how to recharge your Light-force when you are low in energy and Light? This is the matter at hand – this is the purpose of the ‘Lessons’ which we gift to you now through Solara An-Ra.

It is time to learn your energy A-B-C’s dear tribe of Terra, so that you take control of your own Light-force. Replace your scientific understanding of ‘life-force’ with the concept of Light-force, and you will come to understand that the Age of Light which dawns, dawns only because YOU recognise yourselves as beings of the Light - and more importantly still, it dawns as you increase your ability to hold Light, and to use this power to spread Light and awaken others.

Babaji, the Christ-child of India, works with us through Solara An-Ra to awaken you to your powers now. You will learn, like the yogic masters of old, to hold sufficient Prana in your bodies that you are able to transcend the need to breathe through the physical lungs. You will learn to use your breathe to move into transcendent states of bliss. You will learn to control your energy and Light bodies; to contract and expand your Light as the situation demands. And thus will you step outside of the sphere of influence of the manipulators entirely – you will be fearless Warriors of the Light that are the new leaders of Gaia.

And so it is! Namaste.

Courses & Events coming up with Solara An-Ra ...

Sat July 16: Opening to Channel Course - London

Sun 17 July: Private Appointments with Solara An-Ra - London

Sun 31 July: Free Meditations with Solara An-Ra & the Star Councils - White Rock BC, Canada

Sept 9,10,11: Awakening Your Light Body -  Vancouver, Canada

Sept 16,17,18: Opening the Portals in Lake Louise - Banff, Canada

Noon Sept 23: Free Equinox Ceremony - Calgary, Canada

Sept 24, 25: Opening to Channel - Calgary, Canada

Nov 11-13: 11.11.11 Gaia-and-Tribe Conference - SEDONA

Dec 2,3,4: The Goddess Arises: Tantric Workshop for Women  - Hawaii



HOW cute are those Cusco goats??? :)

Peru: after our blessing with Queros shamans

Sunrise meditation at Machu Picchu

Morning Mists in Machu Picchu

In the 'mouth' of the puma at Saqsayhuaman

Angel being blessed by the shaman

Don't be tempted to do this when in Saqsayhuaman!  In this photo I'm about to go next and I fractured my sacrum - the landing is very hard!d:)

On the boat with our lovely Aymara guide Sirus

Magical Moray - underworld Entrance

In the ancient Incan town of Ollantaytambo with the children

This flower hat wins over mine any day :)

On the floating Islands of Uros

Gail gifting her Atlantean crystal to Lake Titicaca



Sorata, Bolivia with our ‘magician’ shaman

My Bolivia Light tribe at Tiahuanaco the day after the Solstice