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Solara An-Ra' s
March-April 2011
YouTubes & Channelling 


My dearest Tribe,

The March Equinox is nearly upon us – DO NOT let this sacred occasion go by without celebration!

I have a list of word-wide events here My guides have asked us to practise the 7 directions meditation in preparation for the 20 March.
Download or read it

My guides' message about Divine dispensations is at the end of this letter. Watch the YouTube from Your Heart's Home in Sedona here.

I will be back in the UK for the whole of April & May, and have many exciting events lined up in that period! First and foremost, the Starseed Convention in Stockport, Cheshire, 16-17 April, in a wonderful hotel in the mountains with full spa facilities! See the attached poster and also the info below – please forward to all your friends!

 I am leading meditations classes at Balham therapy Rooms from April 6th. Special offer of £55 for 3 classes.

Pre-book these here.

I am also putting on four of my exciting & fun new 12 Chakra Dance events in London on April 8, 22,May 6, 20.

Book those here.


Star being Connection Workshop

Starseed Convention: 16-17 April 2011
Moorside Grange Hotel in Disley, Cheshire

Full Weekend including Sat & Sun workshops, Sat accommodation & meals: £270
To register please email Ladan Ratcliffe at:
Make payment with PayPal
Sunday Workshop with Solara An-Ra only: £77 Make payment with PayPal

Day 1 - Sat 16:
Talks by Nick Pope (M.O.D.) & Richard Lawrence, author of ‘Ufos and the Extraterrestrials Messages’.

Sat Evening: 8 - 9pm:
Sound Activation to open a Star Portal in Moorside

Sun 10 am til 5pm: Star Being Connection workshop with Solara An-Ra

Solara An-Ra has been channelling en-lightening information from guides since 1998, including Ascended Masters, Earth-keeper ancestor and Star Beings. In 2007 after an energy activation in South Africa, she started channelling the Pleiadians, and she brings a Pleiadian sense of fun and joy into all of her work as a spiritual teacher.

She now works with the ‘Star Councils of Light’ – a collective of Andromedan, Sirian and Pleiadian guides who tell us repeatedly "The time is now!" They stress that we are in a critical period of Earth changes and evolution that require us to realise that we are in charge of our destiny. We are creators, whose challenge right now is to heal ourselves and our Mother Earth in order to step into the New Age of Light!

In this workshop Solara An-Ra will channel her guides, who explain what ascension actually means, and what is happening as the fifth dimensional energies become accessible on Earth. They teach us techniques to handle the transition with greater ease and joy, and explain the purpose of making a connection with them at this time.

The Time is Now!


Moorside Grange Hotel in Disley, Cheshire

Moorside Grange Hotel & Spa is one of the Peak District's best kept secrets and indeed one of the most popular hotels in the Peak District. Situated on the edge of the Peak District National Park, minutes from Lyme Park, where the BBC’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’ series was filmed, this popular Peak District hotel is set in an area of outstanding natural beauty with panoramic views and a familiar country house feel throughout its unique public areas and 98 cosy guestrooms and suites. Despite its unspoilt location Best Western Moorside Grange Hotel & Spa is still only 30 minutes from Manchester city centre, 20 minutes from Stockport, 15 minutes from the spa town of Buxton and just a few minutes from the town of Disley.

To compliment this Peak District hotel’s relaxed atmosphere and breathtaking views, it also boasts an impressive Triangle Health & Fitness Club, complete with ‘child free’ area to help you unwind along with an indulgent Tri Health & Beauty Salon, making the Best Western Moorside Grange Hotel & Spa the perfect choice for a an indulgent spa break or indeed a relaxing weekend break in the Peak District.

12 Chakra Dance Events LA/New York/London

25 March: Shekinah Temple, New York
8, 22 April, 6, 20 May: West Norwood, London

7 - 9pm: Dance
9 – 10pm: Stay later to share & chai

In these wonder-ful evenings Solara An-Ra channels her Starbeing guides and leads you on a journey of rediscovery of your full chakric system. Join her as she leads you in both seated and dance meditations to wonderful uplifting music. Solara An-Ra brings this way of reconnecting  with your Light body through movement from the Pleiadian Emmisaries of Light  - this is a letting go of the old concept of dancing and a stepping into loving and connecting with your body through the chakras - an alternative, conscious spiritual clubbing experience!

It also brings energy awareness - how to feel and move with your aura/ energy body, how to tune into the chakras above and below your body, and how to connect them in such a way that the 12 strands of DNA  coalesce in your physical cells! The time has come to dance our way into bliss and freedom! The time is now!

$20/£15 in advance- $25/£20 at the door

Book here


Message from My Guides: Divine Dispensations

Pleiadian Council through Solara An-Ra: March 2011

Pleiadian Council is with you to cheer you up, for we can feel the vibration of fear, doom & gloom which pervades so much of your Earth reality now. It comes to you through your news programs; through a form of indoctrination which we have spoken of often - for those who have been in power would like you to believe that this time of transition is difficult; that it is impossible for the Earth to heal Herself at this time; that there are not sufficient resources on your planet for you to survive. But this is not so!

We speak of the concept of Divine dispensation. Many Divine dispensations have been given to your planet and your people at this time. This means that we - the Star beings & the Ascended Masters and the Councils of Light and the Galactic Federation of Light - have previously not been allowed to interfere in your reality, for your reality is designed as one of free will in which you must create your own reality and you must heal yourselves. But because there has been such interference on your planet by those who would control and use you - by those who have used the resources of the Earth unwisely and who have encouraged you to believe that you are human gods who hold sway over all plant and animal and Earth kingdoms - because the interference has been to such an extent that you are in crisis now – and because at some point it was seen into your future that you would not be able to raise your consciousness as was designed within the Divine plan for Gaia at this particular time in your space-time continuum, it was agreed throughout the multiverses that assistance was needed. And this assistance came in certain forms.

First, it was decreed that the Christ Consciousness or Unity Grid be placed, be manufactured as such, around your planet. This is a consciousness grid, which essentially allows you to raise your vibration NOW into that of the One Heart; of the Universal Unity Consciousness, so that you experience yourselves as one with all others including the Star beings. This grid has been placed around your Earth in order to dissolve the negative and restrictive nets which have not allowed you to understand that you are Light beings, entirely able to move through dimensions and create your reality at will.

There are also Divine dispensations in place regarding your karma – for it is no longer deemed appropriate that you work through the karma that you have accumulated through the many many Earth lifetimes which you have experienced - lifetimes in which you held the Light and lifetimes in which the dark pervaded your soul (and there is no judgement regarding this). There is no time for you to play out these dramas now. The time you are in now is one of awakening – and awakening is the only thing that saves you now.

Awakening means that you need to let go of all of the thought transmissions that have been seeded into your individual society and global consciousness - the thought forms which cause you to be in separation, fear, anxiety, defensiveness and competition. The very thought forms and belief systems which have caused you to be at war with one another. This time of awakening is therefore one in which there have been Divine dispensations regarding your karma. It is still true within the present time that that which you create and put out will be returned to you – this is the fundamental Law of Attraction – and this is still in place and will always be throughout the Universes. But on this other level of the karma residue from other lifetimes, it is possible for you to simply let go of these karmic contracts. It is possible for you to simply choose that the only karma, the only aspect in which karma works within your individual life has to do with what you put out now – has to do with who you choose to be now.

It is a time of breaking down, and it is a time within your personal lives in which if you do not choose to wake up; if you do not choose to take control of your own life and reality; if you do not choose to connect once again with the animal, plant and human beings on your planet, your life will be difficult. The more you are stuck in fear and in density; the more robotically you switch yourselves off from your true light selves by sitting in front of your indoctrination devices, your televisions – the more you choose this reality, the more difficult your life wil be.

For it is a time of awakening! And through awakening, through choosing to realise once again your true being-ness of Light and your connection with all other things in your world, and your ability to have and create that which you choose from your heart – it is this which saves the day, it is this which allows you to move forward with grace and ease and joy! And this is not a difficult task, is it now? To choose joy over fear; to choose freedom over bondage; to choose to move within the eternal flow of love which is the energy of the Source; Mother-Father God. This is not a chore, is it now dear humans?

And in anticipation of your Universal awakening, that we may be in communication fully with you once more, we bid you Namaste. 

Love love love

Solara An-Ra, Warrior of the Light

US Cell no: 858-531-8449

Equinox: Reconnecting the Codes

in the in the heart-opening Pleiadian Pyramids of Palenque!

15 - 21 March 2011

$444: includes 6 days of meditations, channelled
guidance & activations with Solara An-Ra.

Not included: food & accomodation in El Panchan. These are all very cheap however -
see below. Also, the shared cost of a jungle guide, optional trips, etc.
For flights, travel info & optional extra trips, scroll down

I have been asked by my guides to go to Palenque for the March Equinox, in order to complete the work I began there 2 years ago. Palenque is considered by Drunvalo to be the new  third eye chakra of Gaia. We will spend 3 days in the ruins themselves, to truly enter into the energies of this amazing  heart and third eye opening Pleiadian sacred site, connecting in particular with the Sun and Moon temples.

We will be guided as to how to  communicate with the Light Beings who hold the energies in the temples, and how to reconnect our codes with the energies available there. We will also explore the stunning jungle in Palenque - walking up rivers, finding waterfalls and connecting with Gaia and her creatures with the help of a jungle guide. There are also many optional trips available from El Panchan - to the amazing Agua Azul waterfalls, Mayan villages, etc.

I am planning to stay in the cabanas at El Panchan (see below), a rustic complex of huts and buildings in the beautiful tropical jungle, with rivers running through the land. El Panchan is walkable (or a short collectivo bus ride) from the ruins itself. There are howler monkeys in the trees, beautiful birds, frogs & lizards - and believe it or not, not too many bugs!

I absolutely loved it there 2 years ago - you will meet travellers from all over the world , the restaurants are very reasonable, with a wide variety of food, and there is an internet cafe, etc - but this is not a luxury trip! Your cabana might have a lizard living in it, whether you book one with a bathroom or not! :)


ABOVE: Waterfalls. Mayan imagery & big trees at Palenque!

Don Muchos Restaurant & some cabins in El Panchan

El Panchan Accomodation: I believe it is better to just turn up than book, as you can see what's available and which type of cabin you prefer. I stayed in one of the $8 cabins with shared bathrooms at Jungle Palace last time, because it was right on the river. But you can book using the number below if you prefer!
El Jaguar is up the road from Jungle Palace/Chato's Cabanas/the restaurant, nearer the ruins themselves but I believe it is walkable to both. I cant tell from the information and what I’ve read if El Jaguar is any smarter than Chato’s – I think it’s much of a muchness.

Rooms with Bathrooms, per night (El Jaguar or Chato's Cananas): Individual Cabaña: 200 pesos ($17) Doublé Cabaña: 250 pesos ($21) Triple Cabana: 300 pesos ($25)

Book by phoning 0052 1 916 109 2829 Tuesday to Sunday between 8 am & 3 pm

Optional extra trips/activities: From El Panchan it is possible to do daytrips to: -
  • The ruins of Yaxchilan & Bonampak
  • Misol Ha & Agua Azul waterfalls/rivers
  • Lacandon communities nearby
  • To participate in a 'tesmascal' - the Mexican version on a sweatlodge

For more information on this trip and to book see here