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Solara An-Ra’s

September 2009 Newsletter


Loving and joy-filled greetings dear tribe, in this beautiful Autumn of apples and blackberries in England. A message from my guides and news on the final Reconnection course in Avebury further down - but first some news and dates!

I’ve put 2 new meditations up on my website as a gift for those Goddesses bringing the new Children of Light onto the Earth plane now!
Blissful Birthing Breath (10.30 mins)

This most simple breathing technique has transformed thousands of women's experience of labour and birth. Slowing down your breath and keeping your primary focus INSIDE and with the beautiful wave-like rhythm of your breath allows you to move into a trust, bliss and connection with your body and baby. In part 2 you connect directly with both your body and child through mantra-type affirmations and positive visualisations

Part 2: Affirmations for Labour (9 mins)


September Dates for your Diary!

9 Sept: The London 9-9-9 event is fully booked - please note those of you coming that the nearest train station is STREATHAM HILL, not Streatham. Those of you doing your own thing I encourage you to do the CONNECTION WITH GAIA'S ASCENSION GRIDS Meditation below (free to download) with your friends, families or even on your own that day - there are thousands across the globe joining in! Many are doing it at 9pm GMT which is 10 pm in London.
Connection With Gaia's Ascension Grids (12.42)

The new electromagnetic grid of Gaia is being made by the Light workers incarnated on our planet now – members of the Order of Melchizedek who work with the Councils of Light to assist our ascension. Through connecting with this grid while in our Higher Self state, we awaken our third eye chakras. We awaken the dormant codes within our auras, which reconnect our Light bodies. We are able to send healing information and energies through the grid to our human tribe and to Gaia herself. Connecting this electromagnetic grid with the Christ Consciousness/Dodecahedron grid 60 miles above the Earth assists in awakening all those who slumber still.
From CD 'Ascension - The Time is Now'

August Reconnecting The Codes

Maggie's private sunrise from Silbury Hill

Guess what happened in my third and final crop circles weekend this year? We encountered ... not a single crop circle!!! NADA! Everyone was very good humoured about it though - and it gave us time to connect very deeply with the sacred sites around Avebury. My connection with this blessed corner of Gaia grows stronger every time I spend time there. On this visit I channelled the ancestors and guardians of the land in several places, the power and beauty of which brought tears to my eyes.

Our first activation was at Knoll Down - commonly considered the 'tail of the serpent' according to William Stukely's revelation of the Stone circle-plus-2-avenues as a 'serpentine temple'. A respected druid I'd encountered on Silbury Hill 2 weeks before had given me his theory about this spot actually being the head rather than the tail - and mentioned the 3 'birthing pits' there. Maggie managed to find the pits, and we had an amazing communal experience of the ancestors - and particularly the women - all seated in the heart of the deepest pit.                                         

We were instructed by my guides on the first day to be 'thrice initiated into the balance of masculine and feminine' - through the Adam & Eve stones, the last remaining stones of Kennet Avenue, the Michael and Mary stones in the Southern inner circle, and the famous 'Cove' of the Northern inner circle. At the Cove I channelled this - concerning the builders of the Stone Circle:

We remind you now that the pictures in your mind (that are stimulated from recreations you have seen of those who worshipped at these temples of beauty influence you to think about the ancestors in a particularly old-fashioned human way. And this is not the case – send your mind back to Atlantis and Egypt in times of old - and remember that the advanced civilisations then looked not at all Neanderthal or primitive - and understand that the Pleiadians, Sirians and Andromedans were absolutely pivotal and instrumental in the creation of these stone temples! Where else has the technology come from, than from the Star nations?

For you understand, living in the third dimension, how difficult it is to place such large objects with the technology that is presently available to you. And so, understand that there is no difference between these stone temples and the greatest of the pyramids on your Earth plane, in that it was the Pleiadian-Sirian-Andromedan Alliance, and assistance from those who chose to help in the times of transition – it was these who assisted and gave the technology and awareness of how to make portals and inter-dimensional temples!

A different culture was there here, certainly. One who was connected with the Earth, sun, moon, stars and Earth energies in a more paganistic or Earth-centred way - from which the Druids did descend. And this (stone circle) therefore looks different from those cultures who chose to work with a different type of mathematical precision. Nevertheless were these temples aligned with the stars, with the seasons, with the pivotal times on the Earth – and nevertheless were the Equinoxes and Solstices celebrated at the pyramids and the stones.
Adam & Eve

The Cove


We were also asked to be outside for sunset and sunrise as much as possible - and for 3 days we managed every single one! Being outside on the land in these beautiful places really increases our ability to connect with everything - the core crystal of Gaia, your energy body, the heart of our Galaxy, guides, ancestors and our hearts. And the extra power of being up early - leaving at 5.30 am each morning to catch the sunrise - was phenomenal!

Sunrise on Adam's grave


Sunset at West Kennet Long Barrow

  Sunrise in West Kennet Avenue, where my guides led a 'Drumming Chakra Rap' meditation.

I had great fun doing that - I hope the receivers felt the same at 6 am!

Charging up from the Heart Chakra of the Initiation Stone - pure early morning Gaia magic.




The 'Hedgehogs' - place of devic mystery




Overlooking the 'Manger' - the feeding place of the 'dragon'


One of our activations was at Uffington White Horse - and as it was school holidays there were loads of families around. We separated ourselves as much as we could - but while I was channelling 2 little boys came and sat nearby watching us.

One said 'What's she doing Tom?' and got the answer from his brother, 'Sssssshh, she's speaking to Jesus!' It was hard not to giggle!

My lovely crew - our closing circle in the tent ... and me back home in my apple tree



I leave you with a message from my guides, channelled on the Reconnection Course.

The Star Alliances

Feel the power of the sun dear ones, when you consciously connect with him – the great Grandfather within your realm, as he has always been known. You sit on the Mother and receive energy from the Father  – these 2 archetypal forces are lead to your reawakening or reconnection – either term is the same.

They are synonyms in this case, for in the reconnection within your DNA and the codes that have been dormant within your energy body – so you are reawakened. And as you are reawakened within your mind, body, spirit, soul and emotions to the reality now on earth, so you are fully reconnected, that you may see through the veils.

We elucidate that ‘seeing through the veils’ is no longer a metaphor used by the mystics. We ask you now to notice when you see through the veils – when you hear or read words from the manipulators that are meaningless to you; when you see through the lies; when you see through all ploys which seek to induce fear or distress or powerlessness within you - you are in that moment seeing through the veils.

When you look within your city environment and see the beauty of Gaia all around, you are seeing through the veils; when you stand in your truth and your knowledge when lies and distress and chaos are all around, you are seeing through the veils!

You uncover for yourselves secrets now that very few understand - by tuning into the energies of the power places on Gaia, and allowing insights to flow through you in an experiential way rather than intellectual – for it is not necessary for you to 'back things up' in order to prove things within your community.

Simply wake up to the energies and make your own conclusions! In the waking up you automatically wake up those around you. You awaken not only yourselves but the land, and you stimulate – initiate if you like – your ability to wake up others. We repeat often that those drawn to Solara An-Ra are drawn primarily because her assistance in their waking up allows them to do the same to others.

And so, if you like, we give you responsibility dear children, dear brothers and sisters of ours. We give you this responsibility which is no burden but will be the greatest joy ever in your lives – which is that you are able to wake others up! You are able to teach others new ways of being! Not necessarily through formal teaching but through your changes, through your transformation. It will flow naturally through your line of work, whether your work is overtly spiritual or not! This division between the spiritual and non-spiritual will not exist soon - you move into a time where all is blended.

We see these changes with great joy – and with tears of gratitude we say to you YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME! Speak your truths dear ones. Open your minds and hearts in unison that you may be your higher selves. You may be your higher selves always by staying in integrity, by combining through from your third eye to your heart – and by operating from this place.

In great love, the Star Alliances wish you a very blessed - Namaste.

Satya, my Pleiadian Guide also gave us instructions on how to cleanse and charge crystals.

View this if you are interested here.