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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!


Sedona, Mount Shasta & Mexico trips 2010

(Message from my guides below)

Sedona 2010

Sedona is just a WONDERFUL place, I fell in love with it at first sight! Our group of Light tribe were guided to assist the vortex sites in reconnecting with each other, as the settlements in the valleys have disrupted the natural energy flow. We did meditation and toning at sunrise each morning, at the 'Airport Vortex' (which my guides named Sa Nu Ra-a) and grounded into the great core crystal in the beautiful Schnebly Bowl.

I have been guided to put on an 11-11-11 Gaia-and-Tribe Conference, set in the magical multi-Vortex energy of Sedona! There will be a free ceremony & gathering on the day of the 11-11-11, followed by a 2 day experiential workshop. I have been guided to bring Western teachers together with the indigenous Elders of the tribe, to share their wisdom with us. The intention is to reconnect with  each other and our Mother Earth through the opening of our hearts, and together learn ways to make our transition joyful, rather than painful.

This is a conference with a difference - it does not consist of talks /lectures only, but will involve your participation. We will meditate, practice consciousness-raising breath techniques, spend time in the beauty of the red rock mountains, and share our loving energy with each other!

Mount Shasta

The 10-10-10 Ceremony on Mount Shasta was wonderful - over a hundred of us singing and toning to assist the crystals of Gaia in their awakening! (See part of that ceremony here.)

We made a connection the day before with a group of Indigo Light tribe who were camping on the mountain. We shared songs and lunch with them , and their sweetness & innocence was so heartwarming.

My Trip to the Yucatan Peninsular of Mexico

I took a month off teaching to do some writing in Mexico, and ended up not writing a single word. How on Gaia did I imagine it was a good idea to go to the BEACH in the middle of Summer, in an exotic and exciting location, to work on my book??? I have now put November & December in London aside for that purpose - a lovely damp, gray, English Winter is surely the more sensible option! You will be recieving the fruits of this labour of love soon!

The Yucatan is a treasure trove of ancient cities, ceremonial sites, natural wonders and beautiful people. The fierce (& sexy!) Mayan warrior with me in this photo was of course offering his posing services for tourists - but when he invited me to sit in the shade and chat with him to recover from the blinding midday sun, I discovered that he was from a line of 7 generations of 'brujo's (similar to witch doctors in my homeland South Africa) and that he had actually  been brought up in a Mayan village in the jungle. My trip was filled with experiences like this - opportunities to let go of my usual judgements and be open to what was in the moment.

Ek Balam, the ancient city of the 'Black Jaguar', is one of my favourite sacred sites. The photo below is the view from the top of the North Palace temple, which houses the amazing frieze of winged Star beings and tantric devas (right).

I filmed a channeling in Ek Balam about the Star beings who had built the temple city, which I was very excited to make into a YouTube - but the Universe made my video camera just disappear at the end of that day. What felt initially like a 'disaster' turned out to be a huge blessing, as it meant that I let go of 'producing' and my responsibility to my tribe for a few weeks, and turn inwards more. When something difficult presents itself to me these days, it doesn't take long for me to pull myself out of the drama and think 'Whatever is happening, I trust it is for my highest good.' When I let go of the drama and wait in trust for the situation to resolve itself, I am shown over and over again  that I have been served for my highest good!

While in the Yucatan I felt compelled to go to a commercial dolphin park, without knowing why. I thought that perhaps as the dolphins were raised in captivity it wasn't as cruel as dolphin lovers believed it to be - and I knew there would be a love exchange between any dolphins and myself when we met each other. In any event, I wasn't expecting it to be traumatic!

The first thing which surprised me was that our phones and cameras were taken off us before we entered the pool area. I soon caught on that the official photographers were there to capture the whole thing, and that we were likely to be stung afterwards if we wanted any record of the experience.

As I entered the pool with 5 others, I was repulsed by the state of the water - it was literally like a warm 'pot of piss!' There were wavy lines which made the water murky and I instantly felt a wave of compassion for the creatures who lived there permanently, rather than in the huge beautiful ocean I had been swimming in every day.

We were immediately told exactly what to do and what not to do. To summarise - 'Don't take your life jackets off or swim. Don't interact with the dolphins or make any moves you are not told to as this will confuse them. Most importantly, look at the camera when you are instructed.' We were stood in a line, and one by one went through a 7 step process in which we made a certain hand gesture or body position in the water, which caused the dolphin to react in a certain way.

I was first in line for the first act, which was the dolphin 'kiss' pictured. It wasn't a kiss at all - I was told to hold my hands forward one on top of the other, and the dolphin reacted by touching my cheek. 'LOOK AT THE CAMERA AND SMILE!' shouted the guide, which I obligingly did - and when I brought my one hand up to stroke the beautiful creature was instantly told off - 'Don't move your hands, you'll confuse the dolphin!'

As I watched the other 5 go through the same routine I started to cry. I couldn't believe what was happening! The strangest and most disturbing aspect for me was that the other 5 people didn't find any of this puzzling or upsetting! Surely we could have just swum in the pool for 45 minutes and let the dolphins come to us if they wanted - wouldn't this have been a much more meaningful and enjoyable experience for everyone? The poor guide was harassed as he was obliged to get these 6 people through the 7 step process of 'Dolphin kiss, dolphin jump, dolphin ride,' etc' in a restricted time, while ensuring that the filming and photographs were good enough to make everyone want to buy the  $80 'package' before they left!

I decided to stick it through to try and communicate with the 2 Star beings as much as I could in the time I was there. I streamed my unconditional love to them continuously and asked if they could communicate with me. They told me that they were in fact not so much unhappy as they were bored. They accepted their situation, but were frustrated that the humans who came to be with them were mostly so asleep that they didn't even try to communicate. They said that they had chosen a life in the waters of Earth in order to assist humans wake up, but that most of the ones who visited weren't willing to try.

Most importantly, they said they were experts in long-distance communication & healing, and that any humans could send and receive messages and healing to and from them, wherever they were. In fact, it was only the communications that they were already participating in which kept them from being miserable! And so my message to you now is - send your love and messages to the dolphins whenever you think of them - and you will feel their love coming back to you.

I went to Tulum for my last week in Mexico, and discovered a part I didn’t even know existed when I visited last year. I was blessed to stay in my friend’s utterly magical hotel, La Zebra ... the view in the photo below is from my bed! I totally fell in love with this area, and as a result I’m offering the ‘Rejuvenation Retreat’  described above in  early April  2011.

My guides spoke often about my rejuvenation on this trip – just from being in and with the elements. When I went to Tulum I thought it was only going to be for 2 days, and therefore listened to my guides when they told me not to take my computer.

The Universe then conspired to keep me there for a week, and I only realised at that point that my computer (and my emailing) WAS one of the addictions my guides were telling me I was there to let go of! We need to have some periods when we really do totally let go of communications and the busy-ness of life and just REJUVENATE.

Message from my guides on manifesting a love partner

All of you on Earth are in the business of manifesting your reality in every moment, whether you are aware of this or not. This is because your thoughts and beliefs and the emotions which accompany them; all of these are literally drawing into your lives your circumstances - your relationships, where you live, how abundantly money flows through your lives, the state of your physical health, your home conditions and what you do for work. Every element of your Earth life is controlled by this, and although many of you now understand that ‘positive thinking’ and attempting to choose your thoughts and beliefs more consciously will assist, many of you are unable to achieve the results that you desire.

There is this aspect of expectations and intentions which we wish to address. Let us be clear – expectations are those thought forms and ‘thought packages’ within your consciousness which are concerning the result, the end result of any particular endeavour or thing which you wish to manifest. Your intentions are related to this but are different, in that they are concerning what you desire, rather than the pictures of what the outcome will be.

And so let us choose an example – let us choose your relationship with the one dearest to you – in other words your partner or love relationship. Let us say that you are on your own, and now you make the intention to have a partner, and you decide that you wish this partner to be spiritual, to be like minded and hearted - to be ‘on your wavelength’ in other words, which means ‘of like vibration.’ You wish this partner to be loving, to be affectionate, to be attractive, and with a good sense of humour. Is it not that this is like a personal ad in your newspapers? And so you set the intention that you will have a partner of this kind.

Now, what are your expectations, that lie behind this? Your expectations are that you will marry this person and have children with them. Your expectations may be that you will live in a certain way with them, and you make pictures around this. Your expectations are that they will fulfil your every desire, and that you will be happy and no longer lonely, that you will be complete when you are with this one.

These expectations mean that you do not allow the magic of the Universe to work with you – and the magic of the Universe is that in order for you to be happy with that love partner, it may not materialise or manifest in the exact way or time that you think would be perfect for you. And so perhaps, making it more broad and general, you might wish or have the intention for a love partner, and that you meet them and are with them at the perfect time and place for your highest evolution and for the highest good of yourself and this other soul.

(And your longing to be completed by another person is erroneous entirely, for it is when you feel complete within your own being that you attract the correct person towards yourself! You then allow love to flow between the two of you as a sharing of your gifts and your sense of autonomy, of completeness within yourself, and you do not desire that this other must give you things that will make you happy – you simply share your happiness with this other one.)

And so we say that perhaps, in regards to close relationships, it is better that your picturing is more abstract, so that they do not need to be tall or short, they do not need to be fair or dark; they do not need to live in one particular city or another, or to have one occupation or another. You simply desire and have the intention that the perfect person for you on your spiritual path is manifest in your life at the perfect time for your and their evolution.

Things are not as they have been on your Earth plane. Things are shifting in every way and new paradigms are being seeded. And in this example of Earth love relationships this is very much so, so that in the letting go of old ways and concepts of how a relationship should be, you will be more successful at attracting towards yourself one who is in perfect harmony with you; one whose vibration is of a match to you. And so we simply point out that some of your expectations and the pictures in your mind regarding these expectations, do not always serve you.

Being clear in your intentions about the most important aspects – those being that you are able to stay in your heart; that you are able to be joyful and free on the Earth plane; that you are able to move forward within your chosen path, which means that you are using the gifts that you bring into this lifetime to their full effect, and spreading your light as a light warrior on Gaia now - these are the most important aspects within your manifesting, are they not?

They must underlie all you manifest – the clear intention to be a beacon of Light; to use and share your gifts; and to be in joy, to be in joy, to be in joy within your chosen paths.

Our love is with you! Namaste.