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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!


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Dearest Light Tribe, I am streaming the light of the rishis to you from the gorgeous ruins of the Maharishi Mahesh Ashram in Rishikesh, India ~ where the Beatles were inspired to write most of the lyrics for their 'White Album' in 1968.

I have spent the last 2 weeks in the awesome Himalayan outpost of Rishikesh, close to the source of the sacred Ganges river, which is said to have descended from heaven onto earth through the matted locks of Shiva. I have been blissfully immersing myself in the Ganga, practising pranayama and taking part in communal Aarti rituals at sunset.

During this time, I have been guided to offer a new STARSEED BLUEPRINT ACTIVATION retreat/workshop for May 2017 ~ one that many of you will be called from your hearts to attend. The earlybird offer expires on the 31st of March.

The Time Is Now!

Starseed Blueprint Activation

A 6 day Retreat/Workshop with Solara An-Ra
on the Sacred Isle of Ibiza

6 – 12 May 2017

6-night residential @ Casa Solara, including food: 777 euros
(Early-bird: 666 euros if paid in full by 31 March)

The time is now for STARSEED BLUEPRINT ACTIVATION ~ a raising of frequency through all levels of your energy field, leading to the unlocking of codes which allow your original star-seeded blueprint to actualise in your 3-D reality. 2017 is the time-window during which this is possible on a global scale.
It is difficult to achieve a significant frequency shift on your own, and without taking TIME-OUT from the everyday world. You are invited to join with Solara An-Ra and a group of soul-star family in the beautiful setting of Casa Solara on the sacred island of Ibiza, where an interdimensional portal has been opened for this very purpose. The Time Is Now!

This retreat includes: -

·      Healing, activating and integrating Chambers of Light

·      Personal guidance on your soul purpose

·      Delicious, rejuvenating vegetarian food

·      Sunrise-Sunset-Beach meditations/walks

·      Starseed family connection


Bookings and more details here!

Love love love,
Solara An-Ra
Magic Weaver for Gaia