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January 2017 Meditation & News

Ascension Activation Meditation

Listen to the meditation here

Read the full transcript (English/French/Spanish here)


Dearest Light Tribe,

We are in a portal of acceleration in 2017 ~ particularly in the first 6 weeks, during which we are asked by the Star Councils to do the meditation above as often as possible, IN SERVICE to our tribe and planet. In summary:

1. Place a crystal (clear quartz or amethyst or selenite) on the centre of an altar, either in your home or outside (perhaps making a medicine wheel outside for this purpose).
2. Call the Light of Source into this crystal daily & visualise the crystal igniting into a flame.
3. Activate your Sacred/Higher Heart Chakra in the upper chest, visualising a gentle pink light expanding into your body, aura and greater light body.
4. Staying in this energy of unconditional love for all beings, visualise that you are holding hands in a great circle that encompasses the whole planet, which includes every man woman and child on Terra.
5. Send the unified Christ Consciousness energy from the circle to the Ascension Grid 60 miles (100km) above the surface of the planet, watching it ignite into a pink/turquoise crystalline energy.

Every step in this practise uses the accelerated time window to it's full potential, to raise the collective consciousness of our tribe, assisting everyone to raise their consciousness and WAKE UP! The Time Is Now! Love and thank you thank you thank you for your commitment to be of service!


And some more personal news, for those of you who like to follow what's happening to me in 3-D ... my guides have been telling me for a looooong time that if I didn't finish my book, it wasn't possible for me to start the next phase of my life. They said: "In the telling of your story you come to completion, dear one. You birth a new chapter - a well-deserved immersion into peace and integration." And - an even more tantalising 'carrot on a stick' promised after the completion of the book - was the arrival of the long-awaited MAN in my life. Peace, integration, a partner .... the assurances given for my future kept me going through the difficult, sometimes torturous process of finally getting 'Pleiadian Emissary to Gaia' to print in November 2016!

In the final chapter, having written a lot about my sexual healing, relationship-pattern healing, and so on, I felt obliged to inform my readers that my future beloved had not yet arrived on the scene - and to relate my guides' message about his imminent appearance!

They assured me: "You are IN the flow of this manifestation, and THE TIME IS NOW in which we celebrate with you the union with a beloved, who has waited for as long as you to fulfil this contract. Your union is destined in the stars; it is not - like others you have experienced - contracted within this 3-D existence. Rather, it is decreed from the dimensions of light and sound, where souls recognise each other through vibration and soul purpose."

"How embarrassing", I thought as I typed these words, "if the right man doesn't ever turn up in my life! What would I say to people who asked me about it, years after reading the book?" It can be hard to trust that there is a partner out there when you've been on your own for so many years ... so many doubts and fears lurk in the subconscious.

But exactly one month after the book was published, my knight in shining armour miraculously appeared. I met Gino while wondering down a small alley in the town of Pai in the northern mountains of Thailand, following a sign that read 'Art in Chai.' The chai shop never materialised - the sign had mysteriously been pushed into pointing in the wrong direction on that evening - but the tall French man who offered to help me find the shop was far more interesting than the chai I was after! The story of how our journey together is now unfolding is full of beauty and divine synchronicities ... and perhaps I will share more as time goes by. For the moment I will simply express my infinite love and thanks to my guides, my Higher Self, and to the universe for hearing my call! He was worth the wait!

I would love to see more of you here at Casa Solara for one of the retreats or workshops I'm leading this year.
Follow the links if you are guided to!

18, 19, 20 January:  Multi-Dimensional Healing Intensive

May 6 - 12: Rejuvenation-Nature Immersion Retreat

June 17 - 23: Solstice Samadhi-Bliss Retreat

Aug 31, Sept 1,2: Opening to Channel ~ Solara An-Ra

Sept 5,6,7: Multi-Dimensional Healing ~ Solara An-Ra

Love love love
Solara An-Ra
Magic Weaver for Gaia