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Solara An-Ra's April-May 2010 News!

Dearest tribe of mine, as I enter my Mayan transition into my 'Wisdom Years' on my 52nd birthday, on July 24th this year, I am making a momentous change! My work in the Americas over the last few months, and the guidance  I  have received from the Star Councils of Light has changed me in a fundamental way. I am connected more deeply with Gaia in her transition, and I am naturally being drawn to travel even more in the lead-up to 2012 to work with groups in sacred sites around the globe. In  this work we are reconnecting the Light Grid which was initially put in place by the priests and priestesses of Atlantis, which results in our own reconnection and empowerment!

As a result I am officially moving into nomad status by leaving my home of 17 years  in London on my birthday, giving the family home back to my dear friend and ex-partner Jeremy. My travels and workshops in the next 6 months will take me to Amsterdam, Avebury, Stonehenge, Mexico, London, Sedona, Los Angeles, Mount Shasta and New York. After that I'm not sure where I'll be - but my plans for 2011 include leading groups in Egypt, Australia, Canada, Avalon-Avebury, Machu Picchu in Peru,  Tiahuanaca in Bolivia,  & Arkansas! How blessed I am to be on my path as a Warrior of the Light!

In the same vein ... I am just back from a wonderful Gaia-and-tribe project in Stonehenge. This project plus the ones to come later this year, are in response to the message I received from my guides when I first went into the stones on a private entrance in 2009. They said, 'It is your task, as already intuited, to bring people together to sing the land alive. Amongst those temples and places within the land that you visit (in England), that have been assisted and awakened through the Light workers present, this one is the most dormant and most in need and there are myriad reasons. 'But it is indeed a part of the key of the Avebury Ascension Portal. As has been spoken, it is not exactly the transmitter which awakens the energies of Avebury, but it is necessary to heal damage perpetrated here, and as has already been intuited the damage is below. Crystals are not needed within the Henge, but the love is, and the toning. Namaste.'

May we together sing our love into blessed Gaia wherever we are on the planet!


Coming Up in May-June! (Follow the links to book)

I am doing my first ever Meditation Teacher's Training Course - more teachers and leaders are needed as we make the transition into the Age of Light! I will do this course in New York in October as well.
Take note that I have changed plans for the Summer Solstice, and am leading a free ceremony at Uffington White Horse  in Oxfordshire (on Dragon's Hill!) at midday on 20th June.
I am thrilled to report that there are no less than FOUR teenagers booked onto the Meditation Course starting May 19th ( 1 space remaining) - so if you have a child aged 16 or over, this is an amazing chance to get them started on their path!

May 15: Manifesting Your Dreams - London

May 19, 26, June 2, 9: Foundation Meditation - Balham, London

May 29/30: Opening to Channel - London

June 5: Manifesting Your Dreams - AMSTERDAM

June 11: Stonehenge Private Entrance

June 20 (midday): FREE SOLSTICE CEREMONY: Dragon's Hill, overlooking Uffington White Horse

June 23, 30, July 7, 14: Meditation Teacher Training - London

Sacred Trip to Peru

My first Sacred Trip off this continent in March was just AMAZING, full of surprises, activations, beauty and joy! I have made the channellings from the trip available on the CD Star Councils of Light - Channelled Messages from Peru. The messages came from the Manu/ Great Spirit of Lake Titicaca, the underground worlds, Andromedan, Sirian and Pleiadian Councils of Light, Galactic Federation in a Light Ship in Moray, Jesus Christ at The temple of Sacsayhuaman in Cusco, and from hosts of Angels and Ascended Masters on the Island of Amantani at the Equinox!

You will follow our amazing journey as we were guided to open our hearts and third eyes, enter the Star gate portal of Ajayu Marka, and connect the Light grid between the places we visited and Machu Picchu.
Buy the CD here


The gorgeous people of Peru

Mountain scenery on our way from the Sacred Valley of Machu Picchu, down to Lake Titicaca

Smudging Junie before entering a sacred cave in the Temple of the Moon, Cusco


The multi-dimensional Star-gate of Amarja Marku


The original home in Cusco of the Golden Solar Disc of Peru - now at Lake Titicaca

Our welcome Ceremony with the shamans

The floating island we visited on Lake Titicaca

Below left - an 'angel' which appeared in  the sky of one of Saul's Equinox ceremony photos! Even though it seemed on close inspection that it was caused by a camera fault, we still feel it's an angel - there were hundreds of Light beings with us that night!

Around our camp fire in the Sacred Valley - looking into the night skies for Light Ships








Our happy tribe of Light Warriors on Amantani Island with our host family 'mothers'

HUGE love and thanks to all those who shared the journey with me, to the Star Councils of Light,
the shamans of Peru, the ancestors, Father Sun and Mother Gaia/Pachamama!

My new Meditation CD

Hooray, the new CD is finally out! This is the one I was originally was going to call SAMADHI - included are the Third Eye-Pineal Awakener, the advanced form of Alternate Nostril Breathing, a Prana Confidence Meditation, and brand new versions of the much loved Sacred Heart & Essential Daily Practices meditations.

Essential Deepening Meditations

Awakening the Third Eye,
Moving into Unity Consciousness

This is Solara An-Ra's best meditation CD ever, containing the powerful techniques she has been teaching in the 'Ascension Now' & 'Vertical Connection' workshops. Many of these are tantric techniques which strengthen & balance the 2 primary forces within the body, the Shakti (Divine Feminine) & Shiva (Divine Masculine) energy streams. Bringing these 2 forces into balance leads us into Samadhi, the blissful state of enlightenment, also called Unity/Christ Consciousness.

These are enjoyable, practical tools to help you shift into the fifth dimensional frequencies. THE TIME IS NOW!

Essential Deepening Meditations CD (Europe): £14.50 (incl P&P) Make payment with PayPal
Essential Deepening Meditations CD (Outside Europe): £16.50 (incl P&P) Make payment with PayPal


Medicine Wheels Web of Light!

I was sooooooo touched and thrilled to hear from all of you who made Medicine Wheels across the globe, in response to my guides' request before the March Equinox! Cynthia Kendall has made a stunning Medicine Wheel on the edge of her mountain land in Boulder, Colorado, and had 33 Warriors of the Light celebrating with her at her very first Ceremony!


Chris and Cindy of the tribe of St Louis made this wonderful Wheel (left photo) on their land which they have named the
Open Heart Sanctuary. Their ceremony was preceded by a healing project on the Mississipi River that was instigated by the Councils of Light when I was there in February this year. Not only was that project joyful and powerful in their own experience, but residents of the area have reported an actual change in the colour of nearby tributaries of the river from muddy to clear turquoise!
Kate Deakin on Vancouver Island, Canada, sent this photo of their ceremony (right), which sounded so joyful.
Aletitia's Medicine Wheel on a mountaintop in Namibia ...... and Debra's wheel in Spokane, Washington


Laura Pocket has named her Medicine Wheel in Hanham, England, the Sapphire Blue Dragon Medicine Wheel, and has even made a website to go with it! You can access that here.

Be sure to look on my site here for Solstice Celebrations near you on June 20/21, and contact me if you wish to be added to this list.

Anyone who printed out the information from my site on HOW TO MAKE A SIMPLE MEDICINE WHEEL & HOW TO LEAD A CEREMONY, I would greatly appreciate it if you sent it to me - this has mysteriously vanished from my site and i need to re-post it!

Message from my Guides - Lake Titicaca: March 2010

Dear children of Terra, look around you with eyes that are opened like the eyes of a child, in order to see the beauty and wonder once more – for if your eyes are not open in this manner, how will you save yourselves and your dear planet? There is a way of looking at your world where you filter out that which you would not see,  and filter in that which you would see. Even in the city on a day when it is gray and the rain falls, even in any adverse circumstances, you may always find something of beauty to focus on.
And you may always connect with the 4 directions – with all that is above and all that is below and in your heart centres. We stress this, the connection through the sacred 7 directions because it is an incredibly powerful way to reconnect yourself. You cannot reconnect your DNA and your 12 chakric system without this practise and experience of connecting yourselves with the Father Sun, with the Mother Earth, and indeed your heart temple.
There is a temple inside your chest which holds energies that you may access in order to go into bliss. And the trick dear ones, is to first connect yourselves with the 4 corners of the earth, with the core crystal, and with the centre of the galaxy. This is how we have taught it - and then you begin, through your prana tube, to breathe energy into your hearts, aware of this great golden energy of clarity, of the prana which the yogis have always worked with. They do not do lip service – they work with these energies which have been made known to them. And prana of course is all around you at all times, but more accessible and powerful in a place such as this, which is beauty personified.
Some of you have places which are special to you, whether this is a corner of your garden or a more dramatically beautiful place, but it matters not – it matters only that you open your eyes to the beauty and make the effort to connect with your Sun and your Earth as so many of you do at this time of the March Equinox.
Simple are these ways, and yet profound. With great love, Namaste.


Love love love, as always!

Solara An-Ra, Warrior of the Light :)