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Solara An-Ra's January 2010 Newsletter
A Belated HAPPY NEW YEAR my dearest tribe!

The new year starts for me at the Winter Solstice, rather than on New Year’s Eve – and this last Solstice in Glastonbury was just WONDERFUL! I was overwhelmed at how many travelled long distances through the snow, so soon before Christmas, to join in our Gaia-and-Tribe celebration! Pictures and story further down.

New Website!

As you might have noticed from the new format of the email, I AM SENDING THIS FROM MY NEW WEBSITE!!! How exciting is that! Let me know if you have any problems with the new site – it is organised in a slightly different way, but all the same information is there, just have a mosey around. The new email address on the site, for all correspondence about courses, bookings and CD orders is So much love and gratitude to David and Carola Derpsch for their wonderful work – they are available to do your website here!

Solara An-Ra Video: Talking on 2012

Friday 29th Jan 2010 on

8 pm UK/GMT, 9 pm CET, 3 pm EST

In this talk for Kedar's livestream 2012 channel I give my views on 2012 and how we can prepare ourselves for the great changes which have begun already. I look at our attitudes, our future, and give down to Earth advice on changes we can implement NOW.
I have 2 new youtubes up which feature live channellings which were filmed during the 2012 talk.  I was totally bemused to find myself channelling with my eyes open at the end of the first  Andromedan transmission - which only happened because Kedar had told me that I MUST look at the computer occasionally to see if the video was still working. I opened my eyes slightly twice to check, and after the second time my guides said 'Hey, just open your eyes anyway Solara An-Ra, you can do it!'  Apparently I can! :-) The second Pleiadian Channelling is in word form at the end of this newsletter.

Watch the 2 new channellings here

New Moon Meditations

The New Moon Meditation which was initiated by John Henstridge in France was so successful that we're going to continue to do it every month! I always used to focus on full moon for group meditations, but having started 2010 with a real focus on INTENTIONS and using our group focus to create peace and unity on our planet, it seems only appropriate to reconnect with that intention every new moon, which is the prime time for setting new intentions. Remember also that the time of New Moon is when the starlight (which activates us) is most powerful – so if you are able, it's even more powerful to be outside to do these meditations and connect with our brothers and sisters in the Light!
Next New Moon is Valentine’s Day, and we’re going to do the OCTAHEDRON OF LOVE meditation!  I will send out a reminder the week before.

New Meditation for you!

I dont always feel like sitting still in my morning meditation. This tantric dance meditation from my upcoming CD 'SAMADHI', based on the 2 primary tantric energies, the shiva and shakti forces, is a WONDERFUL joyful way to start your day! Use your body and particularly your arms in any way you choose to move these energies through your body . Do a graceful chigung type movement - or go crazy, it's up to you!

Solar-Lunar Dance Meditation (5.40 mins)

This wonderful tantric dance allows you to experience Shakti and Shiva, your Divine Feminine and Masculine, perfectly balanced within you.
With your in-breath feel the Goddess arise within your body. With your out-breath invite her partner Shiva down to your root. Magnetic Shakti energy brings power up to your higher chakras. Electric Shiva energy moves down to enlighten the lower chakras.Listen to your breath. Feel the prana, the sacred life force within your breath.
As you relax and tune into your breath afterwards, feel the energies still blissfully coursing through your body.



Winter Solstice in Avalon




This year Light tribe gathered once again in the mystical Isle of Avalon, the Heart chakra of Gaia in England, for a Winter Solstice celebration. For our ceremony we were given permission by Juliet Yelverton to use the field which belongs to her Healing Waters Retreat Centre, where we were blessed with this beautiful view of Glastonbury Tor! 

We were smudged and cleansed at the start of the ceremony, and the energies of our sacred circle were activated and sealed by Armukara and White Buffalo Woman drumming their beautiful rhythms inside and outside our space.

The Winter Solstice marks the transition out of the shortest day and longest night. Below you see our Solstice fire as it was lit to welcome the return of the Light. We were so blessed to have Father Sun shining his Light down on us throughout the ceremony!
White Buffalo Woman graced us with her beautiful songs and drum, and we drummed, sang and danced to the elements, the Goddess presence in Avalon, our great Sun-Star and to Gaia herself.

Dancing to White Buffalo Woman's 'North, South East & West' song

Urtema led us in a crystal activation meditation, which nearly blew us all off the planet! We then held the crystals we had brought with us up to the sun to charge them with the special heightened energies that were present. I will never forget that moment - all of us in silence, watching the solstice sun reflecting through the crystals! We will all hold these crystals with us until we meet again at a Gaia-and-Tribe-Reconnection event.

Robeena Sky with her crystal. She has held it up to the sun every day since our ceremony!

The sun streamed down on us to warm our chilled tootsies as we trekked back up the hill to wend our ways home. The feedback I have had from the celebration has brought tears to my eyes. When our tribe gets together with a united intention to raise our vibration and reconnect with each other and our blessed planet, the love and joy which is ignited is palpable and overwhelming!
So many friends and connections were made and so much love was shared. Love and thank you, thank you, to all who came, and to those who joined us in their thoughts and hearts and in their own ceremonies!
New Year’s Eve Ascension Now evening was no less exciting, as 40 of us connected in London to welcome in the year of 2010. We listened to the Star Councils of light, danced the sacred God and Goddess energies alive in our bodies, and generally raised our vibration through the roof! The smiles of some of the Angels pictured here says it all!

Message from my Guides: The Pleiadian Councils of Light

This is a great and sacred time period that you are entering into, Earthlings! You are chosen ones. You have been chosen to stay in your biological physical bodies while transmuting your cellular nature into LIGHT! This is not possible for most beings on planets.
Firstly, we remind you that your physicality is greatly coveted and envied by the Star races – by those who are less physical than you. They remind you – we remind you - to enjoy your physicality while you have it! And we do not imply that it will be lost, it will simply be optional as you transcend into the higher dimensional frequency. This is happening already – you do know this, most of you, through your experience.
It is true that the Winter Solstice of 2012 is a time of great, inestimatable power. It involves the synchronisation and alignment of your planet; your solar system - with the star of Maya, from which the calendar has come. We remind you that the Mayan nation, which transcribed this great calendar and the coded information in it, in the lands of the Maya - this great nation was inhabited by Pleiadians!
They were not only influenced by the Star nation, but the Pleiadian tribe from this Star within the Pleiadian system, from Maya, which is one of the 7 sisters, were on the Earth at this time. Knowing that you would come to this point in your evolution, and seeding this in the stone tablets, that you would discover it in time, and play the game of ...
Look at the future date in order to create your present reality!
This is what has been spoken of regarding manifesting – that you, with your imaginations and intentions, will create pictures of what you desire in the future in order to bring them into your reality in the present. This is magic! Magic is what you humans are all about, and yet you have forgotten!
The children do not forget so easily – they understand magic, and their imaginations are still wild and free. We ask you to look to them rather than attempting to control them. Look at the results of the taming of you dear people by your parents, by your schools, by your religions, by your governments, by your societies at large. you have been tamed, you have been dumbed down, you have been like sheep!
And in your awakening now, do not do this to your dear little ones – treat them as the precious jewels that they are, and listen to their stories, and let your imagination run free with them! And indeed, follow them as they tumble down hills and scream in joy! Allow yourselves to be more like children.
In every way it is the movement towards a life more simple  that is desirable. More like the children. More like the indigenous ones - these who were connected with your great Sun-star, with the stars above and the systems. These who were intimately connected with Gaia and her energies. These who were connected with each other as a tribe. It is because of this that we use this term through Solara An-Ra – tribe.

Gaia-and-tribe connection. This is the business at hand!
We wish you love and great joy in your journeys dear ones! We feel your joy – your opening at our words and our energies! The Pleiadian Councils of Light wish you Namaste.

Love love love,

Solara An-Ra Warrior of the Light