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Solara An-Ra's

August 2008


Greetings Light workers! My new CD is finally out – hip hip hooray! Contact me if you want one – I will soon have a paypal button to pay for CD’s/courses online.



There is a free Bank holiday Monday Meditation in Avebury on the 25th:
Meet at the Red Lion Pub car park at 12 noon (It’s the only pub in Avebury – you can’t miss it!). We will walk towards Avebury Trusloe to find the centre-point of the ‘Sacred Diamond’ that has been activated through the Avebury Earth Healing Project this year.

All are welcome – bring a picnic! You will be back at the car park by 3pm, so you have time to explore the latest crop circle and/or the stone circle before you head home!

Please let me know if you want to come – 07778 817 359
This is me looking extremely chilled just after sunrise in this amazing 3-D diamond crop circle on the morning of the 10th of August.




Aside from the plethora of hard evidence that most crop circles are not man-made  (sure, some of them are),  you have to FEEL the energy in these sacred geometry formations to make an informed opinion on their validity!
Also, the beautiful swirls and waves in the way the crops are laid down to make the shapes could not possibly be done with planks! My pictures below show this (although this diamond circle was already a week old, so there is some damage from the people who’ve visited it, & the wind and rain.)



Not all of them have a strong energy in them – but the experiences I’ve had in a few of them this year – my first official year as a ‘croppie’ – have had a profound affect on me. 2 of my favourites of the year so far, energy-wise, are below. (I think Bert Yansen’s photo of the 4-directions formation from the ground is stunning – that’s a field of barley you are looking at!)



The ‘8’ or ‘infinity’ formation below, formed on the 08/08/08 – was absolutely MASSIVE (those tiny dots are people in the middle!)  I slept the whole night in it, in one of the centre circles, on the 10th August. I survived the rain, tucked up in my sleeping bag inside my ‘bivvy bag’ – and was rewarded with the glorious sunrise you see below.



In the morning I channelled the following:

 “The infinity symbol in which you sit radiates out north and south, east and west, in perfect symmetry. It is indeed ‘the work of the Gods’ - but these Gods are no longer inaccessible. The creative source which allows the perfect geometric symmetry to unfold is within us – and we access it through our consciousness rather than through our brain processes – and it is this that appears to be MAGIC to those who study these perfect shapes.
There is meaning and intelligence untold in these shapes, and it would serve you well to study them. The study of the sacred geometry will transform your consciousness and unlock codes within you. The painting of these sacred shapes will unlock their mysteries one by one.”
Ok, that’s my crop circle ravings for the year! Next year I will be offering 3 day residential courses in the sacred Avebury landscape, so that we can reconnect ourselves in the crop circles and in the power spots that abound around there – the Divine Heart Chakra of our blessed planet. I suspect the courses will be related to the ‘Sirian-Pleiadian Connection’ which I am now channeling.
Finally, if you haven’t yet seen this video-clip of a brain scientist talking about the right and left brain after suffering a stroke, it’s really worth a look!
Love love love,
Solara An-Ra xxx