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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!


Monkton Wylde, Dorset 


The stunning old Rectory House of Monkton Wylds in Dorset, England


We meditated indoors and out - beside the stream, and in the groves of ancient trees



Shipley - Awakening the Light Body


Ilkley Moor, where I received the 'Om Nyaliman Shanti' Mantra to awaken our third eyes & see through the veils      

Rose, Sheila, Ladan, Maggie, Paul, Solara An-Ra Yvonne & Keka



Monkton Wylde - Connection Meditation

Our happy connection Crew



Our final sacred altar - which set the fire alarm off whoile we were at lunch! Oops! :)



The beautiful fire space at Monkton where we shared songs and stories