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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!


Readings with Itzak

Itzak is a natural 'soothsayer' who's skills hail from his Atlantean heritage. He is able to see your past, present and future potentials, and thus may be able to help with: -
* Perspective with your life situation and how to bring it back into balance
* Who your guides are and how they can assist you
*  How to remove past life or karmic ties that no longer serve your highest good

77 euros per hour session
In person @Casa Solara (Ibiza) OR by skype/phone/email / 0034-660-102-113


Come to beautiful Mora Valley, New Mexico
Sept 29,30 Oct1,2

To Deepen Your Dance with your Soul's Mission/Purpose
for which you came to Earth.

All participants will be teachers in a powerful container. 
Elements- Profound Council Process~ Ecstatic Dance~Sweat Lodge~Sound PlayShop~Community Living on beautiful land identified as major grid point that houses Hummingbird Intentional Community.
More info here


Jeremy Colledge: Super CHI GUNG Classes

& Chigung Teacher Training in London/Bath

      Jeremy's Classes: Qigong exercise helps you to recapture your life force energy. It will allow you to live a long and healthy life. £10.00 per class (drop-in/1 hr)  Discount scheme for a bulk purchase of lessons.

Jeremy Colledge  

07808 738 520 



Psychic Readings with Tatanka Nehweh

I recommend her for sessions via phone/skype/email or in-person

Also offers Theta Healing, Reconnective Healing & The Reconnection       +1 (416) 831-8164 


Kim St Claire - Animal Healing & Massage

Animal consultation provides pet owners with assistance in solving common health and behavioral problems. Consultations with Kim St. Claire can help you prevent and solve your pet's health and behavior issues successfully while teaching you how to self-manage your animal friend's health and well-being.