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11-11-11 Stargate Transmission November 2009

Connection with our Sun-Star Meditation (soon available as a free download - I need to rerecord as the sound quality is compromised)

"Your Sun holds the light of the Creators love, and connecting with the Creative Source through his Light assists in your ascension process. "


Written version

The 11:11:11 star-gate refers to the 11th day of the 11th month, in your year of 2009 which holds the 11 frequency. The energies present on this day bring an opportunity for heightened connection with Source. The Councils of Light ask you to use this opportunity to connect upward with the great mind of your Sun-star. For your Sun holds the light of the Creator’s love, and connecting with the Creative Source through his Light assists in your ascension process.

Close your eyes, and breathe deeply now. Settle first into your own physical bodies, through your breath. Move into a place of inner connection. Experience connection between your spirit and you body through your breath.

Send your awareness, with love, deep below into the heart of your planet now. Send a grounding cord from your belly, spiralling down through the beauty of inner Earth, into her magnificent crystalline core. You are one with Her now. The 2 way flow of love and energy between your body and the crystal core of Gaia allows trust and bliss to arise.

From this grounded place, focus on the Sun’s Light. Experience this light as shining directly on you now, streaming towards you and radiating light through your body and aura. Feel immense gratitude for this light now – that light which allows all life on your planet. The light which calls the seeds to spring forth from the soil, which entices the leaves to unfurl. The light which calls the trees to reach their branches upwards to the skies. The light which kisses your skin and warms your bodies, even in Winter, even in the hours of the night. The light which ripens your crops and gives life to all fruits and vegetables you love.

As you expand your consciousness in gratitude for this light, start to connect with the consciousness of the Sun-star himself. Just as Earth is your life-giving mother, Sun is your life-giving father. He is a sentient being – a Being of great magnificence and higher consciousness. The time has come to connect with him directly, in reverence and gratitude, as was done by your ancestors.

Send your love and gratitude directly to your Sun-star now, along the great beam of Light which you feel or perceive streaming into your body and aura. As you do this, you start to connect directly with the mind of your Sun. Let go of all fear of the sun’s rays now, for this has been implanted in some of you in an attempt to disconnect you from sourc

Allow yourselves to travel towards the sun now, along the great beam of light which connects you and Him. Come to rest in His great aura-emanation and allow his intelligence to activate you now. Allow him to show you his portal-like nature, so that you understand that in the future you will be able to move through his body and emerge into a different dimension, without harm.

Your sun is your portal or doorway into higher dimensions. Source energy streams first through the heart of your galaxy, and then through the portal of your Sun, directly to your planet. This energy is heightened now – there are waves of heightened energy streaming towards your planet now, and the solar flares which are detected by your scientists show this clearly.

Staying connected with the great mind of the Sun, move back into your body now, and bring your awareness to your grounding cord. Feel the 2-way love flowing between yourself and Gaia below you. Feel love energy flowing between yourself and your Sun-Star above you.

Your Sun holds the light of the Creator’s love, and beams it down to you continuously, day and night. Connecting with Him, in a state of love and gratitude, assists your connection with Source, and therefore your ascension into the light.