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Channelled Message from an Earth Keeper & Satya, a Pleiadian Guide

From the BBS Radio show, Tuesday 16 November 2010

In answer to the question from Trish in Oregon: What is the significance of finding feathers?

An Elder of the White Feather Tribe

I am not ‘White Feather’ – but of the White Feather tribe. I come to you dear one, for you are not physically far from where my tribe sat in council, and from where my original tribe communed beside the river within the forests of Oregon where you live.

As you know, our tribes were individuated physically by the feathers that were chosen to be worn in their head dresses, so that different tribes might be recognised by their different head dresses and the style of their garments. There were also particular feathers used as adornment on our attire for special ceremonies and for rituals. According to the status of the members of the tribe, more precious feathers were allowed to be worn, to give honour to important elders and leaders.

We were connected to all beings on Earth – not only birds, but all beings - living, crawling, sliding and flying in our skies. We studied their habits respectfully, and indeed the wisdom passed on to the children from the elders included much that had been learned from many years of observation and communication with animals.

We came to understand the particular skills and gifts of different species of animals, and learned to communicate with them and learn from their ways of being. Thus the different birds were valued for their different gifts and skills, and a sighting of that bird or a feather found from that bird had a particular message for the receiver. Some were omens – omens of a good hunting trip or a good marriage in the future – and some were personal messages about a focus which was needed for that person, or something to be avoided.

In these times, most humans are not connected with the winged or crawling ones in the same way. But you are given messages from the birds nevertheless, as you are experiencing Earth child. I will let our Pleiadian forefathers speak now, to further answer your question. For I am locked in the sands of time as I show myself to this channel now, and a more contemporary understanding is needed. I say farewell.

Satya of the Pleiadian Council

Dear Light Beings, in these times of shifting realities on the Earth, there are many helpers and guides who send messages of love and encouragement to the ones who work with the Light! They see when you are in need of encouragement, and send you number synchronicities – we have spoken before of the double and triple numbers. We send feathers also, to light your path, and indeed to remind you that you are Angels yourselves, Angels working for the Divine transition now in progress!

We ask you to make adornments with these feathers now, as this elder of the tribe of the Americas has spoken of. Perhaps not head dresses, as we do not wish to embarrass you in front of your friends and family - but you may string feathers in colourful ropes to adorn a fence which needs cheering up, and you may make feather fans to use with your sacred sage for smudging.

You may show your gratitude to the winged ones in this way, and always remember them and their purpose in the third dimension – which is to show you an example of freedom and access to other worlds. This is where you are heading dear ones – into a world of freedom and the ability to shift dimensions at will and access other worlds. And we are here, with you, on this joyful journey. Namaste.