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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!


10-10-10 Message from the Star Councils of Light!

Instructions for 10-10-10 Gathering 

The Councils of Light have given us a beautiful Sound Activation focus to use for our 10-10-10 gatherings, below. The Unity Consciousness Meditation which is optional in the first instruction can be listened to or downloaded here

Gaia & Tribe 10-10-10 Crystal Sound Activation: the Star Councils of Light speak

It is time, tribe of Gaia! Time for the activation of crystalline frequency, within and without your bodies. As the Master crystals of Atlantis on your planet move into alignment with each other, connecting the inner grids of Light, you may use this energy to activate yourselves and your planet into crystalline frequency. We give a specific procedure for this now, for those of you who choose this way, on the 10-10-10. We do not give a specific time on this day, for the wave of energy moving around and through your planet in these 24 hours will create continual heightened frequency to assist you and your planet. We see this happening already, in your future time-line, and our wonder and joy showers down upon you from the Star nations and Light Councils in the higher dimensions as we speak! 

 Clear your crystals now, the clear and rose quartz crystals you will use, by working with them energetically and clearing any psychic debris they may have picked up. Place them in clear salt from the ocean, which is still crystalline and energetically intact, and spend time each day charging them for their purpose on the day of crystal activation. Communicate your desire to them, to use them for this purpose, to assist you in the crystalline activation of the 10-10-10. And of course this is a fruitless endeavour without the openness of your hearts. Open your hearts as you speak with them, so that love frequency may be amplified, within the crystalline frequency of both them and yourselves.

On the day of celebration, join in your circles, holding your crystals or carrying them on your persons, and follow this order: 

1.       Open your hearts by speaking your love for both Gaia and your tribe of humans. Breathe through your prana tubes to open your hearts (and you may do the Unity Consciousness breath meditation to achieve this if you wish)

2.       Sound the OM mantra for some minutes, as you send your love into the core crystal of Gaia. See Her receiving this love frequency with joy. See the crystal beds of Gaia awakening and radiating energy up through Her body into you. See the crystal skulls awakening and communicating with each other and with you.

3.       Sound the AH mantra as you receive Her love and energy now, into your hearts. Feel the power of her crystalline frequency streaming into your Bodies and into your hearts. Smile as you experience this. Smile the smile of pure bliss and connection – with each other, and with your planet Terra, with whom you reconnect now.

4.       Sound the EEH as you send all this love and energy, a veritable tornado force vortex of love and Light energy, into the crystalline grid of Gaia, 60 miles above your planet. This grid surrounds your planet, holding the frequency of the 5th dimension, holding the pure love of creator and the codes which allow you to move into Unity Consciousness.

5.       Now, from your circle, or from yourself, sound a word in which you send love and peace to all beings on Gaia now. This may be the word PEACE, or SHANTI, or it may be the language of Light which you remember from Atlantis. Connect with all other groups across the globe that are doing the same, or spreading love frequency in their own ways, and with all those who are awakening, and with all those who are asleep.

6.       Enter into silence now. Feel peace within your hearts. Know that we are with you. Know that your crystalline Light bodies are awakened through this process, and that on this day you make a great leap into your Ascension frequencies!

 Your work is great, and we are with you every step of the way. Tribe of Gaia, we are with you! You are not alone. Courage dear ones. We salute you. Namaste.

10-10-10 Message: Star Councils of Light

"Tribe of Gaia, we are with you in such great joy at this time of awakening & remembering your true power! The very word ‘power’ is not attractive to some of you because of its misuse – and so you have this conception now that power is about dominion of one over another – suppression of one another, instead of its true concept which is a reclaiming of the true being who you truly are, and recognition of your ability to have and create and choose what you will! In this sense Light warriors around your globe are awakening to this idea of creating the life that you really truly choose, rather than considering yourself a victim – a victim of circumstance; a victim of your times.
You have believed what the newspapers and news reports have brain-washed you into believing in the past. Suddenly there is a great economic crisis! And the fear of this is instilled in your hearts, so that you begin to be more protective and defensive of that which you have, in fear of losing it and becoming, as they predict, truly ‘down and out’, for it is painted – this picture of the inevitable lack and unhappiness and disaster. These pictures are painted upon the screens and imprinted into your memory banks. Now, it is the time for you to create your own pictures! Pictures of joy and abundance and plenty! Pictures of fun and connection with each other; pictures of union with your blessed planet; pictures of connection with the Star Beings, with the animals of Gaia, with each other - most importantly.
We speak now of the coming together of energies on the 10-10-10. These energies are facilitated by the crystal beds of Gaia, which are being activated by the individual crystals of power which remain still within Gaia’s body. There is news from all sides about these great crystals, and about the re-emergence of crystal skulls and the ability to work with the crystal skulls (which is more important – for a crystal skull of great antiquity and power and knowledge which sits on your bedside table as decoration will not do much in your awakening will it now?) But there are those who have been chosen to work with these great sentient beings of power, bringing through the knowledge of the ancient ones, bringing through the akashic records of all that has been on your planet, and joining your tribe together as one.
We stress this, because without coming together as one you will not achieve the highest form of your ascension possible. And so on the 10-10-10 you come together as clans of Light tribe! You come together, and we celebrate with you, Star beings, Star nations all, in the process now of connecting you Earth beings, and in the process of connecting you with the Light beings within your planet. Those who you become aware of now, as your feelings and emotions about Inner Earth are transmuted.
As you connect more with crystals, you connect with these, the crystal beds of Gaia. The crystal beds of Gaia become aware of your awareness of them, and this assists them in awakening. The ancient tribes and priests of Lemuria, Atlantis and ancient Egypt, they were aware of the crystal beds, and you become aware of them in your energy consciousness now. And you use the crystals and crystal skulls now, which are outside and manifest on your 3-D planet - you use these to connect with both the crystal beds of Gaia and the crystal core at her heart. You do this through your toning and your love, through your togetherness and combined intentions, connecting yourselves and the crystalline grid of Gaia on the 10-10-10.
We see in your future time-line that there are more gathered together on the 10.10.10 than have ever been gathered as Light tribe on your planet. On the 9.9.9 there were more gathered together than on Harmonic Convergence, and on the 10.10.10 there will be many more still! And you will, in your groups across the globe, connect with each other. And we ask you all to be holding clear or rose quartz crystals as you connect with each other, with the crystal skulls, with the crystal beds of Gaia, and with the core crystal herself. We celebrate this day and occasion with you – the 10.10.10 - and the greater occasion of your awakening as Light Beings on Gaia now. Namaste."