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Crop Circle Debate Channelling: Councils of Light

Crop Circle Channelling: 13 May 2010

I ask for guidance about the crop circles. The crop Circle season has just begun and there is already debate about their authenticity.

You use the term ‘debate’ dear Solara An-Ra, but we see it more as fighting or argument which has been stimulated. This is purposefully stimulated you understand! Let us speak first on these great picture-glyphs themselves – inter-dimensional temples in your fields, in the crops which you eat, on the body of Gaia. The beauty and power of these artworks is there for all to see and wonder at – and yet you are being stimulated into argument about their validity or authenticity, or their origins.
The crop circles, from our perspective, have different makers and origins. There are indeed those which are made by the human hand, or by their instruments (many of which are far more complex and involved than planks, we assure you!) Within this group, there are those which are made by Light Workers, by evolved human beings, who channel the formations and the sacred geometry of them and then implement them, with no other desire than to have the shapes themselves encoded into the third dimension – that people may wonder about their beauty, and also spend time in them, being activated thus by the sacred geometry. This is one way of activating or reactivating the dormant codes within your energy body and the disconnected strands of your DNA.
And then there are those human beings also who are employed by those we term The Manipulators; those known as the New World Order or Illuminati. They are employed by these organisations specifically in order to prove that not all are made by outside forces, and therefore to encourage the populace at large to discount them – for most humans would rather discount them as ‘New Age’ anomalies than investigate them and discover the truth thereby!
Human Beings on Earth have not been encouraged to discover the truth of all things – they have been made into sheep who follow the rules, and stick to the norms, and prefer to accept the general opinion of the society as their own, in order to fit into the box. But these are times in which you step out of the box in order to step into your empowerment and indeed to save your planet and the tribe of your planet, of which you are a part!
So, we have spoken of these 2 different groups of humans who make crop circles – and then of course there are those that come entirely from the Star Being races – and we notice that even within the groups who accept that this is true, there are those who wish to argue about which of the Star nations make them! The answer is that many Star Races are involved, according to their skills and the messages which the circles contain.
And the point is, dear ones, that the Manipulators are stimulating these arguments, this desire within you about right and wrong – for your ego-selves wish to be right, in fact NEED to be right in order to survive, in order to feel important – but there is no right or wrong! Should one of the crop circles be ‘proved’ to be fake or be ‘proved’ to be authentic, it is of no matter or meaning! There are genuine crop circles which are made by Higher Forces, which are subsequently tampered with and then photographed in order to appear fake. There are many variations on the theme of deception. 
The Manipulators desire to cause argument or ill feeling between groups on the Earth plane – between different groups within your tribe, including the groups who work with the Light! Recognise this now, and come to your senses! It is Unity Consciousness that you seek, and not division!
In your experience of the great Crop Glyphs, would it not be more sensible for you to simply experience the circles through your hearts and energy bodies, using these tolls to discriminate? You may experience them either in the viewing of their sacred geometry through the photographs, or by the stepping into the fields themselves! Those of them that hold power (and we do not say that all of them do) are inter-dimensional portals! Experience this for yourself, rather than argue about their authenticity!  
We encourage you, dear Earth tribe, to appreciate the beauty and the power of them - and if it is your destiny or on your path, to enjoy attempting to decipher and de-code the messages within. Do not allow the Manipulators to triumph in this particular aspect of the game by causing anger or self-righteousness within your emotions. It is crucial that the Warriors of the Light on Earth stay in high vibration, and work together, in your movement towards your ascension.
Simply laugh at the misguided attempts to dismiss the power of the temples in the fields, and be in a state of gratitude, awe and respect, as the season of beauty unfolds in the garden of England!
In great love, we wish you, Namaste.