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Medicine Wheel Gaia-and-Tribe Reconnection

In Colorado, February 2010, I channelled for a Light Warrior Cynthia, who has a home in the mountains, that the Medicine Wheel she intended for this place was indeed meant to be and was of great significance. This followed guidance given to a Light Warrior Ezeriel in Canada last Summer about a Medicine Wheel she was to build on her land. These 2 connected this week in Colorado and this request came forth from the Pleiadian-Sirian Council on Fagstaff mountain for more Warriors of Light to make sacred wheels all over the planet!



Written Version of Channelling: Medicine Wheels - Web of Light

"We have said that the ways of the ancient ones are returning – and you see this in every culture on your globe – through the interest in the native American traditions; in the Mayan elders; in the respect which is once again being given to the indigenous ones and the wisdom which they still hold unforgotten.

They have passed these ways through oral traditions so that they may not be distorted. You may feel this is a contradiction in terms, for surely it would be more accurate to keep a written record? But no, you see through the examples like your bible that there are those who consciously, deliberately, distort certain pieces of information within the wisdom teachings! In your bible there are all of the sacred truths, but they have often been worded in such a way that they are not empowering and do not hold the original teaching of that one you name Jesus Christ and his disciples: those who were enlightened by his heightened vibration as he walked on this Earth plane.

And so we speak of the oral traditions and of those ways which return, and in particular the making of sacred space on the land of Gaia, which when used continuously for ritual and celebration, these areas become portals, they become power-houses!

And so dear ones, all that is needed is a compass so that you may choose a central point within this space of land, and equidistantly place the North, South, West and East directions. We ask that a large stone is used to hold each one of these directions, and that the stones are chosen by the one who is to be the ‘keeper of the circle.’  We encourage that the stone for the East is chosen first.

Solara An-Ra works with a tradition, in which the east represents fire, but there are some of you who use other traditions and this is absolutely fine. The importance is in the recognising of the 4 directions and of the 4 elements which are associated with them.

And so, moving sun-wise around your sacred medicine wheel you will choose first the stone for the east, and then for the south, and then for the west and finally for the north. These may be chosen within any time period that you choose. In other words you may choose one stone at the new moon, and one at the full moon. You may choose all 4 on the same day, as you are guided. Once these 4 stones are marking the 4 directions, there will be 4 further stones or crystals which are smaller, which hold the place of the quarter directions (north-east, south-east, etc).

And what you do then in the circle is entirely up to you. For you may place other stones so that there is a continuity of stones and elements around the outside or not – as you choose.

We ask for one central crystal to placed in the geometric centre of these circles, and these shall be amethyst points. The amethyst points, whether they are polished or natural, will hold the portal open. They hold the violet ray of St Germaine, so that all negativity is transmuted. The central directions, all-that-is-above and all-that-is-below will be activated by these central crystals, and the way it shall be is that the second light child who makes her circle in Calgary will pass a crystal which has been charged with the energy of hers onto someone else who is in contact with her.

Solara An-Ra will hold a list of these Medicine Wheels on her website, and a great spider web of sacred spaces will start to encompass the globe!

You understand that there are many who have these spaces already, but we wish to ask you – those who do not feel worthy of a great endeavour like this – we ask YOU to make your own medicine wheels, that you may start to gather tribe – those known and unknown to you into the sacred spaces in celebration of the times of alignment. Alignment of your planet and your great sun-star and the centre of your Milky Way!

All Solstices and Equinoxes shall be celebrated, and we shall give simple ways for those of you for those of you who wish to have direction, on how to clear and energise this space and those who come into the space – and the gatherings will be joyful indeed! In anticipated celebration of the completion of many many many circles, we wish you, Namaste.