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A Journey Between Worlds


The book will be available on Amazon by the end of August 2016!

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Part 1

Chapter 1. The meaning of Life
Chapter 2. To Be or Not to Be ... on Earth!
Chapter 3. Boyfriend Pick-and-Mix
Chapter 4. Globe-Trotting
Chapter 5. From Apple Orchards to Iceland
Chapter 6. Hawaiian Paradise
Chapter 7. Wake-Up Call

The touching story of Solara An-Ra's entry into Earth life, including some wonderful photo's. In Part 1 she describes her childhood in South Africa and her feeling of disconnection from other humans after  being teleported  onto a Pleiadian Light ship at the age of four. She recounts her sexual awakening, lessons learned through boyfriends, and her travels around the globe between the ages of 19 and 22. Part 1 ends with the gripping tale of Solara's near death experience on a beach in Hawaii.


Part 2

In Part 2 the reader is taken through Solara's adventures between 22 and 33 years of age. In her usual humorous style she weaves us through her various career conumdrums, falling in love with a Scotsman, her move to the UK, marriage and the birth of her two children. This part of the tale ends with a manifestation which, as the chapter heading indicates, is nothing short of a miracle.

Chapter 8. Facing the Lion's Den

Chapter 9. Cave Woman Gets Her man

Chapter 10. Reality Shift

Chapter 11. Culture Shock

Chapter 12. You Can Heal Your Life

Chapter 13. Manifesting a Miracle


Part 3

In Part 3 Solara An-Ra struggles with the domestic dream she worked so hard to manifest - her perfect house and family in the suburbs of London. She becomes a healer in an unexpected way, and moves into her role as a spiritual teacher, assisted by her new connection with multi-dimensional guides. Travel with Solara to Mount Shasta, a trip which was to change her destiny forever, and into the depths of the Amazonian jungle where the plant spirits toy with her sanity. This section ends with the fascinating tale of  how she came to complete her contract with her partner of 20 years, and the start of a new phase on her path of Light. Solara's journey in Part 3 is as ever, candid, funny and heart-warming!

Chapter 14. Desperate Housewives
Chapter 15. Opening to Channel
Chapter 16. Family Healing
Chapter 17. Meditation is the Key
Chapter 18. Tripping in the Jungle

Chapter 19. Anything Can Be Healed


Part 4

In Part 4 Solara An-Ra describes how she came to connect with the Pleiadians, a collective of highly evolved Star beings who are assisting her on her path as a way-shower for the tribe. This part of her journey is as fascinating as ever, including her falling in love (again), the mission she is given in the power places of South Africa, conversations with a shaman from the past in a witchdoctor’s cave, a spontaneous past life regression into ancient Egypt and a trip to India which leads to her acquaintance with the immortal master Babaji. The beautiful photos thoughout allow you to truly be on the adventure with her!

Chapter 20. Playing with the Pleiadians

Chapter 21. Freedom

Chapter 22. Pleiadian Mission a-Go-Go

Chapter 23. In Search of Babaji

Chapter 24. Homeland Healing

Chapter 25. As Above So Below


Part 5

This part of Solara's story is very much the beginning of the 'Warrior of Light' phase of her life. Part 5 begins with the story of how she received and took on her Higher Self name, and how this initiated her world-wide 'Gaia-and-Tribe Reconnection Projects'.

As always her tales include juicy adventures, romance and heart break, and the excitement of a journey of awakening & spiritual learnings that will inspire you on your own path. From her escapade with a mad bull on a vision quest to her run-in with the police on the Giza plateau of Egypt, you will not be able to put it down.

Chapter 26. The Birth of Solara An-Ra

27. 2012 Vision

28. Gaia-and-Tribe Reconnection

29. Naked into the Wild

30. Rebirth in the King's Chamber


Part 6

In Part 6 Solara becomes a 'Crop Circle junkie' and launches her YouTube channel, which leads to a whole new phase of global Light work.

She is inspired through her travels to leave her home and security in London to become a truly nomadic teacher and transmitter of codes. Join her in her mission to reconnect the Light grids of Gaia, her meetings with underground civilisations and a vital cutting of cords with a manipulator race of aliens. The Time Is Now!

1. Reconnecting the Codes 
2. Dying in the Garden of the Gods 
3. Flying the Nest  
4. Telos & the 10.10.10
5. Breaking the Annunaki Cord


Praise for the book

Dear Solara, I Just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book. I loved reading about your life journey.. your writing is excellent and I'm totally full of respect and admiration for you. Love you!
Nene (lavender) xxx
My friend and teacher, you have NO idea, I imagine, how powerful your teachings have been for me. I first saw just a thumbnail of your golden angel meditation on YouTube and started to sob. Ever since then you've been key in leading my evolution, with a friendly and wise hand holding my heart. Giving it all freely: that alone has been a major teaching. Your book made that experience even more powerful. It's amazing; so open, so real - so human and master at the same time and incredibly well written. One of the gifts of your book is normalizing what is real. Thank you with all of my expanding heart. Much love, Sadhya
Dear Solara, I just finished reading the first two parts of your book and I love it! The pictures are wonderful additions to your story. It brings it all so much closer and intimate as if I know you. I have studied your pictures and it's uncanny how close I feel to you. I am sure we have met somewhere in the past. I love reading your life in South Africa and all of your travels everywhere, and am very eager to get the book when it is finally printed and released. Please send out emails to let me/us know when it's available. Congratulations on a great job! Well done! Namaste, Nancy Wilson
Dear Solara, I'm so enjoying your book! The thing I'm enjoying the most is your candor and openess. I did not realize until the last several years, after moving away from the bible belt to Austin that it's possible to develop such things as intuition and even channeling. I've always felt like the person on the outside looking in. I knew it to be real and possible, but only for those with a "gift". I love reading about your experiences and trials. It's all part of the beautiful process, right? Thank you πŸ™πŸΌ it's validation for me that I'm doing just fine. 
βœ¨πŸ’–βœ¨ Toni
Dear Solara, I am LOVING the book so far. What a writer. You had me guffawing at the potential postcard home in the beginning. I can also see this as an audiobook :) Have an awesome day, and and easy completion to your book. Sadhya
Hi Solara, I just finish reading the chapters 1-5, it was beautiful, I felt these chapters had information for me about my life's journey. The section about forgiving your parents really resonated with me, I have been working on forgiveness, myself - that I too needed to accept my parents as they are and to send love and light to their soul. How my life to become a healer is going to unfold. Thank you for sharing your life story, looking forward to reading the rest. Thank you, Patrice
Dear Solara, about your book....jeez, what can I say.... It's simply a fuck-off book lol!πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸΎπŸŒ·(Yes, I just read that bit hahaha). It's an abundance of recognition and strong confirmation of what I felt during the first time I checked out your website... We share periods, people, places, events and experiences which have their own unique story and importance in my life. When I started reading your book, soon I just stopped marking and making notes😜. Oooh and I love your pictures! I really do!!πŸ’– Lots of love & hugz! Wendy
Solara, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your book with the entire world. That was a big step I am sure. I am happy I got to be able to read and listen to your life as it unfolded. I honor the entire you. You have no idea how or what an important role you have chosen in this life time (or maybe you do). I just wanted to give thanks and gratitude for all that you bring forth through your teachings, channelings, and life lessons. Namaste, Lindsey Keirnan ☼
Dear Solara, Thanks for sharing your story! Highly addictive:) You have been a guiding light in my journey and knowing more about you gives me more reasons to love you. Knowing about your process of transformation connects me to your heart from a new and more human perspective!!! Can't wait for part 6:) Love Oscar

Dear Solara, I just read Part 5 and the chapter about your name - it made sense how you become the vibration of your name. The way you receive your messages is so clear and inspiring and you know your direction - this way of writing is so inspiring! I also have a spiritual name but never use it because I'm still trying to discover my path so this will incite me to try to communicate better to my guides and to hear if they have messages and I also live in the UK so i will look into visiting some of those places you experienced. Thank you again, Veronique xxx

Oh wow Solara An-Ra, what an amazing adventure your life is...I can't imagine having your courage, faith and trust. I thoroughly enjoyed your style of writing and felt I was right along side you, journeying with you.   I feel so blessed right now..thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 
Love always b x
Dear Solara An-Ra, I am thoroughly enjoying every page of your book - with all the humor and the insights as you look back now with spiritual wisdom at how the Universe nudges and guides us, even as we exercise our free will. I will be donating to your website. Thank you for your service and your generosity with the books. Blessings, Anil

Dear Solara, I enjoyed reading your journey so much - I could connect with your experiences and I almost feel like I've known you from somewhere - it must be the Pleiadean energy! The last 23 years I have been living in Hawaii, and even your experience on Secret Beach resonated with me from my former sailing life  - I have had a few close calls similar to what you were describing in Kauai, during my  ocean going travels. Thank you so much for sharing and maybe I'll Meer you Dome Dax on Ibiza! Much Aloha, Brigitte

Dear Solara, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your online book, and found it to be beautifully written; easy to read and hard to put down! Much of what you wrote about resonated with me and my journey and I found your experiences really inspiring and uplifting. You manage to create a wonderful balance between down to earth humour and spiritual connection. Thank you so much for sharing and I look forward to reading the rest! Clare Marie

Dearest Solara, Your story is wonderfully written and very inspiring.  I do think you're amazingly brave, the way you travelled and camped alone and the fairly horrific giant wave episode on Hawaii.  And I think you're wonderfully generous, sharing what you have experienced and your meditations and exercises.  Fantastic. You seem to have been so confident and fearless whereas fear has been a constant backdrop for me until quite recently really.  I wasn't even truly aware of it, I thought it was "normal".

I've been meditating for years and years and I've had some real moments of enlightenment but then I've not stayed in a more enlightened state; but now that I'm doing your 12.12.12 meditation everyday and the New Essential Daily Practices, and working my way through your wonderful energy exercises, I really feel as if I am changing and becoming lighter. 
I'll definitely buy further chapters and I'm reading this so quickly because I can't put it down, that I'll have to re-read it when I've finished. Thank you again! With love, Jill
Solara, I am sure that I do not need to find the words to describe what I feel right now after just finishing Part 4. Throughout the read my body has been trembling, heart drumming loudky with excitement and joy as I read your adventures of the path you walk. I could not stop reading it once I started it at work and finished it all! I laughed and cried throughout the telling. I absolutely love the freedom with words you have and the openness/honesty in the portrayal of Self. PeaceJoyLove ~ Hy'Shqa!! Mark Trevis

Hi Solara, I have been totally absorbed by the reading of your diaries! Today I've finished part 4... your life is just amazing! See you soon in Canada!!!!!!!!! Best Regard & Love, Cynthia

Dear Solara, your book is very interesting, enlightening, very personal (a page turner!) and totally exciting!  You have the gift to allow the reader to feel that they are there with you even if they don't understand all of it (like me).  The photo's draw one in and connect all the dots, again allowing that personal touch.  I think this is going to be a big hit!!! Love Darrell

Hi Solara, I found your Pleiadian Diaries very very interesting; so deeply honest it stirred my heart; and so happy it pulled me forward into a more trusting experience of life :)  I just LOVE the humour of your story also! Be Happy, (as Babaji would order!) Johan

Dear Solara, I just finished reading the first 3 parts of your book - I loved it so far!!! and waiting for the rest!! jejeje. It gave me the feeling of knowing you better! Before reading it I already had this loving feeling for you, of gratitude and respect and this feeling of Pleiadian brotherhood. At the same time I loved you sharing your life with us in order us to have an illustrated example of a path in this earth life!! See you soon, Nacho

Dear Solara, Your story is amazing!!! Your gifts are glad you are sharing them with the world!!! Love and light,  Doreen

Dear Solara An-Ra, and I thought Part 1 was good.  Part 2 is fabulous!  I just finished reading it and my heart is full of joy and love.  What a wonderful life story and what a wonderful teacher.  You definitely were/are meant to be a teacher, just not in the classroom.  And as an added bonus, your life story is helping me understand more about myself.  I so look forward to what is to come next. Much love, light, peace, joy and beauty.  As you are all of those and more. Namaste, John

Dear Solara, Your book is amazing! I felt as though I was on a journey with you.... I remember every detail. Can´t wait to read the rest!  Love and BlessingsDvora xx

Dear Solara, I'm enjoying your diaries, really interesting, warm, and funny read. What an interesting life you have led - I can see how your many  experiences have prepared you so well for your path as it is unfolding now. It is great reading your early life and I can't wait to read about your more current spiritual adventures! Love Szaphiel

Hi Solara, I loved part 1 - I read it by 3.15pm on the day you released it! Whilst I should have been working! :-) Like others have said it was so entralling and easy to read. What an adventure! I'm currently reading part 2 and I'm enjoying that just as much. Keep up the good work! Love and peace, Trudi x

Dear Solara, I've just read Part 1 - all in one go! I love your writing style - honest, open, well structured, catchy, broad, deep & humorous.... Very interesting topics too. Don't stop here! Tse-Tsani

Oh wow, the book is great you know!! It's so much fun to read and it's such a good story, your writing style is very good too! Waiting for the rest of the story to come out! Just finished!! Thanks for sharing your life story with us, dear Solara!! Big Hugs, Christa ;-)

I really enjoyed part 2, as much as part I! I also love reading about other peoples lives, like you, and to find out they have indentical experiences and make the same 'mistakes' as everybody else out there! Again, it was a great read! CX

I've just finished Part 1.  I'm on tender hooks!!  LOVE it so far - you are blessed with an amazing talent to write, Solara An-Ra! CAN'T wait to read the rest !! Xx D

Deart Solara, I printed out Part 1 of your book - it was totally amazing. I got to the end and wanted to see where you were going next but I guess I'm ging to have to wait!  Love Gail xxx